Some of the Shocking & Immature Statements by Educated Elements (AFD and Siye Abraha admirers)

Some of the Shocking & Immature Statements by Educated Elements (AFD and Siye Abraha admirers)

Getachew Reda

Everybody plays not to lose in some areas of life and in some situations. To perform at peak level, psychologists advised, we need to be able to recognize the power of blind spots that could trip us into a risky situation. In similar situation, unexpectedly, I was stunned by individuals who dignified Siye Abraha, as “National Treasure”. These are PhD holders saying this.

Here are some shocking irrational statements for you & think how many educated elements in many cases blindly endorsed some sensitive issues that you know of.  Surprisingly, some fellows confessed they supported sensitive agreements made between individuals in the name of political party /people/without reading and looking at it. Here fellows different individuals, that I quoted them what they wrote on media to the public, which I called it shocking & immature stamens. 


“Then came another person I know and told me that he heard the agreement was manipulated by the OLF in its favor. He complained that some of the most incapable people in CUD shouldn’t have been allowed to handle an undertaking of this magnitude.  I told him I didn’t even read the agreement but have no problem of being manipulation by the OLF.  What is wrong with representatives of the Oromo people manipulating the rest of us at least once in history, I said to him, and asked him if he knows how many times in our history the Oromo people have been manipulated?   He told me he will have to think about that and went to the meeting“ -FEKADE SHEWAKEN /OLF/AFD -A bold move towards freedom and democracy June 2, 2006 “I told him I didn’t even read the agreement but have no problem of being manipulation by the OLF” Fekade Shewakena (Ibid)
“What is wrong with representatives of the Oromo people manipulating the rest of us at least once in history, I said to him,” Fekade Shewakena (Ibid)
  “Gefa gefa adirgew wutaw akebetun
Lib yasebew neger ayigegn eletun”
 A poem dedicated by Fekade Shewakena to the formation of AFD on which Fekade endorsed the manipulation of AFD by OLF. Here is a man who didn’t read the agreement of AFD what it said or what is in it; but willing to support it even without reading it. By the way, for your information, Miss. Bertukan, and Engineer Hailu Shawul both denied they ever known or endorsed such dangerous conspiracy.
“Siye Abraha, Ethiopia’s National Treasure”  
Tedros Kiros PhD January 7, 2008 (from his article entitled -Siye Abraha National treasure) “We are friends with Shabia, if you want to defend or revenge the ill treatment that Shabiya did to you, we will give you, go grab the gun….” Siye Abraha, From “Anonymous”.

That was Siye Abrha statement in front of many Ethiopians that were kicked out from Eritrea, after they have been stripped out of all of their belongings…as it was still fresh memory…these thousands and thousands citizens were families of soldiers…some that had both Eritrean and Ethiopian heritage…> This is true story.

I (Getachew Reda) have first hand information how Siye reacted and what he said regarding Eritrean deportee, who is willing to give media interview to the public regarding the ins and outs of Siye Abraha during the battle during TPLF and the Derg era and claimed to know  the true story that Siye Abraha was in the jungle. You can contact me, any one who is interested to interview the person on your radio/paper.

“Dr. Taye proved it self to be incapable, shallow, callused, backward, out of the time, mean-spirited, and corrupt” Workie Briye   – X-TPLF Diplomat for twelve years just asked asylum in the USA two years a go. He was in Ethiopia during the protest in 2005. (THE NEW THE OLD, THE Ethiopicide December 17, 2007) I will leave this for you to judge on it, if such personality has the moral ground to depict Dr.Taye.

“Dr. Taye as a means of survival and as an agent of EPRP, allegedly, trying his best and I think he succeeded, to pull the leaders of CUD apart. In the process he lost the respect of many Ethiopians, both here and at home. CUD has to go through this ebbs and troughs as a political party to come out stronger and with a better vision. However, Dr. Taye has fallen from grace never to recover from the blow he handed himself by showing his true-self. By the way, I am yet to come across any scholarly work he has done.” Tefferi Mengistie / January 04, 2008- I will leave this for you to judge if  Taye lost respect from Ethiopians both here and at home, or if he is EPRP agent. History will tell who is lying or who is not. 

