The liberation of Ethiopia from anti-Ethiopia psychopathic entities.

Fretsidiq Fekade

Looking further back into the past, archives collected from every epoch and through out ages indicate Ethiopian history is a prototype or an archetype to what civilization and the evolution of humanity inclusively are all about as well as exclusively to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. “ It is pretty well settled that the city is the engross great contribution to civilization, for it was in Africa where the first cities grew up”. E.Haldeman Julius said in regard to Ethiopian civilization. Count Volley also said “Those piles of ruins which you see in that narrow valley watered by the Nile, are the remains of opulent cities, the pride of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. … There a people, now forgotten, discovered while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair, founded on the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe.”

In the absence of scientific and cultural colonialism, geographic and pale anthological distortion, Ethiopia takes the top place in every discovery. It is true that classical historians conceded, in ancient times Ethiopia extended over vast domains in both Africa and Asia. Egypt itself used to be called the oldest daughter of Ethiopia. Materials likely to support the above thesis are common and pervasive. As a DNA helix provides genetic information to trace a particular organisms biological make up in a given environment as is; in the same token, the geographical positioning of inhabitants suffice to give a clue as to how the cognitive and spiritual development attested. Therefore, when we talk about Ethiopian civilization or evolution, one fundamental substance plays a major role in the process is the intelligence nature endowed to the Ethiopians. The prevalence of this substance is simply the hallmark of growth. So in thus biology and history are two fundamental tools by which we come to perceive the nature of humanity in its metamorphosis and a subsequent course of events or processes respectively. Consequently, in Ethiopia’s case, it is also quite true and plausible. As a result, this is the reason why Ethiopians are proud of whom we are – that is the extension of ancestral collective consciousness inherited. In implicit connotation, here is what is written in the book of the prophet Jeremiah, God says “ can the Ethiopian changes his/her skin, or the leopard his spots? Allegorically, “skin” may denote consciousness with in the context.

Any research attempts to define a society without basing the predominant consciousness of the inhabitants is subject to distortion and more likely fallacious and un orthodoxy; hence, is immaterial . In fact, it is well said that every discipline must begin with its origin. My contention is not to articulate a full-fledged biological or historical analysis; however, is to cognize the fact any identity acquired through biological mechanisms solely unique to a particular environment has underpinning factor to leave its psychological and social experience or imprint to the generation to come – be it the negative or positive dynamic entailed. To be an Ethiopian isn’t a mere superficial matter but it is that consciousness of Ethiopiawinet one psychologically experiences compatible with others. Nationalism, or to be a nationalist, isn’t simply earned or freely given to those who wish to be. But it is again determined by the strong psycho spiritual belief system collectively predisposed, upheld or enshrined; over and above, the sacrifice paid to preserve this common denominator is invaluable. Whatever consciousness depicted or exhibited otherwise is a reverse of this fact, and tantamount to conditioned identity and distorted beliefs. These reverse facts are testimonial as in the case of TPLF stooges malevolently ensuing the annihilation of Ethiopia at the highest rate.

Those who cant think Ethiopiawinet are deficient of Ethiopian consciousness

Sadly enough, the past 17 years we have witnessed that Ethiopia’s history and geographical limitation have been marginalized and relegated all its valuables; by envious narrow nationalist elites born out of the seed of dissolution in Tigray, and by other historical enemies. As a result of this, our motherland has more ever become a victim of its own children of “liberation fighters”; with consecutive atrocities, distortions, miss education (disorientation), and un accountable crimes perpetuated upon the citizens to cope with.

Recently, startling and extraordinary social, Political, and economical phenomena are taking center stage, and heralded heavily via media outlets and websites. Starting with impoverished economy up to political embezzlement; the territorial integrity of the country, etc. are mainly knocking on everyone’s door eliciting a sense of urgency. One can possibly reach at conclusion with out political rhetoric and interpretation (analysis) given as a prerequisite. The mission of modern and historical enemies of the mother land is almost accomplished by the incumbent, self declared, run-of-the-mill government of weyane. A land once begot patriots, who had been uncompromisingly custodians of its sovereignty, is occupied by traitors who are diabolical intrinsically and stir up its demise. These very creatures have plotted the demise of Ethiopia from where they were conceived and sprouted up, long before seizing power by their western collaborators. With no doubt and hyperbolic expression, among the elements surfaced Ethiopia then and now, the TPLF government unequivocally disgraced what has been exalted and fought for by our predecessor for eons-that is the sovereignty of Ethiopia. Why?

