Dr. Mankelklot Haile Selassie     –  August 22, 2011

The Oromo Liberation Front was created in 1973 and made official in 1974. Within the last 38 years it tried to form at least four united fronts, to the extent of forming tactical and strategic union to fight as one body, with one of them. It was not able to hold on to none of them. Since it failed to hold on to the Oromo organizations and lead them, it resorted to form fronts with multi national opposition forces, other wise it was facing a complete isolation. Mind you for a secessionist group who claimed that it is representing about a thirty million of Oromo population, came to realize clearly that it is on the brink of the inevitable delema of isolation. Hence, the formation of the ill fated Alliance for Freedom and Democracy. The latest one is with Ginbot-7. As AFD failed within a short period of time it is inevitable the one with Ginbot-7 will fail too. For one thing Ginbot-7 itself is built on a shoddy ground. See its political program. It did not have the substance (integrity) to commit itself to education, health, economic development, religion, language, self-determination, nationalities, and natural resources. For an organization whose leader was witnessing when these burning national issues were deliberately being mishandled and trampled upon by the regime, not to come out with full force and determination and show how to improve them by prescribing specific solutions is a suspect.

Ginbot-7 in its political program, in the Amaric version, it states that it is not going for power, which is a dishonest and a misleading statement, but not in the English version. It is lying. Read and compare number one under political goals of Ginbot 7. In fact to the western countries it is presenting itself differently in a very subtle way. Read and compare the first paragraph of both Amaric and English version under introduction. In the Amaric version it appears that it is preaching under the wing of OLF and for OLF.

The leadership of OLF has to decide, without wasting time, whether the major objective of its struggle is the democratization of Ethiopia for the benefit to all nationalities, or, to secede. There cannot be middle ground. For the last 38 years it was living the life of appeasement and political opportunism, jumping from one side, the democratization of Ethiopia, to the other side, the secession of Oromo. Amazingly its history of struggle is full of holes clearly showing these inconsistencies. Inconsistency breads indecisiveness. Indecisiveness shows the lack of confidence in oneself and in the people that it claims it is representing.

What are OLF’s Inconsistencies, Lies and Fabrications of History

Consistently shown inconsistencies were between the democratization of Ethiopia and the secession of Oromo. The leadership talked about these issues in various forms. But none of them boldly came out and stood for either for democratization or for secession. Even though they always talk about freedom, none of them openly declared “independence or death,” kind of stand. They cannot say it openly because they are not sure that the people of Oromo would agree with them and follow them. Hence, it appears their struggle becoming the survival of the organization. Mind you this is a 38 year old organization.

I have used three examples to show the inconsistencies, the lies and the fabrications of history by the leadership of OLF. Example one is drawn from “Oromia in Brief,” example two is from the interview given by Dawud Ibsa Ayana, and example three is from the speech made by Dr. Shigut Geleta. So, I will start with example one.

Example one is drawn from “Oromia in Brief.” It is 18 page document found in the website of OLF. I dwelt on the subtitles, “Overview” and “The Oromo People” of the document. In this document one would find lies, fabrications and denial of history. The document also exposes itself as to how OLF vehemently hates Ethiopia. I will use these three examples to show how this group really hates Ethiopia. To completely severe and cut out the Oromo people from the rest of Ethiopian people and present it as a state, nation, there is nothing OLF did not try to do to achieve this farfetched objective. If it were possible and have the magic power, it would wish to carve out the land where Oromos dwell on and carry it away to somewhere where there could not be even the smell of Ethiopia.
is drawn from “Oromia in Brief.” It is 18 page document found in the website of OLF. I dwelt on the subtitles, “Overview” and “The Oromo People” of the document. In this document one would find lies, fabrications and denial of history. The document also exposes itself as to how OLF vehemently hates Ethiopia. I will use these three examples to show how this group really hates Ethiopia. To completely severe and cut out the Oromo people from the rest of Ethiopian people and present it as a state, nation, there is nothing OLF did not try to do to achieve this farfetched objective. If it were possible and have the magic power, it would wish to carve out the land where Oromos dwell on and carry it away to somewhere where there could not be even the smell of Ethiopia.

