SOLUTIONS WITH DEBTERAW, VI Call me by my name, address and task

By Obo Arada Shawl  – February 23, 2009

For whom the bell tolls

Ethiopiawinet is abstract

Ethiopianism is concrete

Since there seems no agreement

What about the alternative medicine of Aagmelago as inspired by DEBu!

The unfinished journey of DEBTERAW




The why and the how’s: Today is the beginning of Fasting…



Colonialism is as old as society itself. However, the term colonialism took a more sharp and specific meaning during the 19th century when colonialists saw it as an extension of “civilization” from Europe to “backward societies”. ? Was Aethiopia a backward society with no so-called “civilization”?  What is the stand of EPLF, TPLF and OLF as at to date? Perhaps regret! Call me by my name, what is my name, colonizer or colonized?  Explanation is required!


In addition colonialism was seen as a search for

  • Raw materials,
  • New markets and
  • New fields of investment.

What about MMI (material-market-investment)? Was Aethiopia fit for colonization to take place based on these criteria? EPLF, TPLF and OLF, please tell us more on these issues.


At other times, colonialism was colonization that desire to physically settle people from the imperial country. Who was imperial in the Aethiopian case? More explanations, please! Resettlement or migration tells us different stories.


Typical aspect of colonialism include Racial and Cultural between the ruling and the subjects such as the followings

  • Political
  • Legal domination                                 = Your action speaks louder than words
  • Exploitation of the subject people


Colonialism was seen as a key cause of uneven development. What is the stand of EPLF, TPLF and OLF concept of uneven development? Is ignorance bliss in this case?


Finally, contrary to the EPLF, TPLF and OLF claims of being colonized, the term colonialism may also be used to refer to an ideology or a set of beliefs used to legitimize or promote the system. As such the colonizers of Aethiopia seem to be the EPLF and the TPLF in concrete terms and the OLF in abstract terms.


Colonialism was often based on the ethnocentric belief that the morals and values of the colonizer were superior to those of the colonized – otherwise known as Racism or pseudo-scientific. What is the purpose of ethnicity? It is either racism or something else. All Aethiopians demand explanation.



  • Those who were born in geographical Ethiopia alias MAKK
  • Those who have and still are struggling in the Eway Revolution
  • Those who are married to Aethiopians and
  • Those who were adopted to be Aethiopians and
  • Others who qualify for any other reason not mentioned above



It is in our culture to judge and be judged. In Aethiopia it is of judges, by judges and for judges? The culture of WE is deep in our culture as a result we have been judging others by our standard. Aethiopian strive to behave in virtuous morality not by edicts and votes.


Interestingly enough, President Kennedy’s speech at the time “ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country” reverberated in the Student Movement which really touched the CIA Opportunists. The radical student movement, not only were aware of their culture of voluntarism but also they were ready to sacrifice for their country. They did not need President Kennedy’s appeal.


DEMOCRACIA – the political organ of EPRP has been published its 34th and 35th year this month. The first call is for the youth to take charge of their beloved country Aethiopia (USAE) while the second issues is about Yekatit የካቲት ግም ሲል.

DEBTERAW’s call for action

  • Know what the Americans and Israel’s want out of Aethiopia
  • Know the interests of the Chinese and Russians
  • Know where the interests of Europeans lie
  • Know why the Arabs and Muslims want to be involved in the game of chess
  • Strategize how the leaders of EPLF and TPLF abdicate their power.


A hint for removing the leaders of EPLF and TPLF.

    1. The EPLF leader is a dictator for he does not believe in the concept of democracy let alone DEMOCRACIA
    2. The leader of TPLF is a Tyrant who cheats in the name of democracy but exercises his power in a tyrannical way
    3. Ask for justice in the name of DEBTERAW for Shaebia claims that their main objective is searching for justice while Woyane knows very well that they are keeping the rare Revolutionary/Patriot incommunicado for fear of flourishing open and free DEMOCRACIA in ኤትዮጵያ .


NB: This month of Yekatit has seen many adventures, many sharp changes of fortune. Since 1974, all Aethiopians have seen war, revolution, execution, madness, sexual scandal, power corruption, religious conversion and attempted assassination but not POWER ABDICATION. Why, why and why? Can one find it by fasting?


Truth will prevail








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