I have been, to the best of my ability, scrutinizing every steps of the current politics marching and yet not found the punch line significant to arrest all perspectives in a nut shell. The profound and grass rooted ideals such as mass base movement with strong political mobilization has not yet gotten a definitive look and approach to establish a united and uniform struggle substantive to empower the poor and oppressed citizens. Subsequently, obligated concerned citizens to re examine the major gridlock which deter us. Let me cite few among a number of problems as to why we are staggering to go straight forward and fight the real fight:

A. intra parties’ crisis and skirmish; for instance, either in CUDP or EPRP caused by traitors allegedly serve the incumbent more than their own polity.


B. unconscious political participation of many individuals galvanized by political whim but have been witnessed to lack prudence and reasoning or understanding of the political arena in its entirety; Precisely speaking, deficient of multi-disciplinary approach to the precursor of the problem. To mention a few, those naïve attendee at Siye’s city hall meeting, who is as criminal and responsible for the destruction of Ethiopia as Meles Zenawi

C. lack of principled disputation and systematic approach to analysis in discussion forums, electronic medias or paltalk rooms to achieve the desired goal.


The later suggests ways of influencing people to distance or preclude themselves from the political platform or gravitate them toward the struggle depends on how the politics is maneuvered. Bearing this in mind, I would like to stress on the third factor for the rest are being dealt extensively from every angle ostensibly or truly, siding with the voice of the majority or vice versa, regardless, the truth will be unveiled sooner or later.


Maulana Karenga, An Africentric psychologist has said once “ truth that isn’t born of struggle ( disputation ) is not truth at all; it is just mindless agreement”. The rhetorical and oratorical discourse that is flooding the cyber chat rooms with a silent majority are at the receiving end busying clapping and whistling, oscillating between lines while the very few CONCERNED individuals at times presenting sound political arguments as well as their counter parts, arresting their case one after the other; very often the discussion or dispute is conveyed by music or poetry, the audiences are best situated in the lobby to either listen to a speaker or find a foe or a friend depends on the context of the texts scribbled; at the end of the day, with few exceptions, people are satiated and sedated by frivolous dispute that goes on from dawn to dusk without a conducive goal achieved.


So far, in my experience of the last few months in Ethiopian paltalk discussion forum, I have felt the warmth of the radical view (explicitly embrace the very foundation of ethiopiawinet) and the cold arbitrary ( no reason or a rhyme) models; claim to afford an effective alternative to prevailing ways of viewing Ethiopian politics functioning. Irrespective of both views, the matter still remained ambiguous and obliged me to ask how can we come out of this little podium and tackle the real cause of the problem in the open in stead of circumventing the centric point ? The radical view assertively question: how much we exclusively define weyane as an enemy? What are the most prominent characteristics to identify weyane? What kind of political, social, and psychological orientation or model best serve us to survive as a nation in the midst of repression or there after ? Is the question of democracy weighs more than the question of freedom? And so forth.


unlikely, the rubbish and insignificant issues what I call the smooth or arbitrary model which I dare to identify intruder‘s modus operandi, too myopic to meet the end while pre-occupied dodging the means. Unjustly necessitate or conveying a message entails “compromising alien topics forge similarity with a tenet of participatory democracy, bounce or un bounce unfit characters according to room‘s policy, how do we accommodate people classified as anjas or bandas as though it were the mother of all issues and some more falsified grandiloquence which is an extended version of blah blah,” are being dealt at equivalent rate along with the emergency and sensitive sovereign issues of the mother land. Imagine the equivalence . Alas! What a futile endeavor. This argument is best analogues to what Tsegaye Debteraw’s says in his poetry; “Ethiopian eyatanat yilunal alem yenante nat”


