Itching the unitching (Yalbeluten Makek)

 By Elias Mengesha (Heppenheim-Germany)

The recent campaign of the Meles regime throughout the Diaspora to raise funds by selling bonds and using the proceeds to build a dam on the Blue Nile river has met fierce resistance. It’s ironic to oppose such a development project but the fact of the matter is that the Meles regime is not interested in genuine economic task but to give Ethiopians in the Diaspora and at home an agenda to talk about and divert their attention from a possible mass uprising in removing the ethnocentric dictatorial regime of the Woyanes.

In addition to the Blue Nile dam saga, Woyanes also tried to test the feeling of Ethiopians by announcing another conflict with Eritrea. They thought by telling Ethiopians about a possible war with Eritrea, they could bring the nation under their command and control so that domestic rebellion against them could be suppressed.

What is happening in North Africa including Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other middle eastern countries is a wild fire that is going to engulf many autocratic nations in Africa. The train of freedom will cruise south bound all the way from Egypt to Zimbabwe and it will for sure affect Ethiopia. Freedom is colorless. One should not be White, Arab, Indian, Chinese or Black to enjoy freedom and dignity. Freedom comes naturally to every human being but will later be taken away or oppressed by dictators like Mubarak, Gadafi or Meles.

In pursuing freedom, many people could die, properties get damaged and fearful turmoil could prevail on the horizon of nations that struggle to remove their dictatorial leaders. However, the sacrifices paid would bring the change sought and it is simply a matter of time before it materializes.

There are three common attributes of dictators whoever they are and where ever they live. These are lies, fear and control. Woyanes are expert liars who have double faces one for the local and another for the foreigners. They are also expert terrorisers who bring forward issues that spread fear among Ethiopians. They are also ruthless killers who have even gone to the extent of forming their own brand army called Agazi to silence decent and eliminate opposition.

In spite of these, the people of Ethiopia who suffer from poverty, disease, media suffocation, lack of rule of law, nepotism and all kinds of corruption created and maintained by the Meles regime are looking for change and probably waiting for the right moment or a triggering situation. Woyanes are well aware of the developing mass appraisals everywhere and they would do anything to stay in power. The greatest weakness of dictators is their inability to learn from history until it is too late for them to fix a broken system. Just like any other dictator, Mr. Meles and his regime will whether away by popular movement and these guys who look formidable and untouchable will perish and definitely face justice for the crimes and sins they have been exhibiting throughout their reign. Freedom will take over suppression and goodness will reign over evil, and that is for sure.



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