“Give me Liberty or Give me Death”

  October 16, 2010
By Yelfiwos Wondaya

Contrary to citizens’ percepts, most of the illegal crimes are committed by tyrant regimes themselves and continue to rule the country with an iron fist.  Tyrants are the mother of all violence, often fail to obey, keep, and preserve the laws, the trust, and the promise they made prior to grasping power. That is basically why they often fail to assure us that every word they used and the promise they made us previously is no longer true. To that end, they end up with taking horrendous actions to silence citizens and continue as such to suppress allcomplaints.  On the other hand, the sole purpose of freedom fighters is nothing but to defend freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of press from strife. Most important of all, freedom fighters fight to bring about justice, peace, stability and prosperity to the country.  They do so by ending personal wishes and as well the will of bully dictators ruling the country with an iron fist.

“Give me liberty or give me death”

First of all, in the eyes of narrow-nationalists, competition, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence are unknown concepts.  Rather Peace if possible, power at all cost is the motto of Meles and his ethnocentric dictatorial regime.  If at
all possible, though he will exhaust all possibilities to stifle the voice of the dissents and the spreading of public uprisings, if not, he will continue on creating more of a feeling of fear, owe, and inadequacy in citizens through out of the country.  If such acts of terrorizing the public at large fail to
accomplish his objectives, in terms of silencing sever criticism and keeping
dissents at bay, he will continue on killing political dissents without any
valid reason, entering buildings forcibly, and searching out houses
indiscriminately and arresting dissents and looting their valuables on a regular basis.  And also, in order to intimidate competent dissents, he will as well continue on unleashing his inept cadres to searching through the pile of
documents, forcing dissents to bow their head in shame and live in disgrace
thereafter.  Wasn’t that what Mengistu’s had done and as well what Meles of TPLF
is acting against dissents in today’s Ethiopia?  So, in order to put an end to
his evil motto, Ethiopians of all persuasions ought to forge a durable relation
with their own kinds and come to the point where they can be useful in terms of forming some broadly based government whose vision is broad enough to accommodate the interests of all Ethiopians and thereby taking us to the road of justice, peace, stability and prosperity.

Second, violence” is inevitable in Ethiopia so long as TPLF/EPRDF is in power.
As the offensive intrusion of TPLF/EPRDF against the will of the public unfolds, taking precautionary protective measures on the part of the public to safeguard its civil liberties is inevitable as well.  So much so, the people of Ethiopia in general and the genuine oppositions in particular have every right to react in response to WOYANES violent act.   Collectively, though we should defy and defy now to the ethnocentric dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi sat pretty in Minilik’s palace of Addis.

‘Give me liberty or give me death’

Besides, like any other bully dictators, the ethnocentric dictatorial regime led
by Meles of TPLF in Ethiopia made laws not to protect citizens, or to protect
the weak from the bullies rather to control the people by breaking the laws.  It does so by launching a series of campaign against the will of the public aimed at the very heart of the publics’ peace and life in the name of cracking down on political parties opposed to their tyrant regimes.  In such a way, it continues to breaking the laws and the rules it created itself and abusing its powers by using an excessive force against the public.  As ever before, it will continue on detaining public leaders and influential figures ahead and shall keep them in places where criminals are kept. It shall do so to intimidate them by making them feel fearful and timid forever.  So isn’t that perfectly justifiable for citizens to retaliate against such actions against tyranny?

 ‘Give me liberty or give me death’

After all, tyranny is the source and the root cause of all violence and the real
heart of the reason for their decline is also that of their diabolic nature in
politics.  The same is true though that Meles’ tyrant regimes is incapable of
learning from both the past and the present, which is why he continues on
carrying out a mission other tyrant regimes before him did so. He is trying
everything at his disposal to stifle the voice of the people but in vain. After
all he like any other dictators before him is incapable of creating an
environment in which justice, peace, stability and prosperity are possible.
With that said such unprovoked violence against the will of the public shall
give rise to mass of disruptions and cause them havocs and instability in the
country, and brings about an end to their tyrant regimes. 

‘Give me liberty or give me death’

Next, the vast majority of Ethiopians are believed to be defiant to all forms of tyrant regimes.  They dethroned the king and unseated the military junta.  And yet, let it be known that it is also within the capability of them to depose the ethnocentric dictatorial regime out of power in Addis Ababa today.  In fact, an all out war against the ethnocentric dictatorial regime is within their reach to do so.  They know when and how to defend their inalienable rights and achieve their end. 

