Which Way Ethiopia? Solutions with ADWA, Adwa or AADWA?

By Obo Arada Shawl  – May 13, 2010

ADWA I: An Act of Defense

According to thousands of written and oral histories as well as to historical beliefs including that of mine, the battle of ADWA (1896) was a defense against foreign aggression. I do not have to explain what conquest and aggression means to my readers.


ADWA I, according to many historians and in line to the perception of millions of Eathiopians, it was a war for defense for a nation known as ETHIOPIA. There were no buts and ifs.


ADWA is spelled also as Adowa, Aduwa or Adua.  Writing our names with Latin alphabets might have created problems for our educated elites not to communicate properly. With GEEZ letters, there is no problem. ADWA is an acronym for American Deer and Wildlife Alliance.


Adwa II: An Act of Offense

The current regime of Ethiopia led by the adwa cliques is considered as a ministry of war. It is about attack nothing but attack. It is about attack physically, mentally and psychologically. Some of the highlights of being a war monger clique leaders were the followings:

  • The assault on the Ethiopian culture
  • The war on Ethiopian Revolutionary Parties
  • The war on Eritrean civilians
  • The war against democratic elections and
  • The war against immigration to Ethiopia versus its encouragement to emigrate


AADWA III: An Act of Conversion and defense

Despite many allegations against the Eway Revolution, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (EPRP) and the Eritrean People Revolutionary Party (EPRP) had embarked on downgrading the act of offense unlike as in addwa II. There is bound to be a lot of discussion and clarification on AADWA III.

It is about defense nothing but defense. For this reason, the ministry of EPRP is all about defense.


AADWA III is a simple and humble historical generation for teaching learning and leading by example for a better Ethiopia. One of its main objectives was to differentiate between conquests vs. conversion (CC) and to institute a CC (Constitution and Congress) in Eathiopia.


However, the TPLF using some EPRP dissidents who present themselves as representatives of Amharas, the DERG using All Ethiopia Socialist Movement (MIESON) and currently many mushrooming organizations are playing phenomenal obstruction or havoc by abusing the concepts of democracy, leadership and politics in Eathiopia. One such example is posted below for discussion.



Hi Sir:


As usual you are misleading your readers while remaining misled yourself intentionally or unintentionally.


It was the Abyssinians ( Menz, Tigre, Gojjam, and Begemidr ) who fought against the Italians in the battle of ADWA, and that fight ended up in a HISTORICCAL ACCIDENT as per SVEN RUBENSON of the history department of the Haile Sellassie I University.  There were two ADWA ENDA SILLASSIEs. The Italians split into two, and agreed to meet in one of the ADWA ENDA SILLASSIEs; but instead one half went to one ADWA ENDA SILLASSIE while the other half went to the other ADWA ENDA SILLASSIE after being misled by a man called AW-ALOM!! That is why RUBENSON labeled it a HISTORICAL ACCIDENT.


ERITREA came into existence with the arrival of the ITALIANS by merging together

1- THE COASTAL RED SEA AREAS of DANKALIA and SAMHAR that have been under the MUSLIM KHALIPHATE since 702 AD when AXUM lost the AREA to MUSLIM ARABS and were under the TURKS for 300( three hundred years) when  the ITALIANS arrived.


2-THE WESTERN PROVINCE that the ITALAINS got from the PARTITION of the area of the old BIJA KINGDOM  of 702 AD that blocked AXUMITE passage to EGYPT by land while the BRITISH got what is now EASTERN SUDAN ( Kasala, Port Sudan, etc).  THE WESTERN PROVINCE has never been part even of ABYSSINIA!!!!!


3-KEBESSA that includes AKELEGUZAI, HAMASSEIN, and SERAYE whose majority are  CHRISTIANS that came mainly from Tigre, Gojjam, and Begemidr through reverse migration.

This part of ERITREA only can be said to have not been demarcated emotionally or psychologically.



You noted that AST were oppressed by HAILE SILLASSIE’s government. How about WOLLO that HAILE SILLASSIE never forgave for its support of EYASU, and the attacks on his fleeing army in 1935 after his defeat in the hands of the ITALAINS at MAI CHEW????

AMANUEL ABRAHAM, ISAIAS’s uncle, who was the resident representative of the CROWN PRINCE who was the official ENDE RASSIE of Wollo, several times took money that was collected by the WOLLOWIES in a collaborative manner to make infra- structural development saying that the CROWN PRINCE would add as much to the collection for the intended purpose. BUT NOTHING WAS DONE FOR THE PROVINCE, thus remaining undeveloped and dilapidated!!!



Minelik II did not abandon ERITREA to the ITALIANS whose defeat at ADWA was as a result of an error that I explained above and the BLOCKAGE OF REINFORCEMENTS FROM ERITREA.


MINELIK II could hardly believe his victory when he was praying for a miracle after having exhausted the supplies of his army. Had the ITALIANS delayed their attack by a few days, his army would have collapsed.

So he had no possibility of driving the ITALIANS out of ERITREA.


