SOLUTIONS WITH DEBTERAW, V Call me by my name, address and task


By Obo Arada Shawl Febreuary 13, 2009

I have plenty of questions but I do not have the answers

The persistent past of political economy

For the last 150 years, the ideologies of Marxism, Nationalism and Liberalism have divided not only the Adam & Eve Society in particular but also had divided the whole humanity. Ideology refers to systems of thought and beliefs by which Aethiopians as a group or individuals had attempted to explain how the social system functions and the principles applied. The Marxists led by EPRP, the Nationalists led by EPLF and the Liberals led by EDU were at the center of economic analysis before and on the eve of the Revolution. The Eathiopian Student Movement has attempted to explain the Eway Revolution in such a manner.

On the one hand, the conflict among those Eathiopian intellectual groups was based on three moral and intellectual positions that have revolved around the role and significance of the market in the organization of society and economic affairs. The three ideologies were –

  • Economic liberalism ጥቅም ለኔ ብቻ VISION OF EDU

  • Marxism ለእድገት እንስራ VISION OF EPRP

  • Economic nationalism ጥቅም ለጝ ብቻ VISION OF EPLF

The Liberals of EDU and the traditional Marxist of EPRP consider the integration of a society into world economy to be a positive factor in economic development and domestic welfare. Both agree on this position.

EDU like most liberals were for economic development via trade. But their domestic sources of growth were to depend on foreign flows of trade, capital and technology.

Marxists, on the contrary believed that the external forces could promote economic development only by breaking the bonds of Aethiopian conservative social structures. And that was not desirable though necessary condition.

The Nationalists believe that the world economy only operates to the disadvantage of their domestic economy and domestic welfare. Trade in their view was an engine of exploitation and for underdevelopment only.

These three controversy of EDU, EPRP and EPLF over the role of world market economy in the global distribution of wealth, power and welfare constituted the underlined problems of Aethiopia, as a result of these positions, EDU had collapsed quickly during the Revolution, EPRP still persists and EPLF is still fearful of global economy. Today, we can still speak of ideologies not of “theories” as applied to trade, investment and development. Once more, the current governments of Aethiopia are confusing issues of TID (trade-investment-development). What a tragedy!

While on the other hand, many copycat organizations such as the DERG, TPLF, and many others have differed on broad range of questions such as:

  • What is the significance of the market for economic growth and distribution of wealth among groups and societies?

  • What ought to be the role of markets in the organizations of domestic and international society?

  • What is the effect of the market system on issues of war and peace?

Each of these three perspectives has strengths and weaknesses. It is clear now for the entire whole wide world that no perspective provides a complete and satisfactory understanding of the nature and dynamism of these ideologies. Together all three can provide useful insights for our future.

These were the main issues for our Eway Revolution. I believe that the Aethiopian Student Movement had embarked on a political Revolution to be followed with economic revolution and it is in this light that the struggle of EPRP should be evaluated and judged. Not the other way round. I heard a group who were discussing on why EPRP did not build roads and bridges. What an argument!

Having said this let me go to the current irregular conditions to be concluded by suggestions for posterity.

ANOMALIES that may persist in the future

Paguemen 13 is equivalent to Friday the 13th

Paguemen is the 13th month in Aethiopian Calendar, which consists of only 5 days (September 6-11). The slogan of “Ethiopia a country of 13 months of sunshine” has been a welcoming gesture of tourists. But most important is the fact that Aethiopians do not pay bill as they work for free during this month. What a wonderful concept!

Friday 13th is a superstition about a day of good or bad luck. The fear of Friday the 13th is called Paraskavedkatriaphobia = 23 letters which is derived from the Greek words of

Paraskevi = Friday

Dekatreis = Thirteen and

Phobia = Fear

The history, rate of accidents, occurrence and its social impact of phobia of thirteen are too much to tell. Suffice to say that the number 13 was considered as irregular transgressing completeness. The number 13 is incomplete as reflected by the 12 months of the year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 hrs of the clock, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 tribes of Israel, twelve gods of Olympus and so on and so forth.

From Jesus to Christ

This week “Frontline” on PBS (public broadcasting service) is broadcasting this journey to the public. It is important to see this program. No judgment here.


When I compared these two individuals in terms of education, experience and ability, individuals scolded me for my views and some websites refused to post the article of comparison. My message was simply to expose the fact why and how Americans put their man on top of the job while we Aethiopians put our man with the same caliber in dungeon.

What about now? This week we are witnessing that President Obama is celebrating Honest Abe who kept the American Union pursuing Civil War and Emancipation. By the way Abraham Lincoln used to worship in 1313 N.Y. Ave. NW. Washington, DC.

This week we are approaching the third wave of Eway Revolution that will herald the end of TPLF and EPLF tyranny and dictatorship respectively. No doubt DEBTERAW’s long struggle in keeping EPRP alive and intact for the purpose of Unity and Revolution of Ethiopia will be celebrated. It is a matter of when and where.

Unification Churches vs. All Souls Church

What is the difference? Both Churches are located along the 16th street, to be specific; Unification Church’s address is at Columbia Rd., NW Washington, DC 20009. The address of the All Souls Church is located at 2935 16th street, NW Washington DC 20009

The are located on 16th street along the Golden Gate to the White House facing each other though their entrance is located from different location. The thing I don’t understand is why all the meetings organized by Ethiopians are held in the Unification church. I might add that the Symposium that was organized for DEBTERAW was held in the same church. The organizers for DEBTERAW, I believe chose this place for its low budget. But there are rich organizations that have and still conducted their meeting in this unification church. May be Ethiopians love unity than diversity!

