Letter to all Website masters:

From Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)

It is unfortunate and sad too see many racist Tigray haters are growing every day coming out in different forms to express their animosity and hate to towards us the Tigrayans. Our people and ourselves as citizens and member society of Ethiopia will not let anyone to come out with a proclamation of a threat of atrocity against us in any circumstances.

If there is political conflict between TPLF and those who came up with an open proclamation of threat, then they have to address their issue with the organization not with a threat to all of us. It is unacceptable and we condemned it openly.

I have seen a threat of proclamation to all of us Tigrayans posted on the most popular racist anti Tigrayan website called ECADEF today written in the Amaharic language “የመጨረሻዉ ወል” from unknown author. If there is no author, we assume that the paper/proclamation that rang a bell against us (all of us Tigrayans) was posted by the website operators (ECADEF). Until I came out with Amharic response to that racist proclamation, I am here asking all Ethiopian website owners to post this letter that is asking not to post “የመጨረሻዉ ወል” from unknown author posted in the name of “Ethiopian People”. Thanks for your cooperation. Getachew Reda – www.Ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com getachre@aol.com የመጨረሻዉ ወል የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ግሞ መላዉ የትግራይ ሕዝብ ግልጽ ጥያቄ ያቀርባል:

ትግሬዎች በሙለ አላማችሁ ሀብቱንም፣ ስልጣኑንም ተቆጣጥራችሁ፣ ሌላዉን

የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ አስራችሁ፣ ቀጥቅጣችሁ፣ አኮላሽታችሁ ዘርማንዘሩን ቀሚስ

አስለብሳችሁ የወጥ ቤት ሰራተኛ፣ የናንተ ተገዢ ሆኖ እንዲኖር ነው ወይስ ከሌላዉ

ህዝብ እኩል በነጻነትና በእኩሌነት መኖር ነዉ?

የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ግልጽ መልስ ይፈልጋል


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5 Responses to Letter to all Website masters:

  1. Hailu Kebede says:

    Dear Getachew,
    It`s human nature to react when ever one feels threatened.I believe now you could see when those true Ethiopian Tigraynes stood up to speak and refute against the regime who came together regardless of their difference to expose the true nature of those wicked individuals desire to destroy our Country and their criminal activity for the first time from that part of Ethiopia is evident to their downfall. So far the vast majority of the Tigrain people are mizzled through aggressive security network from top to the bottom especially in the region of Tigray. It`s the day to day life that every one lives in fear and intimidation by its own people who claim to be the guardian of library and freedom. I know for a fact that the people of Tigray never compromise their Ethiopian stats or their great history their ancestors played throughout the history of Ethiopia. IT`s a matter of time everything will fade away but history will remember each and every ounces did. Let us continue our fight for better Ethiopia

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  3. DEBELA says:

    Ato Getachew I know you are from Tigray region. You showed your concern for Ethiopia clearly. One thing I want to advise you is keep thinking as Ethiopian; please don’t worry about the rest of Tigreas who are collaborated with TPLF and never said any thing about what has been going on in Ethiopia. Most of Ethiopians think that the majority of Tigreans are TPLF supporters that is why they always talk about Tigreas; I also heard you mentioned and explained to us with a prove document when you were interviewed on NETSANET LETHIOPIA RADIO. So why are you talking about hate? It is obvious to all of us where the Tigreas stand. If there is a concern that shouldn’t be from you, that is from the rest of the Tigreas who are silent. They have to show for all Ethiopians if they are not TPLF supporters, but if they don’t want to do that they all are the enemy of Ethiopians. I think it is crystal clear for you. Please don’t repeat the hate story again and again; that is not the problem of Ethiopians from other regions; as you know it is a poison that came from TPLF and TIGRE supporters. By the way I know there are other HODAM SLAVES for TPLF from other regions also, but those are nothing more than Dogs who are waging their tails to their masters.

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