To Be Connected… The Eway Eathiopian Solution – Mirkogna versus Miskrnet

By Obo Arada Shawl   December 13. 2010


On October 23, 2010, I have witnessed an occasion of the first step foreword for transforming political power to the Youth known as W’e’KND. The need for the continuity of purpose, struggle and for leadership was highlighted during the gathering.

The gathering was held on the occasion of EPRP’s (Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party) 38th year of formidable struggle. From that event, I have succeeded to obtain a book written by Konjit Berhan titled “MIRKOGNA”. On November 13, 2010, I have written an article to that effect (see on websites of, and

Again, on the 5th of December, 2010, I have attended another colorful book signing ceremony. This signing ceremony relates to the above referenced book “MIRKOGNA” This time though, the author of the book was physically present.

Mirkogna versus Miskrnet

M&M are related in the sense that both books were written in the material world without dialectical materialism. Both writers have written what has happened on the ground. In other words, both writers believed that they were eye witnesses to a very complex society and philosophy. Both Konjit and captain Tesfaye did not delve into the whys and the hows of causes and effects of events in Eathiopia.

The book of “MIRKOGNA” reminds me of high school text books such as ARAYA, Ras Yelas (the prince of Ethiopia), Tobia and Almotkum Be Alwashim.

For non Eathiopian Revolutionaries, the book seems irrelevant for reality but enjoyable for fiction readers. Actually, the writer has told us that she made it sure that the youth will read it – provided it is readable in terms of sensual love. But for me, I did not see how this book is related to the current struggle at hand unless it is going to be linked.

My point of view is that the two individual writers did not conceptualize Ethiopian ness, its Preservation, Rehabilitation and its Protection (EPRP). Both writers did not address to the current struggle at hand which is freedom and peace. None of the book will reveal either to the lack of freedom in Eritrea or to the lack of peace in Ethiopia. On the contrary, both books are more likely to contribute confusion to the Eway Ethiopian struggle.

In the age of digital, there is no excuse not to be specific and evaluative. The age of analogue is gone. What kind of academic profession would be able to narrate and to evaluate the Eathiopian Revolution from the National Liberation that was carried out by EPRP, EPLF or TPLF? So far as I know, there is no documentation of all that has happened in Eathiopia for the last forty years. Everyone seems to have a hidden agenda which I am sure emanates from the lack of FREEDOM for which EPRP has been struggling for four decades. Is this so much difficult that we cannot communicate and understand? Can anyone explain to me why Captain Tesfaye R. Makonnen dedicates his book to all victims of the revolution while Konjit dedicates her book to the victims of the red terror? Should there be a link or a separation? Where is the TRUTH?

Whatever let us read both books for discussion and understanding?

Proposal: AADWA III

As to the links of struggle (ASSimba), democracy (DEBTERAW) and for thought (Walleligne), they are connected digitally.

The history of Assimba was/is long, colorful and humble. Although I do not want to write on the merits and demerits of Assimba (EPRA), I know something good of its member’s tenacity and honesty to continue pursuing justice for all humanity.

As to DEBTERAW, I have said enough though I have to continue the struggle for DEMOCRACIA – the hallmark of Tsegaye G. Medhin who represents the rationale for EPRP’s survival.

Wallelign’s pen is the symbol for expressing freedom of thoughts and expression. It is unfortunate that the results of his thoughts were distorted and resulted in uncharted territory and consequences. Nevertheless, Wallelign’s concept of freedom should be honored and respected.



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