The Ongoing Startling Walk of the Diaspora’s Tigrayans

By: – Getachew Reda

I believe that you are aware that I now have my own web blog dedicated to the struggle. The page is legible in Tigrigna. I came up with such strategy in order to create a common bridge where all Tigrayans can comment and post their political views and opinion. 

Having said this, you might wonder what I observed talking to the Tigrayans whom contacted me via e-mail and phone calls. During my conversation with many of them, I have noticed that they are not as organized compared with the strong TPLF/Meles associations. One cannot simply compare the TPLF Diaspora community with the Tigrayan opposition.

However, I had my doubts regarding their organizational strength and unity; I am now fully convinced that they are totally lost, dispersed, dysfunctional, misinformed, disunited and self & group discontent among each other, most of all infected with backbiting one against the other. It is sad

I visited each of their websites. Many of them are not updated. If they are active websites, those that are up to date on their news are simply posting a copy of the news articles found on other major websites. Many of their websites are not dedicated to posting articles written in Tigringa for Tigringa readers, which could help to teach and open dialog with the Meles supporters. Though I admit that each of those that I contacted are willing to be more organized and contribute to the struggle. However, their background conflict amongst one another seemed to be the obstacle that is preventing them from coming together. Each had his own complaints/grievances against the other. I found it difficult for me to trust who is speaking the truth, since, I was neither with their organization nor with familiar.

I have contacted individual Tigrayans who are well known and praised for their postings and books about TPLF. Therefore informed them of my aim of communicating with them and that it is of the utmost importance that we come together as one regardless of our political views. We need to challenge the strong and well-organized TPLF, in order to liberate the minds of those who have fallen captive to the TPLF cults. Goodness gracious! No response. For your surprise, I have repeatedly communicated with such popular writers even before this time to consult them, no answer at all. 

 I also contacted individual leading members of a popular Tigrayan opposition party by phone. The first thing I experienced was having enough time to express myself, who I am.  After he asked me who I was and how I came to know him; he explained that he never heard of such name (Getachew Reda?), or read any article on any website written by such name. I have also yet to answer his question if I am a member of any organization. After passing through such screening process, I managed to convince him. He agreed & promised to work together and will contact me. I have not heard from him since.

 A person who knew the insides of many of the individuals who is familiar with the numerous Tigrayan organizations told me that they are simply good at posting resolutions and bravados. According to my experience attempting to bring them to communicate through my web blog as a fresh site for all to start has proven to be disappointing. The many Tigrayan PhD holders are simply worst than the uneducated regular citizens. They should have jumped in and participated in the struggle rather than simply looking from a distance.

 I am not doing this because it feels good. No, it is painful, mentally and physically stressing as well as a time consuming mission and it supplies one with many unwanted enemies. The time I spend educating the uninformed could have been spent with me going to school or partaking in some other private work that would boost my financial income. Instead, I spend the time trying to liberate Ethiopia from dangerous anti-Ethiopia divisive groups. I do not regret my devotion and will continue as long as I am alive. When the Ethiopian people can freely move and organized in every corner of the country as they wish with no one restricting their movement and without being asked what language he/she speaks or to which tribe/group that they belong.

 Regardless, the startling, malfunctioning weakness of the Tigrayn opposition in the Diaspora, my effort will continue to bring them to one spot and start to do something together to liberate the TPLF cults who are solely driven with naivety and emotional ethnocentric revolutionary songs at the expense of the nation losing its dignity, sovereignty and its flag.

 At last, I like to appreciate the few Tigrayans who are still working with me trying to arrange teleconferences and are still trying to reach individuals as well as organizations. Those of you who are willing to contact me provoke the dysfunctional Tigrayan opposition. You are welcome to contribute articles and comments on my site in Tigringa or Amharic. Please do use Ge’ez Unicode. Download the font from the Ge’ez Unicode download website. Contact me


//-// Ethiopia will prevail!






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