On Adam & Eve

Who comes first E or A? Eve was tossed from the Garden of Eden for a minor offense but now she is dealing with her mate, children and disappointed father as described in Elissa Elliott’s Eve. Elliott asks was Eve the first lady? Who knows may be it was Lucy of Aethiopia!

Innocent and Lucy ገርሂ እና ድንቅነስ

The archeological bones that were discovered in the highland of Eritrea and in the lowlands of Ethiopia are named to reflect the wishes and desires of people. Of what people! People of the gods or of GOD, I wish I knew the answer.

What is preferred to be an innocent or a beautiful? Innocence is a hallmark of old generation while beauty is a hallmark of this generation. Can’t Aethiopians have both attributes? Cash flow has destroyed our innocence. The current rulers do not seem to grasp the concept of finance let alone cash money. Should we not be aware of the history of money since king Ezana’s time? Let us first learn the use of money before we try to run for money.

Also, a piece of advice to our women folk, where do you stand in the following ranks of history. When a woman is between 15-20, she is supposed to be wild like Africa,

When she is between 20-25, she is beautiful like America

When she is between 25-30, she coarse like Germany

When she is between 30-35, she is mature like France

When she is between 35-40, she is rough like Russia and

When she is between 40-45, she is old like England

On Issayas (E) vs. Meles (Z)

How does Issayas apply his name in relation to the Bible? Does he sign his name with an E or an I? Why is he not forthcoming to his identity? Why did he keep people guessing who he is and his philosophy? I bet nobody asked him directly for he does not believe in questions, as he does not delve in democracy of any sort except in jokes.

What about Melese? Why does he not use his given name? Is he still in a disguise format? Who is he and what is his personal philosophy and what does he want out of the Ethiopian and Eritrean people? Why does he behave in a tyrannical way? I bet deep in his heart, he is GUILTY about his friends who died for real DEMOCRACIA. Fear is killing him just like his predecessor Menghistu Haile Mariam.

On Iyassou (E) vs. EPRP

What about Iyassou? Why does he not use the letter E? He is one of the founding members of EPRP. He is also one of the leading collective leaders of EPRP. Since he is still in the business of struggle of empowering the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea via DEMOCRACIA, I understand his position to use pen name also known as nom d’guerre የትጥቅ ሱሪ and so on in various languages. What is in a name, call me by my name?

Why do current/ex members and supporters blame Iyassou for nothing? If he is not a democrat with a capital D, he is a democrat with a small d. has he not fought all his life and is he not still fighting to establish a system of democratic government in Aethiopia. Or is fighting with ideas and thoughts are irrelevant in the struggle for Aethiopia? Is it not true that the pen is still mightier than the sword? In actual fact, our fighters have not used swords but guns and bombs, which they have not manufactured themselves.

What is better for Aethiopia or Eathiopia or Ethiopia? What is in a name? What is the solution? A choice among, Dictatorship as in Eritrea, Tyranny as in Ethiopia or Democratic Republic with EPRP will have to be made soon. We need to choose!

On Africa’s Ghadafi

President Ghadafi openly admitted that no democracy is needed for Africa. He is now the head of the African Authority. What a shame!!!

What is the relationship between Libya, Eritrea and Somalia? I wish I knew the answer.

On Al Gore vs. Earth

Al Gore, the Nobel Peace winner told the Senate Committee, … “would bring a screeching halt to human civilization and threaten the fabric of life everywhere on the Earth – and this is within this century, if we don’t change.”

When John Kerry, presidential candidate asked Al Gore to tell the Senate Committee about the energy solution, he quickly answered that it is Geothermal

“Geothermal energy. This has great potential; it is not very far off.”

I bet Al Gore know the territory of the Afar from where Lucy came. The Afar land was and still is hell – a burned face of the Earth. Geothermal is plenty in the Afar land. I hope he was not speaking about this land – an inconvenient truth!


Trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 = 13

The year of many trillions is in place for stimulus and bailout. Could the year 2013 be for solutions for our perceived solutions?


Currently in Aethiopia, Will power is in short supply, but good intentions abound. How about a kick in the rear by external forces if good intentions can’t cut it? A kick from Issayas or Melese in our case, a kick from Ghadafi in the case of Africa or a kick from President Obama in the case of America. Definitely a kick from President Obama and DEBTERAW would be desirable as both are qualified for a kick! But not from the others.

For us, there was a call from DEBTERAW. While he was corresponding with me about his whereabouts I asked him what the solutions would be for all Eathiopians. He said the solutions lies in AAGMELAGO (see this in call me by my name…). Since DEBTERAW had suggested this term some years back, I have been trying to figure it out as what he meant by that concept. By the way Geothermal is plenty in Eathiopia. I wish Mr. Gore have seen the place where the human civilization is discovered and where the Geothermal energy is located. Currently, Mrs. Lucy is in Washington Seattle while the geothermal energy is along Awash River.

What a coincidence of history and culture HC = ዘር A clash of Geez and Latin letters. Or a convergence of alphabets!

Truth will prevail

For questions and comments

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