But what it did not understand is that it is denying the Oromo people its robust activities and interactions that it was endowed with manifested throughout the centuries. The activities and the interactions were full of wars and developments that took place in Ethiopia and on the soil of Ethiopia. OLF finds it very hard to swallow the bitter truth that the interactions and the activities were done inside Ethiopia, on Ethiopian soil, amongst the rest of the inhabitants of Ethiopia. The land, the plants, the animals and the rivers are Ethiopia and of Ethiopians.

For example, note the following phrases used by OLF to avoid associating Oromo to Ethiopia. One can sense the hatred they exude when writing these phrases. They did not want to call the name Ethiopia. Please note that Ethiopia could have substituted the underlined phrases. Here are the phrases consistently used by OLF, phrases that show the lies, the denial of history and the fabrication of history:

“…who have occupied north-eastern and eastern Africa.”
“…occupying large part of the Horn of Africa.”
“…they are indigenous to this part of Africa.”

It is just unbelievable. You see how OLF vehemently hates Ethiopia? They are trying their level best to establish an argument to show that Oromo was not and therefore is not part of Ethiopia. That is why they created a map within the map of Ethiopia. That is why they completely rejected the use of Ethiopian alphabet. Instead it is using English alphabet. Did you notice how clumsy it looks when coining a word using English alphabet? It has gone as far as using Arabic language when posting a resolution of 12/07/2010. It is laughable. It appears that this group is devoid of commonsense. Commonsense would have dictated that using the Amaric alphabets that was being used and still being used by Oromos, would have been easier, shorter in words, and economical too. Economical because instead of writing “doollaar” for dollar why not use three Amaric alphabets? Unfortunately due to hatred this track of commonsensical thinking is totally blocked to these Ethiopia haters.

But when it comes to the propagation of their propaganda work they associate themselves with Ethiopians, use Ethiopian public discussion forums, use amaric language and alphabets, and talk everything about Ethiopia as Dr. Shigut did. Why not? There are fools totally ignorant of the conspiracy going on behind the curtain, and accommodate them. What these fools do not understand is that they are becoming part of the conspiracy to destroy Ethiopia. There is no question about it.

Here are more of the lies and fabricated words embedded in the genes of the OLF leaders:

Abyssinia, colonization, discrimination, subjugation, repression, exploitation, Ethiopian empire, extermination.

So, every time one of the leaders of OLF deliver speech or does interview to unconsciously blurt out these words are very common. Or in their press releases or in their resolutions the writer would put these words automatically, unconsciously. The writer does not think about it. Whether these situations exist in the field, on the ground, now and are reflected in the community or not does not matter.

Here is an important point to note. If these characterizations were not lies and not fabricated the consistent and logical follow up argument on the part of the OLF leaders would have been to extend the impact of those characterizations to education, health, and economic development specifically applicable to Oromo people, because the characterizations were specific. Since those characterizations were lies and fabrications the OLF leaders cannot extend, in fact they have never tried, it specifically in favor of the Oromo people, because they cannot separate the Oromo people from the rest of Ethiopian people. Here one can see how OLF is clearly separated from the Oromo people. OLF is performing its struggle in the air.

The following discussion is to show that, contrary to OLF’s claim, the Oromos were expansionists, invaders and conquerors too. Menilik could have learned a lot from the history of Oromo. Why are the OLF leaders blaming Menilik for following the footsteps of Oromo people who were many centuries before him as Ethiopians on the land of Ethiopia. There is nothing the leadership of OLF can do to erase this rock engraved fact, if you will. Literally nothing.

Here is the point of reference for my argument. According to OLF the origin of Oromo people is North-eastern Africa. OLF went further and expanded it by saying the Oromo people then:

“…spread south wards and then east and west occupying large part of the Horn of Africa.”

“… In spite of the fact that there are several indications and evidences that Oromo people are indigenous to this part of Africa.”

“… In spite of the fact that there are several indications and evidences that Oromo people are indigenous to this part of Africa.”

