Obo Arada Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde – October 23, 2008

ETHIOPIA is a center of the whole wide world www

ERITREA is a key to Africa

EPRP is a model for political party in the 21st century

We’re defined by what we pass on to the next generation

I am from: Say it Loud and Clear

ARUSSI, where the letter A will be comprised of voluntarism, vote and victory after the final path of the Eway Revolution.

BALE where the letter B is still being deciphered so as to become a lasting solution to ኤትዮጵያ a name that will include Eritreans and Oromians. (Budget/Bicycle/Bomb)

ERITREA where the head of ኤትዮጵያ as opposed to ኢትዮጵያ resides

GEMU GOFA equivalent to GG where GG =14 states confirming government of the future

GODJAM the home of three quarter of AEthiopians for their lifeblood

GONDER where history and the future of governments is located

HARARGHE where unity, love and diversity resides

ILLUBABOR where ዒሉ the beautiful and young animal and rainfall rejuvenates

KEFA where the home of the number one drink of coffee Arabica originated

SHEWA where Amharic, the future lingua franca for Africa perpetuates

SIDAMO where all international conflicts could be solved following Obama’s election

TIGRAI where T = the last alphabet in Latin, Alpha and Omega coincide/converges

WELLEGA where Biblical Wisdom prevails

WOLLO where Quran Wisdom prevails

If I am unable to call you by your name, then I will call you, at least by your address. Where is your address? ABE GGH IKS STW W? With the exception of HTW (ዘፕሠ) ሐረርጌ ትግራይ ወለጋ እና ወሎ which are compatible with Latin letters, the rest 10 states of AEthiopia are subject to be deciphered by its respective nationals and nationalities.

Repeatedly, I have come to a conclusion where our history and culture (HC) alias known as ዘር are the real culprits for all our perceived ills and poverty.

In the last few weeks numerous articles have been posted in defense of nationalism, religious freedom and political leadership. Articles written by Dr. Aleme Eshete along with Dr. Fikre Tolossa as posted in; Dr. Abeba Fekade’s posted at Metho Obang as posted at Petros Tesfaghaber as posted in and Zewge Fanta as posted in have indicated on these issues.

Basically these articles are all written to either defame the past Revolutionary struggle of AEthiopia or to belittle the Eway Revolution. The articles that were posted in the five websites will lead us to the basic question of unity with Capital U. The methodology for uniting the country, according to Wallelegne is DEMOCRACIA whereas that of Tewodros’s was by the sword. Which one is right, Walle’s method or the Teddy method? In order to answer these questions, we need to go back to the basics of our Revolution.

In doing so, readers may not be derailed from the true path of progress in making that

  • Amharic to be the lingua franca language for Africa

  • EPRP to be the true model of political party in Ethiopia

  • Ge’ez aka Fidel to be the media of communication throughout the continent of Africa

  • Recognition of Agaw’s role in its true Ethiopian perspective and

  • Accepting the primary color of the Ethiopian flag as an identity as in many African nations has done so.

At the expense of going into details in commenting each article, I chose to comment on only two individuals who were involved in the Eway Revolution. One is from Wollo and the other from Eritrea. Call me by my address. Where is my address?


Abeba (PhD)

The ills as Dr. Abeba attempts to explain come from hallucination not real. If we look it through the prism of history what is history? I recommend many of my readers including Dr. Abeba to read a book entitled “What is History?” (Reference will be provided upon request). Otherwise, let Dr. abeba write about religious history, that is, if she is a Catholic or a Muslim. Otherwise, the history of Gragne Mohammed and Yodit Gudit is over with. They were incidents of history. I wish Dr. Abeba’s concentration were on mothers’ issues as women’s’ issues are different than mothers’ issues.

If I am not mistaken, Dr. Abeba seems to dwell on social, religious and political issues wrapped up in sexism, which in the final analysis lead us in mental health regression. I wish Dr. Abeba had chosen the politics of government, i.e. people’s government as proposed by EPRP three decades ago. The issue of sexism and religion has been dealt with if not in the past three Millenniums but also during the era of Eway Revolution.

Dr. Abeba! Don’t you think that having friends is a touchstone for people’s lives? For friends according to Elaine Zelley, PhD a professor of communication at La Salle University in Philadelphia who studied female friendship sums it up like this:

“Friends provide a social network, companionship and emotional support.”

I shall have to ask each and every one of my readers to ask the following rhetorical questions and tell me whose profession is needed to solve our problems in Diaspora.

  • The friendship pool that seemed so deep in our teens and 20s have gotten shockingly shallow.

  • Our oldest friends are scattered all over the globe with some wonderful exceptions

  • Finding and cultivating new friendships is just hard

  • On top of all that, who has the time!

As AEthiopians, we are not different than being social animals. We do not need to be reconnected but to share experiences. What experiences? Political, social, cultural, religious or sexism? Name it, we have it all.

The DERG, due to its credit has somewhat eliminated the fever of religious zealots.

