Eritrea – Is Afewarki Face of Hate or the Face Hero?

The President elaborated Eritrea is not threatened by a strong

Belihu Chekene –

This article is the result of 4-recent articles I read as indicated in my reference list below. I’m aroused to write this article as a response to those earlier articles and share my opinion with the wider Ethiopian readers. Hence, comments from all directions are most welcome as this is the only way we clear the shadows of dangerous events from happening. I would also like to thank the different website editors and webmasters for their unreserved and objective services in rendering an open-forum for opinion exchanges and expressions of thoughts on such crucial issues that shape-up our inherent political make-ups. I’m exclusively focused on responding to the 4 articles I read and do not want to dwell on other related issues since these can be tackled and tickled at later dates.

Actually, is Issayas Afewarki the face of hate or the face hero as we know it? My approach to this question is never dogmatic; but realistic. By choosing just a few examples, and concentrating on a single strand of Afewarki’s heroic myth built around him, I would like to provide readers of this article some very specific food for thought. The article may sound provocative to the extent that some Ethiopian websites who are opting to keep tight-lips on the political future pertaining to Eritrean issues. Some may even shy away and refrain from publishing it. But let bygones be bygones. The truth must be told straight on the face. This is no more the time for hide-and-seek-politics to play with. On the contrary, it is time of change; and the wind of dynamic change is surely blowing every where around the globe.

To begin with, by way of an editorial posted on 10th June 2009 on, the well known Afewarki’s propaganda website, Afewarki ordered for the African Union (AU) to be entirely demolished without delay. In fact, Afewarki was blunt about his disrespect for the AU as he was referring to it by its old designation: OAU (Organization of African Union). Afewarki blatantly preaches by stating: “…the only remaining thing to do for us Africans is to throw the organization in the dustbin of history and forming another organization having no relation or resemblance to the current one;” and adding that such a move is: “… perquisite for the development of Africa and its people.” According to Afewarki AU’s crime is its: “… lending its voice and acting as a tool for external forces, western spy networks and the agents of neo-colonialism.” Hence, “… its existence has become irrelevant and also it has lost value and credibility of itself and the African people it supposedly represents

In his own words, Afewarki hammers the AU with charges of failing to ensure: “… Africa’s political stability, safeguarding human rights of fellow Africans and directing the course of developmental endeavors in the continent.” To our dismay Afewarki has been violating all and every human right of the Eritrean peoples left, right, front and back under the watchful eyes of the whole world. He clearly undermines the UN, the Arab League to which he once made Eritrea a member; the AU and IGAD. By his own choice he has pushed out most aid rendering NGOs and religious organizations.

In fact, there is no regional or global organization to which Afewarki abides by; and yet he criticizes AU’s impunity and inaction; and calls for setting up a new organization “… that will not become subservient to western forces and their puppets.” Are the folks at the AU, the UN, and the Arab League listening to such messages? Yea, but they and the rest of the Western world have long been desensitized to and ignoring whatever Afewarki’s venomous mouth spouts because they have, rightly, concluded that it is coming from a person afflicted with and exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness! Today, Afewarki is a suspect for causing piracy and fundamentalist terrorism in the region. He has been given warning to stop meddling in Somalia’s affairs.

Needless to say, we Ethiopians are also here today because of four decades of Issayas Afewarki’s commitment to derail Ethiopia’s national stability by way of hatching a cocktail of ethnic-led movements that could join hand with him and infest the region with ethnic-led politics. It’s worth remembering that TPLF was constructed from the bones of the very EPLF-organ meant for Afewarki’s destructive servitude and underground military services. There’s a reason as both groups are not total freaking defuses; but they have to deal with the fact that they knew much early the value of playing with their unilaterally carved ethnic-led political cards aggressively and mercilessly.

Entering into opposition pockets:

But nowadays Afewarki attempts to enter into the opposition pockets with a different view points as he needs their vehement support to resolve the border dispute and to shut-up the Ethiopian claims being waged about access to the sea through Assab Port. What a flattery to observe that Issayas Afewarki is selectively flirting with few loose cannons among Ethiopian opposition groups in Diaspora. These sale-outs include: ER, ONLF, OLF and G7-leaders and their sympathizers.

