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Hama Tuma  Some people claim that Bob Geldof was a much more modest man, though a not so polite one, before the Queen knighted him and he became a Sir. These same quarters, it must be said, claim that Bono … Continue reading

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For Conquest or Conversion? ዓድዋ versus AADWA

By Obo Arada Shawl  03-13 – 2010   The title seems a bit odd and perhaps ambiguous. Yes, the word ADWA has a double meaning; you guessed it right. The question is whose side are you on? Headline News Last … Continue reading

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Sir Bob Geldof: Defending the indefensible

By Alem Mamo The year was 1984. A famine of unimaginable proportions was ravaging the northern region of Ethiopia. Besides the famine, that part of Ethiopia was also in the midst of a multi dimensional bloody civil war that took … Continue reading

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Justifiable Concerns over Ethiopia’s Reckless Farmland Deals

By Luelseged Degu March 5, 2010 Introduction By all counts, the issue of land grabbing or as the EPRDF government would call it “the Ethiopian Green Revolution” has become paramount to our future existence as a nation. Apart from a … Continue reading

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Eritrea – The Need for Reality Check

Abdullah A. Ado – Email:   Background:   There are few highlanders versus lowlanders stories which, when put in contrast, highlight why we need our political reform reality check. In terms of instinctive feel for public opinion on Eritrean … Continue reading

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