Bob Goldof Got a Gift of TPLF’s Status from his Comrades in Mekele

  April 11, 2010

By Getachew Reda

Who is Bob Goldof? Wikipedia described Bob Goldof “an Irish singer, songwriter, author, and political activist. He rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Irish rock band The Boomtown Rats.” How does this singer from Ireland became worldwide popular as an activist? Well, here is how Wikipedia explained how the activist is known for. Geldof is widely recognized for his activism, especially anti-poverty efforts concerning Africa.[6] In 1984, he and Midge Ure founded the charity super group Band Aid to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.[1]

It is known for the world that our country Ethiopia, particularly, Tigray province, was hit by a vicious famine in 1977 Ethio-Cal. 1984/85 Euro-Cal). During that period, thousands and millions of Tigrayan population suffered, died, destabilized and immigrated. When Tigray was hit by a famine, TPLF (Tigrayan People Revolutionary Front “the current Ethiopian government”) was the only master guerilla and the de facto government in Tigray forests and villages. During that draught period Bob Goldof as a singer and activist, he organized a super concert to collect aid for the draught affected Tigray.

His so called charity known as “Band aid” raised so much millions of Dollars to help the famine stricken population of Tigray. The draught was so catastrophic, thousands and thousands of draught victims died while immigrated (evacuate) to Sudan by TPLF order. That time Bob Goldof claimed, all the money/charity given to TPLF chiefs to ease the draught was implemented correctly and spent only to aid the draught victims. Recently, ex-guerrilla commander of the TPLF and the founder of TPLF along with ex- chief finance of the organization exposed the hidden secret how TPLF leadership used the charity money to support its guerrilla activity expenses and to buy Armaments that the charity money donated to TPLF through Goldof and other agents of charity organizations.

Such Braking News was aired by BBC and other major worldwide media. TPLF denied it didn’t feed its guerrilla fighters by the charity money and didn’t spend to buy any armaments by the donated money. Most of all, Goldof was so furious at the editors of the BBC radio and at the accusers who claimed had full evidences to prove their words. Many of the Ethiopian government opposition groups including me was so shocked by Bob Goldof’s furiousness towards the accusers and the BBC and the behavior and the words he used to degrade and dismissed the claimants’ in front of world media. He acted as a spokes person of the TPLF (current government of Ethiopia –former guerrilla leaders of TPLF) than a neutral sector. Is he political activist? Is he tyrant’s propagandists? Is he spokes person for TPLF criminal gangs? Or he is a charity spokes person? Based on his linkage and the love and relation he still has for the murderous gangs in Mekelle and in Addis Ababa/Menlik Palace- one have to conclude that Bob Goldof is a pathetic, spokes person of the notorious TPLF’s activist.

Is really the singer an activist? What is activist mean? Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change. This translation of activism is how Wikipedia translated it. If indeed Activism is intentional action to bring social, political, economic, or environment change; then the intentional action that one wants to involve to bring change to the world or to a community must be guided by principle of moral (In that sense, learning from history). The history of the past and the present is what guided the principle of activism. If the Activist’s goal is indeed to bring a new change to benefit in the field of economics, politics, social or environmental, then, the activist must understand the meaning of “change itself’ and the factors necessary to bring/build the desired change.

In this case, Bob Goldef as an activist described above has miserably failed to show Ethiopians that he is a pure social and political activist by showing support to one of the ten most notorious anti press and Human Right abusers in the world and in Africa. His defense, sympathy and love to the TPLF leadership will go to history along side with these most hated anti Ethiopian gangs. I am not here tried to deal with the Aid money where it went or what to happen to it. I am here trying to show how Goldof in his fifties is still “premature” to know what political/social activist must follow or honor. Goldof knowingly or unknowingly, creating a tight relationship with an organization who is responsible for murdering a nation involved a in a variety National Crimes and Human Rights abuse is really despicable to say the least.

Last few weeks back (March 2010), Goldof flew to Ethiopia/Tigray to visit the development in Tigray. He was warmly received at Mekele Ras Alula Airport by his comrades like Tsegay Berhe and the rest of the TPLF Princes and princesses. A gift of Flower was presented to him in the love and respect from TPLF’s Mesafintee Woyane (Princes and Royal family of Woyane Tigray). His visit in Korom, Tembien and HinTalo (in Tigray) was hailed by the Royal families of the TPLF circle in Tigraya as an Angel and global political activist for denouncing the defamation of these Royal Gangs in Tigray and in Menlik Palace. For loving these criminal gangs of TPLF Royals, he got a gift of TPLF’s status presented by the Royal family of TPLF Tsegay Berhe (Aka: Haleka Tsegay).

Goldof during his tour to different villages in Tigray, he testified that before couple of ten years back, Tigray was a land where misery and a shot of bullets and whistling of artillery’s was constantly heard. Currently, It is a pleasure and especial feeling to see such amazing peace and development flourishing in Tigray” said Goldof the Humanitarian and activist who doesn’t understand what activism and Humanitarian mean?

In Tigray, the peace, that the TPLF Royals and their beloved guest Sir Bob Goldof fully enjoying could be joyous and amazing tranquilizer:- but “The peaceful Tigray that amazed the rock Star with its peace” is not indeed what Goldof trying to manipulate himself in his hallucination. In reality its residents’ tears, screaming for help in search of justice from those who died and tortured by the unpopular TPLF’s group of savages calling themselves “Public Relation Officers” (Kifli Hizbi) in the 70’ and 80s, and still unknown numbers old and new prisoners languishing and hidden inside Fox hole” located in Tigray territory is hidden from the Irish Rock Star, exactly how the whole scenario of the Charity money exploited by the TPLF Royals is hidden from his knowledge and conscious. Does indeed Sir Bob know the character and nature of the group calling itself TPLF? Weighing the man’s constant trust on and relation with these criminal gangs posing themselves “Liberators”, one can conclude that this fellow is illiterate of knowing anything how Tigrayan guerrilla leaders operate with their treacherous tactics and their manipulative nature. Goldof as director of a charity organization, the gift he got from his TPLF comrades in Mekele for defending TPLF’s corrupt leadership will perhaps now make him more to be a fanatic supporter of these racist gangs who are responsible for choking the nation’s throat by land locking the nation. I say good luck for Goldof’s premature adventure of falling love with these moral-less and murderous guerilla gangs currently in power in Ethiopia posing as “Government of Ethiopia”.


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