Recently, I was astonished to learn that the hypocrites G7-leadership is openly flirting with Issayas Afewarki by traveling often to Asmara and conspiring about how to solicit support from Ethiopians in Diaspora. It is shocking to hear that G-leadership has been in clandestine consultation with lunatic Afewarki since some years now. Thus far they have succeeded to fool our people at one time; but they can’t fool all of the people all the time. By each day that goes by the true faces of these sinister ER, ONLF, OLF and Gunboat-7 opposition groups continues to unfold; and we know now what they stand for. In turn they continue to make a mockery of themselves; and who cares for them but cut ties with such toxic and vacillating opposition groups.

Spreading Words of Wisdom

Recently, Apostle Elias Kefafle reported in his ER website a well-orchestrated recent interview he made in May 2009 in Asmara with demonic Afewarki. Accordingly we were told part of Afewarki’s revelation taken from his New Testament where it is stated in total defiance and 180 degrees turn of position that: “Eritrea is not threatened by a strong and united Ethiopia because instability in the region will impact Eritrea negatively.” Wow, since when has Afewarki possessed a rational mind that dismisses his Old Testament destructive revelation that he previously preached for too long about self-determination to each ethnic group inhabiting outside the bounds of Eritrea? Under Issayas Afewarki’s New Testament revelation we are preached by his apostles that: “Eritrea will give Ethiopians all the means at her disposal to strengthen the position of Ethiopians.” Holly molly, Afewarki’s Old Testament of successions is no more valid. Succession is now discarded as null and void through the Eritrean referendum that never was. So Afewarki is dictating to “new-born” Ethiopians about his “principled revelation of long standing policy because Eritrea can not live in a vacuum.” What a political ploy and what a surprising new twist taken for political expediency. Ironic enough it is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. It was not long ago that Aden Sheikh Hassan was praising Afewarki as the inspiration for oppressed nationalities; in which he cited Afewarki’s 1991 speech that goes: “… there is no such thing as Ethiopia; and what there is, is no more than a shadow of a country – a country that cannot be taken seriously as a state. The only reason that there is an Ethiopia is that the US needed it for the Cold War, and recreated it, otherwise it would have disappeared at the end of World War II.”

Contrary to this Old Testament, during his interview with Apostle Elias Kefafle, Afewarki expressed his new political revelation by stating: “Eritrea’s desire and readiness to work with Ethiopians regarding security, economy, ports and all matters of bilateral concerns.” What a change of mind and heart; what a mockery that may convince loose cannon groups. I can’t help re-iterating the Amharic proverb: ‘DORON SYATALILUWAT BEMECHGNA TALWAT

As if Issayas Afewarki’s mockery is not enough, his disciples including: Elias Kefafle, Betinachew Tsigie and Birhanu Negadew are out there seriously preaching in favor of carrying Afewarki’s banner of New Testament. They have been trying for some years now to soften the hard-feelings among Ethiopians towards Afewarki; the man who suddenly pretends to shade crocodile tears and sheer mockery about Ethiopia. Forgetting that they are comfortably presiding on Afewarki’s-servitude from the Western metropolis like London and Washington DC, his disciples dare to preach us: “Ethiopians were let down by the West and particularly by the US. As a result Ethiopians don’t have any where or any one to turn to but to their brothers in Eritrea.” Traitors, you may flirt with the demonic Afewarki for now; but you have neither the respect nor a place in our heart. You have been traitors to EPRP; traitors to TPLF; and traitors to KINIJIT. How can we trust traitors who blindly continue to flirt with Afewarki, the mother of all troubles that hatched and planted TPLF inside Ethiopia? As if we are ever green to politics, OLF, ONLF, Elias Kefafle’s ER and the G7-leadership are fighting an uphill battle to convince us and to soften our heart and become benevolent loyalists to Afewarki’s destructive mission. Is it not asking too much? Is it not preaching to us openly to commit suicide and destroy our only home – Ethiopia by becoming loyal cowards of Afewarki? We say: No to their political nuisance. Gone are the days when the Ethiopian youths were marshaled by death only to transform Afewarki’s sinister wanton and wishes in the past.

