Break our silence and confront the Eritrean regime !!!

By Tedla Asfaw

Our silence, not looking for an answer, on  the whereabouts of Ethiopian heroes like Colonel Tadesse Muluneh and many others in Asmara is unforgivable. SOCEPP should take the lead and organize a huge rally in Washington, D.C.Those of us in North East of USA will support such rally. A young man Kassahun Hunde an active member of  Kinijit  escaped Ethiopia’s jail after suffering gun shot following the 2005 massacre later on was murdered in Asmara. 


We saw Kasshun Hunde on Eritrean TV but there are many whose names we do not know but might still be in Eritrea’s jails or murdered for being a patriotic Ethiopian. No one was charged for that heinous crime.


Ato Ali Hussein led SOCEPP should be commended for  being the voice of Ethiopians disappeared and murdered back home and not far from home.


 Those who ordered the killing of Ethiopians will be forced to face justice sooner or later. Our silence and indifference is no more acceptable. Opposition Ethiopian medias should also be held accountable for ignoring such cases.

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