For some egoistic, self-inflated, and ineffectual current political “personage’’, the paltalk “vanilla” politics has become of a magnifying glasses to enlarge their portrait beyond its actual size or render hyperbolic presentation. For some hypocrites and opportunist it has been a privilege to capitalize on issues endangering people as we speak for their own benefit. For some mentally belittled and afflicted weyane cadres, the medium has been a serviceable instrument to promote, promulgate, and project only their own image and selfish ethno interests. For fakers and phony personalities who are in the shadow and disguise in Ethiopiawinet but are real weyane as in the case of the DIASPORA ROOM’S THUG “ATSE” WHO LIVES ON MANIPULATION AND MASQUERADE, the specified room has been a tenure to make a living. And yet, while all these and other stuffs are taking place, we Ethiopians adamantly striving for unity and freedom are naively sit and talk gratifying a whim in addition to that, indulge our mentality in political exclamation. Is this a mentacide or what? Has there ever been any disputation resulting in good terms? Poor Ethiopians how are we going to prevail when harboring agents in our vicinity sugar coated with conventional thinking designed to attract and confuse people without keen selective judgment? WHAT OTHER WAY DO WE KNOW AS A PEOPLE TO STAND UNIFORMLY FOR THE TRUTH?


A lack of prudent and principled struggle combined with immature strugglers, the struggle will always end up in division as opposed to synthesis. Division, segregation, polarization among fellow ethiopians is what inspires weyane . However, if we were genuinely dispute over ideas that can truly build up Ethiopiawinet, the resulting disputation uncompromisingly bear strong nationalist individuals. This is not a biased or over reactive view, however; is my observation and evaluation based on facts on ground for some time has afflicted my “little mind”; thus oblige me to seek a proactive and systematic measure to revise what I have experienced. I am not here to destructively criticize every figure participate in paltalk room or its general aura; as a matter of fact, needless to mention names, there are a number of people that I have a great deal of admiration because of their systematic political analysis is no less than academic scholarly review. For that matter, their demeanor and nationalist point of view is worth my time.


What bug me so often is the average time being spent on untimely issues inadvertently or intentionally being covered to relegate and denigrate the core issues believed to have been an essence ( grass rooted ideals ) to the struggle. May that be a matter of curiosity? It is common every where that the mind’s hunger is initially manifested in curiosity, specially, as in the case of oppressed and robbed mind ( us), which is victimized itself and actively looking for ignorance. The politics that involves the lives of 80 million Ethiopians suffice to evade our boredom never the less elicit nothing more than nihilism. Here, ironically, curiosity doesn’t only kill the cat but also those driven by unconscious mind reluctantly respond to “911” ( an emergency). Has our collective mind been raped, violated and obliterated or subliminally submitted to the oppressor? I will leave this to the reader’s and paltalk rooms audiences’ own power of discernment.

One must ask how do we make a good use of this medium so as to constructively engage ourselves to find a remedy? My answer is plain, focus on fight or flight! Fight according to the magnitude of suffering our fellow citizens are enduring: atrocity, genocide, poverty, injustice, women trafficking, illegal adoption, imprisonment, corruption, epidemics, migration, war, torture, etc. who is responsible for all of these? Eyasu or Hailu shawel, what a parody! We know it all the enemy residing in “arat killo” is responsible for every problem there is to it. Taking all adversaries into consideration, we shall take action immediately as opposed to letting the issues fall in a deaf ear. when we compromise with the enemy, we become like some forms of cancer, the cells which should protect the organism from alien (enemy) intrusions begin to attack the life giving cells. As we stretch the struggle without the discipline and principle it requires; disappointment, frustration, anger, hopelessness ensue and the tenets and integral part of the struggle will fade up. Subsequently, stagnate or affix us with no point of reference. So, I say unto you, know your enemy and give a definitive look to the struggle at hand. Our fellow citizens voiced up time again the repression is enough. Therefore, let us neither stimulate nor flagellate ourselves solely in political discourse to no avail. Substantiate what is to be substantiated in the struggle to Fight with determined spirit in timely fashion or flight and get out of the mess.


Ethiopia will prevail!

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