Flowcharts and bench marks for Democratization


In Diasporas community

1. The revolution starts from D.C as woyanee revolution started  in Debebit in remote area  no man land .{focus should  be  who is the vector of the revolution and the social environment }

2. A call for conference all political parties, activists, blogers ,radio journalist to form a loose federation mainly to protest in Western world via Internet  or open street  demonstration according to issues we confront .

3. A call  to  Internet radio broadcaster to form a media conglomerate under one station which transmit and allocate  all participants programs transmits in time sharing manner  which  includes  all  who is willing to pay its due from religious entity to social service { it creates a powerful media center ”

4.A call to form an advocate group  for refugees  and for Diasporas who invest in real state and other investment  in Ethiopia and been embezzled , abused by Woyane cadres ” there is high incidents of cheating  and wide spread   angers among Diasporas “It  will  bring them to opposition camps for support ”

4.A call for intellectuals to  open a research forum on burring issues

In Ethiopia what is to be done

1.The the slogan  and the ultimate strategy is the Orange revolution which is “le neka le tedrage le Tatke  hizabwee amez”

2.Tedrage “get organized ” should be the talk of nations and house holds .  legal and illegal.association to help urban poor  such as  food for poor in kebble level  or self help groups among young people. and challenge as group in any minor incident the local authority by peaceful means ‘” to develop militancy among public sectors from day to day

3. A demand   from  public  to their    parliamentarian to call public meeting  to discuss  their burring issues

and call to intellectuals in universities to organize forum  for discussion ” always public meetting   increase public militancy which lead to demonstration  soon or later

4. unless these benchmarks are addressed  I would not Imagine things will change soon .we might see Meles Zenawi  transferred his power to his dear son before his death unlike Kimel sung  in North Korea or  Hafiz Assad  in Syria but like Libya Qaddafi’s son sifeislam Mohammad .

By Abud Hassan.

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