New Revelation to Ethiopians:

It is funny that Issayas Afewarki’s new revelation as told by Elias Kefafle reads as: “desiring a lasting peace and unity” in the region. Is that not the same Afewarki who continues to follow his conventional outlook and continue to spread regional conflicts and divisive missions restlessly with all neighboring nations indiscriminately? Is that not the same Afewarki who follows his Old Testament by eliminating ethnic resistance movements inside Eritrea among the Kunama and the Red Sea Afar population while at the same time hatching ethnic-led politics elsewhere outside Eritrea? Needless to say, Afewarki episodes remind us the dictum that goes: ‘AYA JIBBO SATAMEHAGN BILLAGN

Although he may be considered by those who sympathize with Afewarki’s regime as a face hero within the bounds of Eritrea, Afewarki is the man who spread the face of hate within the bounds of Ethiopia. The demonic and destructive actions he took against Ethiopia in the last 4-decades are living evidence that exhibit his face of hate towards Ethiopia for all the generosity and privileges Ethiopia attempted to bestow on the Eritrean elites; at the cost of depriving similar privileges to her own true sons and daughters.

Conclusive Remarks:

In summary Afewarki and the Eritrean elite groups at large have been victims of myth and empty pride. When all is told and done, still they want everything without any compromise or consensus absolutely to go their own greedy way. At the end of the day, they never care about others neighboring Eritrea; but themselves. It was all about ego, empty pride and myth that eventually resulted in heavy loss and casualties of what they would have otherwise gained thus far. Bad as it was, the worse is yet to come. Even now Eritrea under Afewarki will obviously continue through the same destructive path. We wish Afewarki and the Eritrean regime could come to their senses, make change of mind and realize that it is time to check out the myth, the ego and the empty pride properly; be frank enough down to earth; and for the sake of inclusiveness or mutual coexistence and humanity they must learn how to give way for change and for peace. After all, love cannot be founded on hate grounds.


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5 Responses to Eritrea – Is Afewarki Face of Hate or the Face Hero?

  1. Serkalem Tadesse says:

    Dear Assimba Editors,

    I thank you deep from my heart and take my hat off in the honorable memory of my EPRP! This is the best article you produced thus far and thank you for the continued efforts. Keep-up the good work and long live Ethiopia’s unity.

  2. Dawit says:

    Excellent article,

    The author has hit the nail on the coffin perfectly and buried all the unwanted elements once and for all. Bravo!

  3. Lealem Yitayew says:

    This is an excellent article I ever read on this issue thus far. It gives food for rekindling thought in those recently hatched “born again opposition” preachers telling us to join their “born again vocal opposition”. These people don’t want to see the cliff for the grass nor do they differentiate the tree for the forest. All they try to bravado is simply to topple the current regime without due preparation and reinforcement. All they tell us to blindly create alliance with Afeworki taking the old slogan: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”. For them politics has no principles as they believe that there is no permanent enemy as such. So without taking due concern to what may come out as a result regarding the Assab Port or the un-demarcated border issues they want to befriend themselves with Afeworki as it befits his agenda. According to these newly hatched “born again opposition” we are told that there is no permanent enemy. What loose cannon politics. To them there is no uphill move since they are told G7 is readily promised to resolve such critical political matters with Afewarki once TPLF is toppled and gone from power. Born again political opposition disciples please go and fool the politically evergreen heads. Afewarki is not that trustworthy to stand by and take his words to go easy and deal with.
    Leave the way for those who are properly preparing to challenge TPLF and take it to its demise.

  4. Iskinager says:

    As far as we Ethiopians are concerned, Afeworki who gives democracy to his people by measuring droplets won`t help us in our future struggle. Rather we will be under his control. Belihu keep on writting to make aware of the matter to the so called Geemboat7.

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