 ‘Give me liberty or give me death’

And also Ethiopians are aware of what some secret admirers of the TPLF are up to.  Unlike, them however, they recognize that The TPLF on one hand and the peace and freedom loving people of Ethiopia on the other are at war against each other.  The allegedly ideological agenda of peaceful and legal movement promoted by some quarters aside, Ethiopians are also aware of what their motives were, they campaigned tirelessly to join the TPLF’S parliament.  Moreover, Ethiopians are well aware of what peaceful or legal means of struggle is all about.  They know that such vague impression is nothing more than an elite-centered analysis of conflict. Whether or not such notion has something to do with their popular movement rising in protest to do away with the current dictatorial regime, the question goes to those who are advocating peaceful means of struggle in Ethiopia.  In reality, though the secret admirers of such approach have already made it difficult for themselves to gain legitimacy in Ethiopia’s current political environment.  After all, the so-called nonviolent and peace studies stressing on such notions as pacifism, reconciliation, constructive engagement, and forgiveness would not apply in today’s Ethiopian political reality. Rather
such notions of pacifism and reconciliation had been primarily concerned with the then nuclear disarmament, the avoidance of international conflict on an international scale to resolve the then Cold World War era with the soviets.

Lastly, an armed struggle that may well bring about a motion to end violence in Ethiopia is in close proximity.  So it is time to plan big and act quickly.  After all, using any means necessary to defend one’s freedom and employing any methods possible to achieve one’s liberty is a privilege that is granted to any given society under any circumstances.  That is when we can prove their tenuous justification of what peaceful and legal means is nothing but to serve the interest of academic zeal. We must get it over with and cease to be confused and misdirected by those who intentionally give us a false impression about so-called peaceful struggle in a plain, open and emphatic way. Say no more for the answer to their empty dreams!  Let the public itself endorse a campaign of brief action that brings about the downfall of TPLF real. Do what is necessary to bring about the largest possible balance of power against enemy.

After all, any valid means of struggle aiming at ousting WOYANES out of power is not a matter of choice.  It is rather a matter of mandatory comes out of the situation triggered by none other than WOYANE itself.  The situation in which we find ourselves into due to the repressive nature of TPLF in Ethiopia is giving us no option but to use whatever means of struggle is necessary to defend our existence   

 ‘Give me liberty or give me death’

Slowly but surely, the opposition groups need to come out to be strong enough including but not limited in supply with materials of all ammunitions and in the source of all capabilities to fight on in defending of their existence from violence.  The violence aimed at the very heart of our nation must be bridled. Afterward, whichever method serves best our interest i.e. to topple WOYANE so as to replacing it with a democratic system of government is yes it is yet to be put into practice by our people and our united force since we are forced to do so.  Presumably, it may well be regarded as an antidote to alleviate our dilemma and to secure our future.  If there is any other method better than an armed form of struggle to defend our existence from tyranny and that can pin down and twist WOYANES’ arm I will be the first to submit to that grand gesture.  Up till then, it must be silly to anyone to believe or to say otherwise in regard to
this burning issue.  Hence, whichever method we think is consistent to our
movement must be pursued with out postponing it for another decade to come.

With conviction, the utmost method would be the one that leads us to gain a
great deal of faith on ourselves and to win a vote of confidence from friends
and alike across the world.  Since we are in a search of such a method, which is sound and counteractive to succeed our objectives we have got to choose it earlier than the incidence itself is in place to take its own toll.  Without fear or favor, the wickedly act of WOYANE must be bridled by any means necessary if you will. With that said, a method that can bring about a counterbalance, a method that we can count on in regard to stepping up our struggle is remained to be second to none to our preferences substituting the first option if ever tested, or if at all fall short to succeed.  So much so, violence is an act of disrupting a peaceful quality of life and it is also an aggression of privacy by intruders against the will of the person or the community at large. Self-defense on the other hand is a plea of justification for the use of force against intruders. One cannot think of any valid reason than defending of one’s own ideas, principles, actions, freedom, family and property against intruders and trace passers alike.

In conclusion, Melse of TPLF may fail to learn from history but one thing is for sure that his tyranny and abusive powers don’t last that long.  For the reason that his strength is growing weaker by the day and as well becoming slow to act against any possible public uprisings,  his regime will be history sooner than later.  “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”

Yelfiwos Wondaya

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