During the public gathering to hear the formation of AFD moderated by the OLF man Dr. Tadesse Ebba,  Fekade Shewakena was one of the people who made beautiful comments. He said among other things “I feel like I am watching a concert, I clamped several times out joy” By Obooma (taken from ER Forum) 
  The Dr. Beyan’s speech reminded me of Martin Luther Kings “I have a dream” speech. People stood up more than 10 time to applaud  (Ibid)Dr. Beyan Oba is the spokes man for OLF who expressed his true inside explained to NeTsanet Radio audience “whether Ethiopia to survive or to be eliminated is irrelevant based on the agenda” 

“There were questions from the audience. One, I think he is an EPRP (you know this guys) asked CUD to withdraw from the alliance. The room shouted at him saying, “shut up and sit down> (Ibid)

Mind you, these are supporters of the AFD who claimed they are fighting to bring democracy, everyone to be heard equally. But, as you read it above, he was told to “shut up and sit down” 
“Yemisirach Dagim Tewelde Jegna” – Amharic poem dedicated to Siye Abraha by Belay Gesesse   07/16/2007 posted on TISJD and Deki Alula websites. 

May I ask to my readers to explain me the meaning of “Jegna” in the Ethiopian nationality term and history, when we gave such “pride” to a man who negotiate the Eritrean Independence and the landlocked of a nation for the rest of her life and a man who negotiate a generous peace settlement with the defeated Mengistu, who then fled to hide in Harare? What does “national treasure” mean when some valued Siye as national treasure?  Are we that deeply bankrupted with heroes/herons and national treasures of our time to call TPLF official with such a rank, who himself was victim of his own state machinery that he built it to be cruel and unjust? 

On What an amazing Ethiopia we are living in? Here is the guy with his finger prints all over the current ills of Ethiopia and still conceder the rebirth of hero, savior and the treasure of Ethiopia? My people, how long can you be hypnotized by myth again and again and again? Of course I should be accountable for blunders committed while I was a government official. But today is not the time for assessing past deeds. Our country is in a precarious situation,” the 55-year-old Siye said, “let’s leave vindictive politics behind us, and work with trust and hope for a better future.” Siye Abraha. (Source from the editorial page- ‘Siye is a threat warns TPLF’- Editor Abraha Belay 

“Siye’s plea for reconciliation as opposed to the politics of war, hate and division looks to have paid off among mainstream Ethiopians” (Ibid quoted “Abebe Belew of Addis DimTs radio host”)

Which I agree, since one two three…figures can’t alone do the process of reconciliation giving the greater numbers are still in power continuing the abuse.  Sure, I agree, that assessing past deeds where there is no legitimate body to asses and where the system still is in power might make it difficult for true conciliation.  Having said this, then, how is that possible for him to plea for reconciliation as opposed to the politics of war, hate and division when we know the hate and war and conflict and bitterness was sourced from the past deeds where he himself admitted participating in blunders (what ever that mean) and power abuse? 