Commonsense should dictate then that the Oromo people were not and cannot be the only inhabitants of the then Ethiopia when spreading south wards and then east and west occupying large part of Ethiopia. They had to engage in fierce battle with the inhabitants. They cannot simply move in and occupy the land that did not belong to them. This is the crucial part that the leadership of OLF tried to avoid persistently at the expense of logical truth for that matter at the expense of the bravery of Oromo people. It was undeniably an expansion and undeniably an invasion that was vigorously and harshly, for that matter ruthlessly executed by the Oromo people. The actions during and in the middle of the engagement the treatment of the adversaries goes with the time. We are talking about fourteen, fifteen and sixteen hundreds. This is not to condemn the actions of the Oromo people. Absolutely not. It was the nature of the natural process that was inevitable to take place. In fact we have to admire their bravery. Why? Because they are Ethiopians. The history of Oromo is part of the history of Ethiopia. Where do one thinks the Oromo generals that served Ethiopia during Menelik and Haile Selassie got their genes from? Go figure. They are inherently equipped with this fighting instinct. I will come back to these generals latter.

Here is the crucial point. Without the invasion and conquering to occupy the land and the assertion of their power over the original inhabitants that followed with the stability: a) they could have not created the Gada system, so mystified by OLF leaders, b) create their own literature, and c) develop in political, social and economic fields as indicated in Oromia in Brief. For that matter, perhaps they calculated that they needed space and time to achieve what they achieved. Here is what is stated in Oromia in Brief:

“…Once shaped common political, religious and legal institutions.”

“…During their long history the Oromo developed their own cultural, social and political system knows as Gada system.”

Without stability one cannot imagine the above vigorously active social environment. The Oromo people must have uncompromisingly controlled the inhabitants to the extent of forcing them to a total submission and perhaps inducing them to cooperate and survive. Otherwise they will be totally eliminated. Should these actions by Oromo people be surprising? No. As I have said earlier it goes with the period. This last argument can be extended to Tewodros, Yohannes, and Menilik‘s periods. Therefore accept and deal with what Menilik did to formally unite the informally united Ethiopia. If not go ahead and waste your time. For sure you are not wasting the time of the Oromo people.

Simply put, in my opinion, as far as the Oromo people are concerned you are absolutely irrelevant. You have been irrelevant for the last 38 years and you will continue to be irrelevant even if you are given another 38 years and continue spitting out these words unconsciously: Abyssinia, colonization, discrimination, subjugation, repression, exploitation, Ethiopian empire, extermination. It appears these are the fabrics of the organization that holds it together. Peal off yourself from this imaginary connection you think you have from the Oromo people you will come to a stark reality of how irrelevant you are. For the Oromo people are moving with the rest of the Ethiopian people. In my opinion, anyone, right now, can imagine what exactly is going on in Ethiopia between the Oromos and the rest of the Ethiopian society. The interaction continues. The social, political and economic values that bound them together will remain intact.

Here is how OLF very smartly, without understanding that it is contradicting its own statements, put the situation I discussed above:

“… the so called Galla invasion of the sixteenth century was neither an invasion nor a migration. It was rather a national movement of the Oromo people….with the specific goal of liberating themselves and their territories from colonial occupation. It was nothing more or less than the war of national liberation.”

Imagine a national liberation movement of the sixteenth century. In the sixteenth century the Oromo people were in the process of building up their territories. They were vigorously competing with the rest of the inhabitants of Ethiopia. This is a full-fledged fabrication and denial of history. It is perversion. OLF does not stop there. It exposed itself by saying the followings:

‘The so called Galla invasion of Ethiopia is also a tale.’

‘In fact, the last 200 years were occupied with a gradual expansion of Abyssinians from north to south. This expansion had been checked throughout by Oromo. ‘

Given the discussion I presented based on OLF’s own document what Levine wrote was valid and OLF aught to accept it. Here is what Levine wrote:

“Warfare between Galla and Amara had gone on more or less continuously for 450 years. (Levine 1974).
(Levine 1974).

He further wrote that:

“The Oromo took possession of more new territory in hundred years than the Amara had conquered in two centuries.”

The Oromos were more efficient and effective than the Amaras. Here is the bottom line of my argument. It does not matter whether Oromo, a) was the indigenous nationality that spread to the existing geographical locations, b) entered Ethiopia from north-east spread to south, east and west, c) entered Ethiopia from south and spread to north, east and west, that is to the present geographical spread, there is no question that the Oromo people had fought fiercely and conquered the then inhabitants which could have been Amaras, or, any other inhabitants.

