The Mother Of All Humiliations

Marking the 33th anniversary of the founding of their narrow nationalist organaziation, the TPLF , the woyane gang, had a huge celebration last Sunday Yekatit 11, 2000 in Shire, a town in Tigray . During this occasion, Meles Zenawi and his accursed entourage enjoyed themselves by humiliating our national flag. They laughed at our Nation. The Woyane

donkey, said to have been an active participant ( YETIGIL AGARACHIN) during their time in the jungle, was covered with The Ethiopian National Flag and participated in the parade along with other veterans, thereby demonstrating , yet another animosity, hatred and humiliating action towards Ethiopia and its people. Woyane reaffirmed its insulting slogan WHITE NOSE ( TSE’ADA AFINCHA), their scolding phrase to those they call “donkey Amaras”, EZIOM EDUGAT. )

The Ethiopian National Flag, the symbol of freedom and independence not only of our beloved country Ethiopia, but also of the African people who were under the yoke of European colonialism and slavery for centuries was humiliatingly dishonored and trampled under the ugly feet of these pathological enemies of our proud and dignified Nation. One wonders as to why few people are still couldn’t get the magnitude and the depth of hatred that Woyane harbors towards the Ethiopian people. The lack of understanding of the pride and bravery of the Ethiopian Nation on the part of Woyane has, time and again, aggravated the situation in the country towards the destruction of Ethiopia as a nation. It was uncalled for on the part of Woyane to recklessly provoke the Ethiopian people and test its limitless patience.

The patience of our nation based on its strategic thinking shouldn’t have been seen as a sign of weakness. It is indeed a grave mistake on the part of Meles Zenawi and his gangs to undermine the magnanimity and the multidimensional outlook of our Nation. Now, the national humiliation perpetrated by the Woyane towards the Nation of Ethiopia has reached above and beyond the pardon and patience. There is no unlimited patience as such and the Meles gang should know that. The patriot citizens of Ethiopia in general and that of Tigray in whose name this national humiliation is being perpetrated in particular should stand in unison and condemn this act of humiliation of their national FLAG and common history. This attempted destruction of Ethiopian pride and history must be stopped now before it reaches a point of national anger

and sparks a nationwide volcanic eruption that could definitely be out of control. At the end, no one can doubt the fact that Ethiopia shall resurrect from the ashes of its tormenters and enemies. The ability of our Nation to sustain various types of attack and genocide both by local tyrants as well as by foreign aggressors has helped our Nation maintain its national identity and independence. Ethiopia shall also live in peace, tranquility and prosperity with her proud nation.


All Destructive Attempts by the Weyane Cabal Shall be Crused!!!

Zewale Zegeye

February, 2008

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2 Responses to The Mother Of All Humiliations

  1. Walle says:

    Sometimes I am wonderning when shall we say enough is enough? We have seen the Arebagugu massacre by the same TPLF cadres. We watched the Wolkiet, Tselemet and Humera annexation by force. We have seen the Adebabay Eyesus killings in Gondar. We watched the Addis Abeba University masacre, the Anwar Moseque killings, the Agaro, the Assosa and the Gambilla genocide doing nothing. We also witnessed when hundred thousand innocent Ethiopians went to Dedessa, Shoa Robet, Zeway, Denkoro Chaka, Abay Berha and others TPLF’s concentration comps after the 2005 election. We heard when Woyane tols us our history is 100 yrs. & and our flag is a piece of rug (cherek). And now this…, woyane donkey covered with our national flag. “Ere Gefu Beza ! Ere Yegegena Yaleh, Menew Amot Yalew Seew Ena Tekat Yemesemaw Sew Tefa” YemeAseyegn Geze !

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