DEBTERAW – Missing Link or PersonFootprints of Assimba – Debteraw and Wallelign, I

DEBTERAW – Missing Link or Person

By Obo Arada Shawl

January 13, 2010

TPLF’s chaotic style versus EPRP’s party substance

On the eve of the departure of the Monarch, Emperor Haile Selasie, everybody and everyone was excited for a big change of leadership including the King of Kings, himself.

The educated class of M’huran and the Tsinhate M’huran collided head on ideological as well as on the political agendas for Ethiopia. But for the average man or woman, there was no difference between the two concepts of – ideology & politics. Instead of battling on the concepts for change, both sides of MEISON and EPRP mainly fought over the question of legitimacy for political power and over the merits and demerits of Military rule.

MEISON (All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement), EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party) were the two contenders to teach and disseminate the power of ideology and politics to Eathiopians. On that account both have succeeded to a certain degree.

Notwithstanding their accomplishment, today both organizations have failed to rescue their leadership. I am referring to the leadership defined by Abera Yemaneab of MEISON who has been kept in EPRDF’s prison indefinitely and DEBTERAW’s hostage drama kept incommunicado in Woyane’s base camp.

As a movement, MEISON is finished. It has no mass base as the “educated class”, the class that was associated as an instrument for the DERG’s inhumanity, headed it.

And the DERG is finished on its own merit. Technically both MEISON and the DERG were counter-revolutionaries disguised in revolution.

The Nationalists of TPLF and EPLF were not revolutionaries either. Every single action associated either with the TPLF or EPLF has grown more unpopular over the years.

When we look back since the TPLF’s coming to power, the Ethiopians, initially the Eritreans, then most of the ethnic societies were motivated by TPLF’s campaign for electoral politics. There was no substance but style.

All along, EPRP was informing and acting against the chaotic role of relationship and governance of the TPLF. Nevertheless, its enthusiasts adopted TPLF’s methodology of fabrication and maneuvering.

In contrast, opposition parties, many of them as fractious and outspoken have become interested in substantive political issues. They decry the dangers of selling/leasing lands, about Article 39, arresting opponents and censoring/shutting mass media.

Their concerns are valid. These are public issues of fundamental importance.

The Unfinished Revolution

EPRP stands for the entire Eathiopian population for the peasants as well as for the urban dwellers. It does this by promoting peace and harmony among peoples and nations through the process of democratization.

The Eathiopians have turned decisively against the class of M’hur Akal and against all its theoretical/ideological works. At the same time, the Eathiopian public has moved against Melles and the Issais regimes that began their popularity soared but now sunk to low level of approval.

Both Melles and Issais epitomizes as products purchased by consumers and has come to regret it and that the consumer want their money back.

In a sense, both leaders have never been more than their education although for some people was more than enough. Both leaders have neither experience nor accomplishments for their positions they are in.

Their accomplishments should be reexamined against their stand on global trade, global culture, global climate or religion.

On domestic issue, for Eritreans, there is no room for fake elections, no free market and no free lunch.

Our M’hur Akal is educated beyond its intelligence. Their resolution, moral clarity and an ability to understand and to connect with great many people are unknown. Only the Tsi’nhate M’hur Akal has not been fooled itself for which their country and its people will not forget.

TPLF and EPLF have misjudged the times and the country of Eathiopia. Thanks for the seeds of Assimba; the long struggle of DEBTERAW and the spirit of Wallelign live on.

The Eway Ethiopian Revolution

The Eway Revolution is a search engine and it is the path that DEBTERAW and his Revolutionary Party followed. The base is Assimba mountain, it is being negotiated by DEBTERAW’s life and death situations and finally reaching the goal of Wallelign to become one strong, stable, democratic and open society in the name of Eathiopia.

DEBTERAW is more than an individual person. He is the missing link in the Eway Ethiopian Revolution – a revolution that has changed Ethiopia forever and for better.


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