Beyond the physical, the psychological experience weighs more in perpetuating beliefs (since beliefs are a psychic element) thereby influencing individuals to act in distinctive manner. As the mystics say “what a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. This is evident in the case of butcher Meles Zenawi. His perception is a conclusive evidence to ancestral psychic impediment ( the spirit of a banda ) bestowed up on him; thus became of a personage nothing less than a traitor, idolatrous, conceit, any evil epithet you can name! Convincingly, he is the exact out put of his papa and grand papa’s cerebral. Ethiopian history and evolutionary mechanics are yet a myth to his wicked intelligence. What do we expect any good to come out of the banda whose psychological make up or cognitive development, and political adherence is inherently alien to our convention? If my argument is concise enough, I dare to deduce Ethiopia is occupied by alien force – nothing more or less than a foreign invader.

This is not an insult intended just to disparage one’s personality and capitalize on antithetical opposing view; however, is a good example to correlate between the behavior being exhibited by the prime minister and his familial inscription. So ironic! isn’t it? No, it isn’t. It is factual and logical that whatever he thinks cant depict a complete Ethiopian consciousness as a result there of. Prima facie, his political motives and intents are absolutely to terminate the existence of Ethiopia. Do I need to chronicle all what he and his Tigrayan “decadents ” have done or presently doing? No, I don’t. but I will mention a few. There was nothing as such Meles and companies concealed from Ethiopians for a fear of a public riot or disobedience. Whatever has been done to us and the country, done in disdain. For that matter, Meles or weyane made it easier for us to react sooner than later; unfortunately, we didn’t. In short, there hasn’t been a political secrecy weyane held and executed behind a closed door for us to declassify nor to react late.

Among the lists either or not chronologically recorded below, which one of the following has been concealed from the public knowledge? Be your own judge if Ethiopiawinet bear such acts.

From its inception to present, The TPLF manifesto declares the ultimate purpose of its struggle is establishing the Tigray republic.

Ethnic federalism, the main theme of the Ethiopian constitution is incorporated from the TPLF manifesto and was ratified in 1994.

The cessation of Ethiopia’s northern province, Eritrea, in 1993 with out a referendum that involved the majority per se.  From its inception to the present, TPLF deliberately distorts and refutes the countries 3000 plus histories.  Genocide and atrocities against the Amharas, Oromos and Agnuwaks, who are the majority collectively, has been committed by the TPLF.

Vital economic privileges has been given to one specific ethnic minority ( the Tigrayans ) under the provision of the federal government.

Human rights abuse.

Badme. Here is a case that serves no particular purpose, as a matter of fact, left a historical predicament for the country to win over a war and yet loses a territory fought for. What a paradox!

Rigging and losing an election, subsequent prosecution and jailing including the leaders of the opposition.

The aggression on Somalia, which can be defined as proxy war, special servitude given by the prime minister to his Masters, Tony Blair and George W. Bush, under the pretext of war on terror. Logically, a terrorist government can’t ensure stability to others by destabilizing his own. Virtually, it is a political reciprocity norm enmeshed in human sacrifice.

Persecution and coercion.

Prevalence of corrupt judiciary system thus unable to implement the rules of law.

1600 km of lands giving up to Sudan. This is a confirmation to every one of concerned citizens that Weyane facilitate a means to establish the Tigray republic by blocking a gateway to contiguous region like Gondar. We can as well correlate this with the annexation of lands from Gondar and Wello which took place a while ago.

I can take it back if anyone comes up with any counter point of argument to pin point if any of the above mentioned is used just to serve a political motivated mind. Or, attempt to persuade me in any style of reasoning, be it inductive or anything else (except Malelitizm), whatever Weyane has done has justifiable cause.

The machination of similar psychopaths help the regime extends its power.