Therefore, the best and scientific argument for the OLF leadership to make and implement it now, particularly based on their own “spreading theory,” in stead of hanging on these fabricated illusions, that, a) Oromo is a country by itself, that is, comparing it to independent African states, and b) Oromo was not part of Ethiopia therefore is not part of Ethiopia today, should have been to say Ethiopia belongs to Oromo therefore, at least the national language should be Oromigna. The rest of the issues related to religion, culture, political and economic situations could not be separated from the concerns of the rest of over eighty nationalities. But, to say that “…if you want peace in Ethiopia, democracy in Ethiopia you are obliged to talk about the Oromo people,” by Dawud Ibsa, is absolutely to be ignorant about the composition, the political and economic situations of Ethiopian people now and for the last many hundreds of years.

At this stage, I will simply put down the question that have been bugging me for a long time. And that is, why the leaders of Oromo people who fought for many centuries, who passed through the historic activities and interactions mentioned above, could not hold on and transfer what were achieved to the next generations such as the Gada system? Perhaps we could have had a different Ethiopia but still Ethiopia.

The second example to show inconsistencies, lies and fabrications of history will be the position of the organization shown by Dawud Ibsa Ayana. The interview was on March 29, 2006. Here is Dawud’s response to the question why OLF joined the transitional government in 1991:
to show inconsistencies, lies and fabrications of history will be the position of the organization shown by Dawud Ibsa Ayana. The interview was on March 29, 2006. Here is Dawud’s response to the question why OLF joined the transitional government in 1991:

“We joined the transitional government with the vision of making Ethiopia equal for all and to participate in changing the situation in Ethiopia so that Ethiopia will be owned by all and become a common and democratic state for all the nations and nationalities and people big and small.”

Not once did Dawud mentioned Oromo in the above statement. That was about six years ago. In this statement he was emphasizing that Ethiopia is for all. The question is, is he telling the truth.
But, in the same breath he flipped and literally became incoherent. Here is what he said:

“……The question is whether others are ready to accommodate the aspiration of our people who has been subjugated and marginalized for the last 120 years.”

“……Oromo nationalism has reached an irreversible stage. The only option available is to deal with it and make peace with it.”

This flip-flopping behavior is the manifestation of the lack of confidence in oneself to lead with firm stand and particularly it shows the absence of mass support the organization claims it has. Had they had the mass support the organization claims it has it would have resisted, any action taken by TPLF to weaken its position openly, to the extent of showdown. But it did not happen. Mind you, the leadership was inside Ethiopia close to the Oromo people. Here is what TPLF did to the leaders of OLF:

1. Formed another Oromo organization while OLF was still part of the transitional government.
2. Took the offices of presidency, defense, foreign affair, and security for themselves.
3. While OLF was part of the transitional government, TPLF disarmed the armed groups of OLF in the name of rehabilitation and put them in jail.

But Lentcho Bati’s response to the same question was different. It was a deliberate excuses that would have been given by an out smarted and beaten to pulp individual.

Lentcho Bati was also asked another question by Tobia magazine. The question was, was the objective of forming OLF for liberation? Tobia Vol. 8, No. 3, 1993 EC.

He did not answer the question directly by saying yes. Instead in the process of his response he tried to explain the following three issues.

1. To bring about self-determination for Oromo people.
2. To bring about democratic system where common political relationships with the other people is established.
3. To form people’s relationship based on the free will and on common interest.

He did not want to say our objective is for independence. It seemed the organization was not, still not, fully confidence with the issue of independence because they were not sure whether the issue of non-ethiopiawinet will be accepted by the Oromo mass or not. It appears that he was also conscious of not isolating the organization particularly from the opposition groups. Therefore he had to throw out such middle ground stand to satisfy both sides, that is, the extremists on his side and the opposition forces on the other side.

The three issues that Lenthco touched upon can take place only when a democratic system is established in Ethiopia. The establishment of a democratic system means the formation of a transitional government immediately upon the removal of TPLF. What OLF seemed to fail to understand is that as long as almost all, except Berhanu Nega’s Ginbot-7, of those who will be in the transitional government would be for the unity of Ethiopian people. For example the issue of referendum for the Oromo people would not be touched with a ten foot pole. Because none of them will dare start the transition with an issue that affects the unity of the country. Besides it is not an elected government. In addition the final judgement rests on Ethiopian people. In fact, if and when raised, at that time the issue will be referendum for the Oromo people on what grounds? On the grounds of fabricated history, on vague and absurd theories? What makes the Oromo situation different from the rest of the nationalities? What OLF would want to deny is, consistently at that, the fact that the Oromo people, whether OLF accepts it or not, has undeniable input to build the unity of Ethiopia that we have to day. Therefore, it is better for OLF to drop this groundless and hunger for power driven dream and go for the whole of Ethiopia or become irrelevant the second time. The first irrelevancy was observable when it joined the transitional regime and become so submissive like a dog to its master. With the position it has now, there seemed to be a good chance for OLF to be crowned with another round of irrelevancy. Definitely, the Oromo people will struggle, without the assistance of OLF for its economic and democratic rights collectively with the other nationalities as it has been doing it for ages.

