CALL ME BY MY NAME: Solutions with Debteraw, XIV

Obo Arada Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde

March 13, 2008

Confused or Confuser

Am I confused or a confuser (no such word is found in the English Dictionary, though)? My pen name is Obo Arada Shawl, which signifies that I stand for Rural Ethiopia, inner cities of Addis Ababa and Asmara respectively but my real name is Wolde Tewolde. Am I creating some confusion for my readers? If there is, please let me know as our given Names signify something of value.

In my previous article, actually it was a commentary on professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam who might intentionally or unintentionally lived in a confused environment or smart enough to confuse others during our lifetime. In the past, I had attempted to save Ethiopians from confusion made by a prominent Poet, deceitful geography professor and by an emotional journalist in Diaspora. I have always believed since years back that three professions (personalities) namely of Arts, Geography and Journalism can create distortion on any Ethiopian realities.


MWM (Geographer)

I do not want to go on answering the twenty questions posed to professor MWM by Besides, no one asked me to do so despite my plea. However, since the professor cannot stop meddling in the affairs of innocent Ethiopian/Eritrean lives, we have to continue to reveal and disgrace his personality a la mode of CC (combat & challenge) and TT (Tagel & Tateq) style of struggle. CC was the name of the publication of EPRP whereas TT belonged to MEISON’s. Both style of struggle were anemic to MWM. He likes Yaz & Leqeq despite his pretension as a leftist professor. When the EthioLion editor pleaded with the professor as to when to get off from the Ethiopian peoples’ back, I responded that he would never do that until he finds out his DNA. When I wrote that comment I did not mean his DNA in order to find out his paternity or his criminality record. I was trying merely to locate his space in life, namely his political geography.

Now, true to my prediction, he wrote an article on Obama (see He labeled Obama’s presidential race as a spirit. What kind of a spirit, one may ask? This kind of jumping into conclusion is what harmed our people and country. I am sure this is another blunder by the professor to be seen in the near future.

Every time there is a wind of change or a hope for change professor MWM jumps and make some serious mistakes including some irreparable damages. For instance, the professor had joined a panel of eleven PhD holders that was formed to demarcate the Ethiopian polity under the DERG. He also joined the group of so-called independent Ethiopians who went to London to witness the surrender of the Ethiopian government to EPLF/TPLF/OLF. This time, the professor had joined with three PhD holders and three Masters. One can go on listing his calculated or erratic activities. What I do not understand is why many Ethiopian intellectuals follow his example instead following the right people regardless of their titles. Call me by my name. What is my name? (Girzmatch, Kegnazmatch, etc. etc.)

I do not know whether it is true or not, but one simple explanation of the professor’s attitude of character and personality is given like this.

  • In his professional field, at a certain time during a proposed meeting of some local Amhara officials to be held somewhere in rural Shewa village, they did not know the location of the village and so MWM was summoned by the Emperor Haile Sellasie I in order to locate the meeting place and so the professor true to his geography knowledge pinpointed the village. From there on, the Emperor reported to have said that ‘there is nothing that Mesfin does not know’. Could this be a reason for his arrogance?

  • In his family life, when asked why he wanted a divorce from his wife, it was circulated that he said, “Two husbands couldn’t live in the same house”. Let us hope that Mideksa has liberated him this time around.


Our Issue, Then

How do we handle our aspirations for Unity, Peace and Democracy? At the time when I met Debteraw, our communication was three dimensional, in religious terms (father-son-holy spirit), familial (husband-children-wife), governmental affairs (monarchy-church nobility), political (party-army-masses) and so on and so forth.

Specifically, Debteraw used to insist that the practical solution for bringing Unity-Democracy-Peace was through READ (Revolution-Education-Art-Democracia). For Debu and me the letters of A&E are one and the same (usage in pronunciation as first & fifth). However, their contents were fundamentally different from mine as AE = Arts and Education (he was excellent in Kinet and Education). For me, the letters of K& W were/are relevant as KW = Knowledge and Wisdom. Our common agreement for working together was based on Revolution and Democracia (RD). By the way every nation has progressed via Research and Development while ours was set on Revolution and Democratization.

Our Issue, Now

I do not want to go into detail as why each leader/professional, country/countries or global organizations aspire to indulge in Ethiopia or Eritrea. Suffice to indicate to my readers in a nutshell what is behind agendas of our time.

So what is our stand on these issues? What do we need to do? Let us discuss them.

On Domestic affairs

  • Engineer Hailu for Costs

  • Economist Berhanu for Benefits

  • EPRDF/TPLF for confusion

On Foreign affairs

  • USA for Strategic purpose of fighting Terrorism

  • UNMEE for Employment

  • AU/EU/China for Trade and Aid


Our Issue then and now

Domestic and foreign: Although all organizations, groups and individuals attempt to resolve the Ethiopian issues, they all do it in around about way. That is by switching places for the letters of U (unity), D (democracy) and P (peace). Changing names will not help to solve the problems of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Prioritizing, yes.

EPRP for Unity, Democracia and Peace

For EPRP, it is not about prioritizing. It is about putting the three letters together. They have done this for four decades now. EPRP’s main tasks as at yesterday, today and tomorrow were, are and will be as follows: –

  • Visionary Solutions

  • Fearless leadership and

  • Timeless principles in

  • Domestic and

  • Foreign sectors.

What I wanted to bring to the attention to all my readers is that there is no Unity in Diversity as Debteraw has been fighting for a long time. We cannot go on using the same phrase or mission of Vive La Difference! I believe now that we have to bring Unity in Clarity. That is why I am asking intellectuals and other literate Ethiopians to expose their true nature in terms of Names, Symbol, Ritual and Values. Call me by my name? What is your name?

True to the nature of Debteraw Tsegeye’s proposal for Ethiopia, I still insist to continue to dwell on the political solution based on Ethiopian History, Culture and DEMOCRACIA. He used to call this HCD. It is purely based on Ethiopian political History, Cultural and social/religious path (AAgmelago). To put it simply, let us see what has been said and presented to Ethiopians both at home and abroad.

EPRP is a unity of a political party, peace at the top of Red Mountain ( & Assimba.Org). Democracia in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  • Let us share our experiences

  • Let us write our shared experiences or perish as they say and

  • Let us finish the Marathon of struggle with ADE


When the war broke out between EPLF and TPLF and later agreed to settle their dispute through an arbitration but never materialized the agreement, but continue in disrupting the peoples’ daily lives, I proposed in such a way that Europeans should settle in Zala Anbesa to administer them, to let America to settle in Assab so as to develop the Red Sea and to let the Chinese to let them to settle in Badme to develop agriculture. At the time, nobody heeded my call. What about now? I have now different types of proposal. Here it is.

For EPRP, Ethiopia is a Center for the Universe and Eritrea is a Key for the World.

It is about CK. It is that simple.


The senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold described Ethiopia as demarcated/bounded by a failed state of Somalia, by an ethnic cleansing Kenya, by a genocidal Sudan and by an inaccessible authoritarian Eritrea. Of course, the senator forgot to add the country of Djoubiti. It is inconceivable without D for our project of SEEDS country.


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