MAKON, the female comrades of EPRP had resolved the sexism issue in Ethiopia and Eritrea a long time ago. For now, I hope Dr. Abeba will first research about her Wollo man’s dream and method of struggle, as others have not yet discovered his mission and vision. By doing so, I know that Dr. Abeba will help millions from mental retardation and alienation.

Petros T. Conspiracy Theory of Nov 27, 2007

Petros wrote a long article of the 1970s student movement while he was in the Haile Sellasie I university. It was a well-established fact that the majority of Asmarino students were disengaged in the then Ethiopian student movement despite Petros’s claim. He may be exceptional to be involved in the Ethiopian politics or he may be either an Ethiopian with an Eritrean background or who was born in one of the 13 provinces of Ethiopia or attended/educated in Ethiopia. I do not know his education or his birthrights to negate his claims. The analogy of Wallellegne vs. Tewodros is an appropriate test for further discussion in order to arrive at the truth of our struggle.

Zawge Fanta wrote, “ Walleligne misunderstood his country and its people as much as the people misunderstood him.” I know for sure that Walleligne did not misunderstand his country and its people; on the contrary, he knew his country and its people very well that he had to sacrifice his life for their cause. It is also true that many Ethiopians misunderstood Walleligne. It is more so because the TPLF leaders deceived to nominate him for their cheap propaganda machination by organizing የዋለልጝ ጦር

Although Eritreans were given the choice to participate in either with the Eritrean Liberation Fronts or with EPRP, Mr. Petros seems to confuse the issue of Nazanet with Harnet. Freedom was advocated by the elites of EPRP whereas the Eritrean elites were advocating for Independence.

Having achieved Independence for Eritrea, now the EPLF government is searching for democracy and justice as it has renamed its military organization by Peoples’ Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).

For EPRP, the cart does not come before the horse. EPRP has been advocating DEMOCRACIA and justice even before its formal formation. May be Mr. Petros could not see the student movement as democratic body. Let us not forget the history of election in the university. Nobody can deny that there was an academic freedom at least on campus level. Dr. Tesfatsion Medhine can elucidate to Petros the academic freedom that existed then.

The most amazing story (distortion) is when Mr. Petros claimed that the tools for hijacking namely the bomb and the gun were imported from Asmara.What a ridiculous idea as if one could not buy them from the “Somalia Tera”. As to the other distortion about professors Mesfin Araya and Tesfatsion Medhine, I will let them respond.

Concluding notes

Almost for 40 years, since Walleligne Mekone’s article was written, a silent debate was going on inside the elites mind. This silent debate seems to come to the public debate once more hopefully in the open forum. I hope this debate will dwell on Walleligne’s deepest political beliefs such as whether WM was a liberal, a conservative at heart or a closet radical? Or was he a more subtle and moderate political figure who embraced Tewodros’s, then discarded Monarchism (Teddyism) in pursuit of a restless ambition? Is there evidence to entertain both views? Was WM an analyst or an ideologue?

Was WM liberal to be ironic and self-questioning rather than messianic for all Ethiopians? Sometimes events call for courage and clarity not a sense of irony. And courage may be required to confront a genuinely radical and passionate Revolution. Even a closet radical would resist hijacking. Any conflicted woman or man (WM) with ambitions of reconciliation of the nations and nationalities might attempt to reconcile. But it is only the passionate, committed, courageous moderate like Walleligne Makonnen could succeed. Isn’t this ironic with Walle, the hero? If it is not, let us see what the EPRP’s 36 years of unabated and continuous political struggle would prove to the world.

The editor of Ethiomedia wrote “we hope Zewge’s first-hand account would clear the fog that had shrouded the life of the student activist who rose to national prominence during the turbulent final years of the reign of Emperor Haile-Selassie.” What a wishful thinking! Ato Fanta was perhaps his close friend but he was not his comrade friend. The struggle is not about personal friends; it is and was about ideas of change. Ato Fanta and his likes speak about girl friends and monetary things, but WM and his likes speak about progress and civility. I do believe that there is no “last hours for Walelgn Mekonnen.” It will be perpetual.

It is essential that the debate between Monarchism vs. Democracy should be clarified. The people’s government as proposed by EPRP is once again is being challenged by a so-called “government in exile”. Walleligne’s article and hijacking could not be understood out of the context of EPRP’s struggle for change. No doubt WM was an agent of change and he was not alone. Millions have died for his ideas and are still dying and disappearing at an alarming rate. There are three main reasons why we keep harping at the wrong side of political history.

  • Eritrea was not separated because of Walleligne’s article. It was rather that Eritrea was a cause for his untimely death.

  • That the TPLF leaders have disguised themselves in the hood of Wallelign – the sort of the Trojan horse.

  • That the current leadership of EPRP lacked the gut and the will to defend Walleligne from being labeled as an agent of the Eritrean Fronts.

EPRP’s support group around Washington DC are going to celebrate this week their 36 years of struggle for DEMOCRACIA. What does this mean? Go back to the blue line in the caption. How do we do it? That will be the question this week for EPRP. Will the name and picture of WM would come up for discussion and display or will he be forgotten as his comrade in arms DEBTERAW?

For comments and critics

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