The second question for Dawud was, are the Oromo people Ethiopians?

He started by defining Abyssinia. I will touch this issue later. But there are two blatantly fabricated lies he uttered that I should comment upon. He stated that conquering government, he is referring to the rulers before TPLF, destroyed the language, culture and history of the conquered to the extent of destroying their nationalities. Can one imagine a nationality of the size of Oromo people being destroyed or wiped out? Have these situations really taken place in Ethiopia? Can he, hence OLF, provide specific examples where language, culture and history are destroyed? Of the population of Ethiopia, 95% are farmers. Therefore of the population of Oromo about 95% are farmers. If one went and visited the farmers of Oromo, who are about 95% farmers, would one find the above characterization to be true?

Let me give a concrete example. If one went out to the areas, to a distance of about a mile radius, outside the small towns along the highways that connected the provinces wouldn’t one find the language, the culture and the history of the community in question intact? Students who walk to schools, in groups of two or more, to these small or big towns converse in their languages. In schools, during recess time when those students who came from the same village or speak the same language get together they converse in their languages. After school at home they converse in their languages. Isn’t this the reality in Ethiopia today? Where did Dawud got his information from anyway? He lied and he fabricated it. It seemed he had to lie to hold on to his leadership position.

The other blatant lie of this OLF leader is that, goods and services are still benefiting the conquerors only, namely, the Amaras and the Tigrys. OLF defines Abyssinia to be equal to the sum of Amara and Tigry, the conquerors. Here is what should be noted. If one went to any towns and villages of Oromo community does one find this statement to be true? Are the Amaras and the Tigrys still, at least after 1974 Ethiopian revolution, the dominant business owners and services beneficiaries? This is another fabrication.

An interesting and educational place to see different nationalities and their cultures is to visit weekly market places of the communities in the provices. The type of outfits they are wearing and how they are wearing it; the type of goods being sold and bought; the services being exchanged could be minor but very important clues or examples as to how the culture of Ethiopian people are kept intact.

The third example of inconsistencies, lies, fabrications of history will be found in the speech made by Dr. Shigut Geleta in the workshop organized by Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE), Oct. 28-29, 2010.
of inconsistencies, lies, fabrications of history will be found in the speech made by Dr. Shigut Geleta in the workshop organized by Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE), Oct. 28-29, 2010.

A note for the Solidarity Movement. For the Solidarity Movement, I think, New Ethiopia means minus Meles Zenawi and his rule. For the secessionists such as OLF, it definitely means minus the nationalities they claim they represent, that is after break way. Therefore inviting these secessionists such as OLF is offering them the forum to do their propaganda work. So, when the Solidarity Movement invited OLF did it consider this poisonous intention of OLF? While knowing the intentions and the motives of OLF to fall into its trap under the cover of fighting the common enemy is a serious political blunder. In my opinion it is absolutely unforgivable. Because the bottom line of OLF’s struggle is what I just stated.

Here is what Dr. Shigut said in the speech:

“…the way of the Ethiopian empire state was made has become the breeding ground for the chronic fundamental political problems of the country, exclusion and exploitation of the conquered people’s by the conquering nations.

“… economic, cultural, legal and social problems are rooted in the issues nations and nationalities.”

The mother of all intellectual dishonesty as exhibited by this individual. To extend the logic of his argument, in Ethiopia even raining has to do with the issues of nations and nationalities. If it rains in one nationality but it does not rain in another nationality, or, if it rains in Arat Killo and does not rain in Sidist Killor it is caused by the issues of nations and nationalities. The cause of natural famine is also the issues of nations and nationalities. Do you see how his argument becoming this stupid?

