Eritrean peoples have come to learn the truth in the most painful way


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Iskinager July 2009 at 16:27



Time is the best mid-wife. It gives birth to truth and reality. Eritrean peoples have come to learn the truth in the most painful way. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The knowledge we acquire retrospectively is sometimes so disturbing that we ask ourselves over and over again, why were we not aware of it in the first place. Why were we so blind not to see the obvious? Why did we make such a grave mistake?

After so many years of denial and self-hypnosis, Eritrean peoples have come at last to the cross road and they are asking the most painful questions in their lives.

  • Was thirty years of sacrifice worth an independence devoid of freedom, but not only that, was it necessary to shade so much blood to replace a freedom that was not perfect by an outright slavery?

  • Was cohabitation colonialism and occupation as long as Eritrean peoples were freer when they were with Ethiopia than today, as an independent country?

  • Were Eritrean peoples used by their elites, by TPLF/woyane, Egypt and the Arabs, for a cause that is not theirs?

  • Can Eritrea exist without Ethiopia economically and security wise?

  • Can Eritrea afford to have an enemy like Ethiopia or can Ethiopia afford to have an enemy next door?

Unfortunately, there are many painful questions Eritrean peoples and Ethiopians should ask themselves, if they have the slightest sign of logics and rationality left in them, after decades of ignorance and foolishness.

There is a simple and an obligatory answer to all these questions after so many years of sufferings. Eritrea was amputated from Ethiopia forcefully and the best thing to do is to return to its mother Ethiopia. To me Eritrea is the prodigal son and it should be seen as such by all Ethiopians. The other obvious solution is mutual concession on issues that will divide them for ever, i.e. the boarder issue and the issue of Assab. I believe that both solutions will give peace and economic prosperity to Eritrea.

Ethiopians should not close the door on Eritrean peoples, simply because they made the wrong decision. Both people are tied up together by fate, history and our genes. Eritrean elites and TPLF/woyane tried to separate the inseparable. They used all sorts of false issues and the outcome is what we see today, a painful situation both for Eritrean peoples and Ethiopians.

We have a new nostalgia for Ethiopia on the side of many Eritrean peoples, of course, excluding the die-hard anti-Eritrean peoples and ant-Ethiopians. I say die-hard enemies, because a regime and its followers who do not see the plight of its people and where its advantage lies, are deadly enemies to the people they rule and this is what Eritrean peoples saw from the present regime, after so much blood they sacrificed at the alter of the petty god, Issayas Afeworki.

Let the All mighty God give strength both to Eritrean peoples and Ethiopians, to see the reality on the ground, before they destroy each other, a fact that will serve the enemies of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Arab nations, who want to make the Nile an Arab river, a personal property and do not want to share it with its true owners, the people of Ethiopia.

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3 Responses to Eritrean peoples have come to learn the truth in the most painful way

  1. Serkalem Tadesse says:

    Thank you asimba Editors for this breath-taking message.

  2. David says:

    Give thanks for this statement! I am a 22 year old student from germany. I did a long research as to the struggle of Emperor Qidamawi Haile Selassie for a reunited ethiopian nation, and the activity of the foreign intelligence and their false flag operations in the horn of africa; and I must say you are speaking the truth!

    They still try to fool the people- in eritrea, in ethiopa, worldwide. It’s an old game, but I am sure: Good will conquer evil.

    Keep your good work! Free-speech is a fundamental human right!

    The truth is maybe an offense but not a sin.


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