TPLF/EPRDF is eating itself Alive!

By Melesse AdaneSuccess story is no more; the crisis within the powerhouses continues, so is the prospect of Ethiopian revolution.  More often than not, both convulsion from within and a revolution from outside are the factors that amount to the final disintegration of tyrannical regimes. When a push comes to shove the powerhouses, both the parliament and the congregation from within will be no more.  In a ways, any given tyrant regime that takes control of a state power without legal sanction and rules the nation with an absolute power is prone to collapse gradually if not suddenly, as a result of convulsion from within and a revolution from without.  In this case, the current Ethiopia’s socioeconomic crisis aside, the damage already done by an internal conflict from within TPLF/EPRDF and the church led by Aba Paulous is a signal that the tyrannical regime led by Meles is growing fade by the day and blinking dim on a daily basis.  Eventually, though it appears that the tyrant regime is about to cease to exist. 

Firstly, given that there is tension in both powerhouses led by Meles  of TPLF in the palace and Aba Poulous of the religious Commerce in the church, the opposition must incite those who opposed to Meles’s dictatorial regime into action.  They also must call upon them to stand in solidarity with the people against Mele’s regime and as well agitate the public to be watchful and ready to deal with whatever comes next.  For sure, the on going internal conflict would undermine TPLF/EPRDF’S organizational strengths and technical support it happens to preserve from within.  And in due time the civil disobedience popular with both young and old, audiences shall reinforce the internal conflict and finally put an end to the ethnocentric dictatorial regime in Ethiopia. Although revolution may have generated many competing theories in the past still it is bound to be the only way to do away with tyrannical regimes and their domineering way of life. Be it the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, American Revolution, Ethiopian Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Agrarian Revolution, Gunpowder or Protestant Revolution, all of them were about change.   Radical Change now!  Therefore, revolution is a must now both to reflect on the current understanding of our situation in Ethiopia and the complex phenomenon the tyrant regime brought us to rule our country with an iron fist. 

Secondly, in order to intensify the conflict amongst enemy camps, one would capitalize more on the wisdom of Ethiopian society.  It is true that the wisdom of Ethiopians is prevailing against the unfounded hatred, fear and mistrust TPLF has been trying to make us feel.  Meaning Ethiopians continue to feel and behave in a manner that benefit all in the family, and continue to adjust actions and deeds in response to the desires and needs of their links.  And moreover, together Ethiopians do praise Ethiopian nationalism by raising their flag instead of being divided and weak by an enemy.  In other words, they happen to show their devotion to their motherland and her interests as opposed to those narrow nationalists whose excessive and fanatical devotion is tribal and rival of the nation of Ethiopia itself.  To that effect, Ethiopians continue to carry on the unity slogan and as they move forward they mutually give enthusiastic approval to the motto of one flag, one nation and one people.  Isn’t that true that Ethiopian flag is much more popular than it was then during the previous regimes?  Together they manage to refuse to comply with the newly piece of legislation against their flag passed by so-called Ethiopian parliament is a case in point.  So in this case, Ethiopian wisdom says it all that Ethiopians embracing Ethiopian nationalism will come victor at the end as had had happened in Adawa, Mekidela and many other battlegrounds wherein Ethiopians of all walks of life engaged in an armed conflict and defended their common territory against foreign aggressions in the past. Likewise, as ever before, Ethiopian national anthem together with Ethiopian flag will be praised by all Ethiopians regardless.  Because, both Ethiopian national anthem and flag are symbolically popular, associated with their greater Ethiopian identity , period, and cause of all time .  Moreover, Ethiopian national anthem will have taken place to celebrate a sense of solidarity Ethiopians enjoyed for centuries as opposed to that of narrow nationalists’ song sung to shed tears for a Killil territory

Be that as it may, would it matter whether or not Meles said “I will leave power”?  After all, convincing his likes of something that is not true at all is what Meles is good at.  Based on that , one would conclude that it may be is a mixed signal he wants to send us, one is to trick us thereby to buy time and the other possibility is for sure that he is desperate to the point where he loses hope.  But altogether we can agree on that TPLF/EPRDF is in a serious internal strife as we speak.  As the last resort, however, he will do anything possible to save his power but in vain.  Because, it appears that time is not on his side anymore.  And also, all the indications we see show as that that the decline and fall of the ethnocentric dictatorial regime in Ethiopia is near.  Upon his departure , however, the new era of hope shall began in Ethiopia, a hope that things will turn out well for all Ethiopians to live together and that good will ultimately triumph over evil in the land of Ethiopia.  To that end, given that Meles of TPLF is squeezed in between and overwhelmed with a great deal of urgency and anxiety from within, the oppositions together with the general public must take the  advantage of the situation sooner than later. 

And then it is up to the oppositions and the public at large to exploit the situation at hand and move on. as it happens, a ground breaking revolution is necessary, and then, unity, organization and strong leadership are the most important continuities the public need in order to remove TPLF/EPRDF out of power and replace it with a new and democrat system of government. After all, “violence” is inevitable in Ethiopia so long as TPLF/EPRDF is in power. As the offensive intrusion of TPLF/EPRDF against the will of the public unfolds, taking precautionary protective measures on the part of the public to safeguard its civil liberties is inevitable.  So much so, the people of Ethiopia in general and the genuine oppositions in particular have every right to react in response to WOYANES violent act.   Collectively, we should defy and defy now to the ethnocentric dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi and Aba Paulous of his own kind. 

In conclusion, the, rundown powerhouse of ethnocentric dictatorship in tandem with its mischievous political philosophy needs to get battered down by a unified force.  A unified force led by Long Standing Political organizations; a unified force that is prepared to resist, to control, and vanquish that of a body of politics called Killil is needed to take over and lead the revolution to victory.  Replacing KILLIL with some broad based government in Addis Ababa is also the first safety measure that our unified forces led by our Long Standing Political Parties have to take on and work to that end.  And also, as mutual trust and confidence are the true interests of Ethiopians, the said upcoming broad based government has to pick up where mutual trust and confidence are celebrated and put in place to boost the Morales of our compatriots and Ethiopian society as a whole.  To that end, what is expected of Ethiopians of all walks of life is nothing but becoming more unified than ever before. Ethiopians are believed to be defiant to all forms of tyrant regimes.  They dethroned the king and unseated the military junta.  Two are down and one more go. An all out war against the ethnocentric dictatorial regime must begin now by intensifying rumors of Meles’ resignation and accelerating the fall of his tyrannical regime in Addis. 





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