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Letter to all Website masters:

From Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay) It is unfortunate and sad too see many racist Tigray haters are growing every day coming out in different forms to express their animosity and hate to towards us the Tigrayans. Our people and … Continue reading

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The Ethiopian Diaspora’s Clashing Viewpoints on the Mounting Economic and Political Agonies of Ethiopia

By Maru Gubena Many of us – particularly the political activists of the Ethiopian Diaspora – are firmly convinced that the basis for Ethiopia’s everlasting, multiple and mounting economic problems and the political repression by successive regimes lies exclusively with … Continue reading

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To Be Connected… The Eway Eathiopian Solution – Mirkogna versus Miskrnet

By Obo Arada Shawl   December 13. 2010 Introduction On October 23, 2010, I have witnessed an occasion of the first step foreword for transforming political power to the Youth known as W’e’KND. The need for the continuity of purpose, struggle … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks and orphan Ethiopia.

 By Yilma Bekele. Hopefully you have all heard or read about WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization that publishes documents from anonymous news sources and leaks. It has been doing that since 2006. These past few days it has … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Events, Sights and Sounds of the Aftermath of 2005 Ethiopia Election

By Maru Gubena Five year ago, though there were feelings of uncertainty and fearfulness about the future direction of Ethiopia itself, as well as its politics – including the possible transfer of power from the regime of Meles Zenawi to … Continue reading

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KASSAHUN The registration of Southern Sudanese voters has begun in earnest both inside and outside Sudan in preparation for the January 9 referendum on the secession or independence of South Sudan in accord with the 2005 Comprehensive Peace agreement (CPA) … Continue reading

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