Regarding the issue of “exclusion and exploitation of the conquered people’s by the conquered nations,” First of all it is not a conquering nations. It is a conquering Abyssinia, according to Lentcho Bati‘s definition during the interview. Lentcho Batti, hence OLF defined Abyssinia as the sum of Amara and Tigry. Unless and until OLF disclaims this definition of Abyssinia provided by Lentcho Bati will remain as it is. Therefore OLF should stop using Abyssinia and Ethiopia interchangeably. Because the sum of Amara and Tigry do not make Ethiopia. It is the sum of over eighty nationalities that make up Ethiopia.

For example in “Oromia in Brief,“ it says: “…colonization by Abyssinia (Ethiopia),” “…Abyssinian rulers,“ “…Abyssinian court.“ This is another example of inconsistencies of the leadership of the OLF. One does not know what the other one have said. Or, the leadership of OLF do not have agreed upon principles, or theories, or guidelines that every one applies when addressing public meetings, or writing articles. Lentcho Bati says one thing and “Oromia in Brief” states another thing.

The question that a fair minded individual should ask is, is the Oromo people specifically targeted for exclusion and exploitation? Of course, the answer is Absolutely not. Here are historical facts that destroy Dr. Shigut’s sinister fabricated propaganda. During Haile Selassie’s reign there were 34 documented, I am quite sure there could be more undocumented ones, distinguished Oromo individuals in the leadership position, both in civil and military services, literally running Ethiopia. I will identify the first five of them. Ras Abebe Aregay, who had seven administrative position, Bilata Deressa Amente, General Mulugeta Buli and Yilma Deressa Amente, who held five distinguished administrative positions. (Tobia Vol., 4, No 8, June 1988 EC). Not only that, there were 27 documented, I am quite sure there could be more undocumented ones, distinguished Oromo leaders participating both in civil and military services during the reign of Menilik. (Tobia vol. 4, No. 6. 1988 EC). When one goes through the list one would be very proud of Ethiopia for producing such distinguished leaders. These two sets of historical facts show the absence of exclusion, exploitation and extermination of Oromo people. And these are documented historical facts that the leadership of OLF is inabsolute denial. Because these undeniable facts will not allow them to fabricate history.

The other inconsistency that showed in his speech is instead of clearly and sharply stay with the issues of Oromo people, provided the Oromos have issues different from the rest of Ethiopian nationalities, he jumps all over the places and tries to show what is taking place in Ethiopia. He talks about the prime importance of justice, democracy and peace in Ethiopia; he talks about the poverty of Ethiopian people; Ethiopia is at a cross road; liberation from national oppression; collaboration of opposition political forces; first and for most Ethiopia must be at peace with itself. It is none of OLF’s business, the OLF that declared that it is not Ethiopian hence the Oromo people, the OLF whose dedicated intention is to destroy Ethiopia, to talk about any thing that deals with Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. In what ever way he colored his speech, the bottom line of his argument is the independence of Oromo. He was simply softening his penetration into the minds and souls of the unsuspecting concerned Ethiopians. No one should be fooled by the smooth talk of any of the OLF leaders. They are Ethiopia haters. Therefore they are the enemy of the unity of Ethiopian people.

Dr. Shigut appeals to the opposition forces for collaboration. Why should the opposition forces collaborate with an organization that hates Ethiopia and its aim is the disintegration of Ethiopia? Here is what Ibsa Gutema, one of the OLF’s leaders openly declared, I am quite sure Dr. Shigut the smooth talker shares Ibsa’s statement too:

“Neither democratized Ethiopia nor independent republic of Oromia will be realized unless the empire is dismantled.”

Even Ibsa Gutem after the declaration of such strong statement down the line he says:

“For now the choice is clear either struggle to liberate Oromia or to democratize Ethiopia.

Right there in the same article, In Defense of Bilisuma, contradicts himself and shows the inherent characteristics of the leadership of OLF. Not in a different article with different title and rationalization. What do you make of this guy. At one point in time he was the minister of education. Can one imagine this guy providing guidance to the educational system of a country of over eighty nationalities with this kind of thinking capacity he demonstrated here?

Linking its Struggle to Issues Unrelated to the Oromo People

OLF is trying its level best to completely dissociate the Oromo people from the rest of the Ethiopian society. Here are three examples very subtly used by OLF leadership:

1. Oromo is the center of the Horn of Africa.
2. Oromo is a nation state as are independent African states.
3. Dividing Ethiopians in the North from Ethiopians in the South.