If verbal reconciliation isn’t available currently since he and his comrades live in Ethiopia and might be difficult  to do it in detail to release some necessary information as form of reconciliation understandably, for fear and retribution by the Meles group; then how would the public (in particular the victims/ families, friends/parties)take this guy as a trust worthy?   At least, he could have given some hint of readiness to expose for some secretive abuse his TPLF did while he was in power as part of the present TPLF government or as guerrilla commander. He could have done this cooperating privately with private parties or victims of his (TPLF) government as part of temporary conflict resolution. Even though, there are five or four type of conflict resolution methods; at least he could have shown his good gesture to make peace and reconciliation with his millions of adversaries (Ethiopia in general) as he is plea to all sides for reconciliation, the one known as “negotiation participation” could have been his best alternative if he can’t do it in public gatherings for the questions which he was asked to answer them from concerned parties. In “negotiation participation” is voluntary and there is no third party who facilitates the resolution process or imposes a resolution as in mediation for example. But, I didn’t hear parties who complained about his TPLF’s abuse and in the attempt of victims to know where about he been heard or tried to show sympathy to victims, on his response (I am sorry if he did, since, I do not have the full recorded audio speech with me). That in itself can leave still more bitterness and unreliable figure. That is why you hear some calling him national treasure/hero while people like me called it “A farce tell, a mockery”.  “Siye’s plea for reconciliation as opposed to the politics of war, hate and division looks to have paid off among mainstream Ethiopians,” says Abebe Belew, a radio host in Washington, DC: with that he highlighted it saying “The transformation is complete: from a famed army commander to a seasoned political orator.”
As you know this group is a chain in one locomotive driven with emotions as we saw them in the CUD situation here in the Diaspora. The radio host  who we are familiar with,  still sounded that he doesn’t care in regards to victims who are still disappeared, murdered, displaced, out of job, their houses still taken away by TPLF and given away/rent to TPLF cadres in Mekele and elsewhere, and still Siye as we heard him from the quotation is similarly like saying  “leave me alone and move on with me no matter what I did to your country, family or friends in a jungle as a guerrilla commander or as powerful official in the government of TPLF few years back.  “F…” you, as long as a radio host assured me he is satisfied about my being seasoned politician oratorical skill.).
I do not blame Siye for a second.  Here is a radio host glorifying himself as “the new generation radio host” or “mainstream Ethiopian” (what ever that meant) downplaying the appeal of victims who pressed to know more from Siye, – unfortunately, this radio host, non-strange for our ear, Mr. Abebe Belew applauded Siye, “as long your oratorical SKILL paid off among us “the mainstream Ethiopians”; (what the hake with the crying victims!); Sadly. He did it again, as he did it during Bertukan and Berhanu congratulating us saying “now, the transformation is complete: from a famed army commander to a seasoned political orator” all that judgment “in few hours of knowing the man in one meeting hall”.

Abebe Belew, assured his “Mainstream Ethiopian group”, Siye Abraha is proven a “seasoned” political ORATOR!  What. Abebe Belew, failed to understand is that “this issue” is not mainstream Ethiopians issue or any other stream issue, as this radio host is trying to use it again this time  for his divisive purposes. This is not a party or Anjja or new generation, or old generation issue or a class, stratus issue. It is justice issue, facts issue, reconciliation with soul and victims and families issue “not the main stream Ethiopians issue only”. 

Siye is not the regular soldier that simply did his oratorical skills and leaves principal issues to be left uncovered by top officials. He himself was Chief Minister of Defense, a top commander of TPLF guerrilla who had responsibilities for millions of lives and did many decisions while on power. So, do not use this issue as political or mainstream Ethiopians or conservative Ethiopians, or left or right wing Ethiopians issue. Ato Abebe Belew, who are the mainstream Ethiopians you are counting on? How many are there? Who are these main stream party Ethiopians by the way? Can you tell us who those group/class/party/parties are? If I was him (Siye), I could have write a fat book about the skeleton, the muscle and the intestine and the soul and the crime of the TPLF secrets that never were revealed by other regular TPLF members who patriotically (GOD BLESS THEM) wrote and revealed what they little know in their capacity. God bless all the x-TPLF fighters who wrote books and pamphlets to inform many of us out here and in the country what TPLF was up to and its true nature. I appreciated and l loves you all! 

I can only tell you all those who are dismissing justice issues  who tried and exchange it for a seasoned political Oratorical skill to let go societies issues easy and unheard- I say  “let it ring and cry the victims of TPLF (the Tigrayans/Oromos/Gurages, Hadiyas, all children of Ethiopians in general) who were purged, disappeared TPLF fighters. Let God of Justice render his judgment for the dispersed thousands of Army, Navy, Police forces and their families, rank and file, officers with stars made turned to be beggars and still thousands of civilians and other opposition party guerrilla leaders and members arrested in every dungeon and scary situation suffering by Siye party and Siye government while he was in power. Ever since TPLF came to the stage and life of the Tigrayans Abebe Belew never had been there in Tigray when our families were burned, tortured live on fire, thousands intimidated and shrink to sub-human level from speaking their mind. If Abebe Belew or the rest were not there to witness, God was there who saw it all, which doesn’t dismissed justice for oratorical seasoned politicians.  //-// Ethiopia will prevail! 

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