The So Called `Bond` and TPLF’s Hidden Motives

As one of the important treasures of our country, Blue Nile has been playing a major role in our lives and that of our ancestors. A lot has been written and said about Blue Nile and i am not intending to add up on that on this article. I rather would like to focus on the current goverment’s recent action in using out this national treasure as an excuse to cheat and literally loot the nation.


Please try not to get me wrong as I am not against the idea of constructing a dam on Blue Nile. But i most of all have a problem with the timing of this plan specially after being a witness of obvious one ethnic group dominance in the TPLF’s meeting here in Frankfurt and hearing the same report from such other meetings all over Europe and North America. If only Tigrians are allowed to have a say in such a major national issue, it leaves it questionable if at all every Ethiopian would ever benefit from it or if they would go on claiming themselves as the sole beneficiaries. I have seen them being in full control of the meeting and i do not think that nothing would make them incapable of enjoying the merits of the dam leaving the rest of the nation as a spectator of the whole show.


Getting back to my problem with the timing of this plan, i believe that TPLF has made a big mistake in setting a priority to bring about real development in Ethiopia. Instead of deciding for the nation that it needs a dam before having democratic rights, TPLF should start with letting the nation set its own priority. As i have found out from many sources, nobody has been asked if it is the right time to construct this dam and to finance the project with the so called ‘Bond’. The whole thing is rather imposed on the nation which again is left with no right to say ‘No’ to this plan just like the other plans of TPLF.


Thus, i finally would like to make a wrap by saying that such a project gives no perspective to any Ethiopian in anyway as it once agian proofs to the nation that it has no say on anything but is obliged to financially support TPLF though knowing that the plan will not lead to any real development.


My call to my fellow Ethiopian diasporas – stop supporting such a government and help out your brothers and sisters in Ethiopia to say NO to dictatorship and finally make it to set an end to the 20 years of agony of our homeland.


Yonas Kebede from Frankfurt, Germany







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