Meles and companies maintain a game attitude by publicly extol the virtues of a game player attitude to sustain power for ever. This game attitude ( pick and roll ) targeted few individuals who don’t have good resumes in mobilizing a national struggle. This is very indicative as to why they spirit of a Banda is selectively contagious or run into its likes. We could possibly see how well inculcated in Dr. Berihanu’s and Andargachew’s mind. Two ordained personalities of lies, capable of altering realities with illusion, appear normal on the surface until performing an outrageous criminal act. Suitably and reasonably exhibit psychopathic personality. Beside what is believed to have been a public secret, a “genius” operative Dr. Berihanu managed to disintegrate CUDP while he was “imprisoned”, let me recite a line or two out of his “mystical ” speech which was high lighted much before his ascension to the summit. To what avail, I am not sure, yet, Dr. Berihanu promised to his congregants in regard to his upcoming political strategy. He said, “I would like to contemplate by sitting on the mountain top in the state of Pennsylvania”. could that be a prayer seeking for a remission of sin, or plotting something as usual?

As many would suspect that he may have some good left somewhere to bring down to the struggle, analogical to Moses ascension to Mount Sinai where he received the Ten Commandments. Hitherto, serve as sacred and immutable law to his followers (the Jews ) as well as to the Christians. Nevertheless, the good Dr. neither articulated what his contemplation would be about nor did he say the purpose intended to serve. Whatever the case may be, there was something deep rooted at the back of his mind. Any guess would be to the readers power of discernment. But as for me, it builds up same old case study categorically elaborates the nature of mental distress he is bound to further denial. For that matter, I would speculate what the immaculate pilgrim would bring forth after the “subae”. The spirit of a traitor descended down from where he was contemplating and disguised in the skin of “the patriots of Adwa, delivering the tablets where the commandments were scribbled – a call for armed struggle.

The declaration is something I go for it personally, but, guess who is talking? Dr. who?  An expert in manipulating others by playing to their emotion. What a transformative psychopathic stage of development the expert entrenched into? Is he a psychopath? Before giving an answer, I would like the reader to understand what a psychopath means and see the reason why I use it to describe the good Economist in the context above.

The psychopath is one of the most fascinating and distressing problems of human experience. For the most part, a psychopath never remains attached to anyone or anything. They live a “predatory” lifestyle. They feel little or no regret, and little or no remorse – except when they are caught. They need relationships, but see people as obstacles to overcome and be eliminated. If not, they see people in terms of how they can be used. They use people for stimulation, to build their self-esteem and they invariably value people in terms of their material value (money, property, fame, power, etc). DR. Robert D. Hare, a researcher renowned in the field of criminal psychology.

Indeed, it is true that “the prominent characteristic involves psychopathic personality presents no signs of guilt or remorse regardless that is factual and congruent to the behavioral pattern being observed. Many victims of the imposter are those who are myopic to discern the spirit of a psychopath with a lack of realistic long and sustainable goal; on top of that, count on his grandiose sense of self worth. Unlike to Moses followers as such delivered by a true prophet, the busy drummers of Berihanu’s camp are undeservedly bow down to an “emancipator” who is a psychopath. I guess it is a sort of “ the same birds of a feather flock together”, which can be translated in Amharic in a way very descriptive  Gim le Gim abreh azigim. If the snake in the suit was a healthy political figure, he would ask for an apology to what he did – raising the fascists from their grave. In so doing, he became the most favorable great asset to Meles zenawi. So thus, is he really an opposition leader? Who is he opposing to?

What we Ethiopians with in the country and across the globe should do now to do away with these Bandas, came out of the wilderness of Dedebit and their cronies, is to exorcise their demons, and order them to go straight down to the pit. Their spirit is contagious and likely to infect many if not cast them out promptly from the sacred land graciously preserved by our ancestors. Remember also the old saying, telatima telat new asqedimo memtat ashokishakiwin new”. We are pursuing a career involves the liberation of Ethiopia from anti Ethiopia psychopathic entities. How contagious the spirit of a Banda is a matter of serious thought. So, to spearhead the struggle at our disposal in a manner free of saboteurs and traitors, we must be vigilant, courageous, and willful to defend and preserve our sovereignty.

Ethiopia will prevail!


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