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By Hama Tuma   As the Bob Dylan song put it the times they are “ achanging”. But, try to tell that to the tyrant and dictators of the world and to the Western powers who are bonded to their … Continue reading

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The Causeless Nothingness

  (A poem By Henoke Yeshetlla) They said “fear is the power by which the human anger is preserved by” but I said, “It is a service and an obedience to the causeless nothingness” But they said, “it remains inward … Continue reading

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Three Model Countries for Transformation and Development in Africa

By Obo Arada Shawl March 23, 2011 Introduction Somalia-Eritrea-Libya had common colonial heritage, an Italian heritage at that. But after Independence each country has passed through its unique transformation and development. Somalia’s aspiration is based on self-rule with limited national … Continue reading

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Ato Meles and his never-ending threats.

 By Yilma Bekele   The people’s uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have been the talk of Ethiopians both at home and the Diaspora for the last month and half. We are surprised by the sudden fall of … Continue reading

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The following was published on TPLF’s IAGA Forum – Any messages to TPLF gangesters – Can you assure TPLF gangsters that their days are numbered too! N. African dictators never ever dreamed they can be ousted just like that!

  “Fair and Balance Reporting”   Berhanu Nega group wants to know about the Army Generals ethnic background while its supporters want to play no part in ethnic politics (check current affair group stand of late!)! EPRP with its 40 … Continue reading

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