The outrage of the ERITREANNS at ETHIOPIA is not due to MINELIK’s abandoning them to the ITALIANNS; but for ETHIOPIA’s violation of the FEDERAL status of ERITREA that was ANNULLED under GUN POINT with the support of a few stooges.

Then the SCORCHED EARTH POLICY that was implemented by the ARMY OF THE OOCCUPATION to suppress the rebellion will never be forgotten by the ERITREANS.


DO YOU THINK THAT THE ABOUT 8,000 ( eight thousand ) PEOPLE OF HARGIGO south of MASSAWA  will forget the simultaneous SEA and LAND attacks that ended after murdering 500 (five hundred ) people in 1975, and 800 ( eight hundred) people in 1977 some of whom were burnt with their houses???



Surrendering a NATIONAL SEA OUTLET is just a fiction, because ERITREA has never been part of ETHIOPIA although it was under a SHAM FEDERATION with ETHIOPIA for 10 ( ten ) years followed by COLONIZATION for 30 ( thirty ) years. In fact, ERITREA, like the other ITALIAN COLONIES of LYBIA and SOMALIA, should have got its independence; but thanks to the AMERICANS who were interested in the MILITARY BASE of KAGNEW and who pressured the UN to put ERITREA in a SHAM FEDERATION with ETHIOPIA ( federated with Ethiopia under the Ethiopian crown!!!!), it missed its rightful attaining of independence.   The Americans used to pay HAILE SILLASSIE US$25 (twenty five) million per year as rental for the Asmara Military base.




ELF and TPLF did not follow a real revolution!!!! WHAT nonsense!!!

Each one of them followed the objective reality of their respective people; you are just misled by SHA’EBIA (EPLF) propaganda. There was even a LABOUR PARTY that was RED as RED can be embedded within the ELF, and that was what sabotaged the front by triggering the civil war that gave more resources to the ISAIAS group.


EPLF RECEIVED Chinese literature and training!!! How far from the truth!!!


Out of the whole EPLF only ISAIAS and RAMADAN MOH’D NOOR went to CHINA where they stayed for about a year for learning a combination of revolutionary tactics, and military training; and THEY WERE SENT BY THE ELF with 3 ( three ) other cadres. The five went as political commissars of the 5 (five) REGIONAL COMMANDS that comprised the front’s field force.


ISAIAS went from the 5th REGIONAL COMMAND of HAMMASSEIN after a stroke of luck!! The commander of the 5th REGIONAL COMMAND was Woldai Kahsai, and his chief political cadre was ABRAHAM TEWOLDE. When Woldai Kahsai betrayed the revolution in 1967 by giving his hand to ETHIOPIA, ABRAHAM TEWOLDE replaced him as commander, and so when the SCHOLARSHIP TO CHINA came, ISAIAS was picked up as the replacement ABRAHAM TEWOLDE. So he went at the end of 1967, and returned in mid 1969 when the field was in turmoil.

The Kiada Amma (the General Command) was formed at that time, and ISAIAS became part of it. But a few months later, he walked a way from the ELF with 69 (sixty nine) other CHRISTIAN HIGHLANDERS. Two months later, the PLF split from the ELF and ISAIAS’s group joined it.


It was in 1976 that the EPLF was formed by ISAIAS, RAMADAN, etc under the instigation of WOLDE-AB WOLDE-MARIAM to rebel against the leadership of the PLF under OSMAN SALEH SABBE, and SABBE remained with his wing that was liquidated by the ELF in 1979.


Again, under the guidance of WOLDEAB, the EPLF and TPLF joined hands and chased the ELF out of the field and into the SUDAN. Here the CIA helped ensure the non return of the ELF to the field by arranging asylum  to the USA and WESTERN EUROPE for about 10,000 ( ten thousand)  cadres of the ELF.



The EPLF fighting ability was built by giants such as IBRAHIM AFA who used to be an instructor of the COMMANDOS of the Ethiopian navy, Major Negash Tesfatsion ( a Harar Military Academy graduate of 1962 AD and member of the DERG), Major Khesete Gebre Hiwet ( also a Harar Military Academy graduate of 1962 AD), Captain Tesfa Mariam Negassie ( a Harar Military Academy Graduate of 1960 AD.), etc, etc

Of course they built on the foundation laid by Mohammed Ali Omaru, Ramadan Mohammed Noor, and others who graduated from the Military Academies of Syria, and Iraq.


In fact, ISAIAS was groomed by the Americans since the day in 1970 AD when he was recruited by CAPTAIN Capland of Kagnew Station.


Nowadays one of the old leaders of the ELF by the name of OMAR JABIR who is very proficient in both ENGLISH and ARABIC is writing about this history from where he is in Australia. He is in the middle of his second chapter, and he is posting his articles on ALNAHDA1.8m.com web site.



With best regards



Historically, ELF/EPLF, TPLF, DERG and EDU were operating on the basis of war front. It was equivalent of organizing a Ministry of WAR instead of Ministry of Defense. We cannot change historical facts. What we can change is the attitude for initiating a ministry of defense- defense for peoples’ culture, defense for religious values and defense for mothers’ land as in Ethiopia and defense for fathers’ land as in Eritrea.




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