1. Oromo is the center of the Horn of Africa.

Dr. Shigut as late as Oct. 2010 linked the OLF struggle to the Horn of Africa. Here is what he stated:

“…as Ethiopia is the geographic, political and economic center of the Horn of Africa so is Oromo for Ethiopia.”

It is a full fledged fabrication of issues to give credence to ones blatant lies. Ethiopia is not the center of any thing for the Horn of Africa. Its social, political and economic problems and issues are totally unrelated. Or if it is related it is to all black Africans not only to the states of the Horn of Africa. Therefore Ethiopia is not , and cannot be the center of anything for the Horn of Africa.

The other flawed and misleading rationalization is making the Oromo people the center of Ethiopia. In a country where there are over eighty nationalities who in his right mind would argue only one nationality to be the center of Ethiopia? The same argument applies for the smallest nationality Zegula with a population of about 390 or Shita with a population of about 307. (1994 census estimates). Even one of these minority nationalities can become the center of Ethiopia. With Dr. Shigut’s type of rationalization size or geographical position cannot be the measuring yards.

The third fallacy is making the stability of Ethiopia to that of the Horn of Africa by way of accepting the Oromo centrality and self-determination. Here is what he stated:

“…to bring genuine peace and stability for the Horn of Africa the starting point is to deal with the dynamic situation in Ethiopia by resolving people’s demand for the right of self- determination.”

In the first place it is none of Ethiopia’s business to be concerned for the stability of the Horn of Africa. It has not reached that level of economic development and sophistication to be concerned of any thing but itself. Ethiopia’s concern and responsibility is to solve its own problems first. This far fetched Horn of Africa thing is to divert the focus away from its own serious problems and it is a divisive OLF‘s tactic to build its miserably low level or nonexistence credence. So, don’t waste your time on this point. The Horn of Africa will be stable only when each and every Horn of Africa nations become democratic and stable. It is directly proportional to the independent and democratic activities of each neighboring Horn of Africa countries. Isn’t it a fact that the trade relationship, if any, with its neighbors have never been the determining factor for the economic development of Ethiopia?

2. Oromo is a nation state as are independent African states.

The second blatant fabrication used by the leadership of OLF to absolutely disassociate the Oromo people from the rest of Ethiopian people is to compare it to independent African states.Now I am quoting from Oromia in Brief:

“…The Oromo were colonized during the last quarter of the nineteenth century by a black African nation–Abyssinia….During that same period , of course, the Somalis, Kenyans….colonized by European powers….”

“…Today when nearly all of the African peoples have won independence the Oromo continue to suffer under the most backward and savage Ethiopian settler colonialism.

Once the leadership of OLF started the fabrication of the history of the Oromo people, as I have shown above using its own statements, it might as well complete the level of fabrication by raising it to the level of African states. These are gutless paper tigers, who were demoralized and kicked out of the transitional government in a sense from Ethiopia without doing anything. So, what is the purpose of this comparison on the part of OLF unless it is to treat its psychological problems. Self therapy.

What the leadership of OLF is consistently in denial is that the land called Ethiopia was there for thousands of years. It has attested to this fact at least indirectly. Please visit my discussion above. Whether the leadership of OLF avoids calling it Ethiopia due to its vehement hatred for Ethiopia, the fact does not change. Ethiopia belongs to those who were there from the very beginning as well as to those who stepped into Ethiopia later. These groups the moment they stepped into Ethiopia they have become Ethiopians. Here, what is very important to note is that the land they stepped into is called Ethiopia. In my opinion who came first, the egg or the hen does not apply here. Ethiopia was there first. Therefore no one has the right to say any part of the land of Ethiopia is not Ethiopia. In my opinion, one has to prove that one was there before the land was called Ethiopia.

3. Dividing the Ethiopians in the North from the Ethiopians in the South.

3. Dividing the Ethiopians in the North from the Ethiopians in the South.

This third fabricated issue, by pretending to be the advocate of the Southern people, is very divisive and potentially dangerous. Lentcho Bati in Tobia Vol. 8, No. 5, 1993 EC stated the following:

“The Abyssinian government that controlled these people, (Oromo and
(Oromo and
Southern People), by force destroyed their language, culture, and history, and above all it destroyed their national identity and forced upon them its national language, history and religion….and created Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet.”

He went further and said:
“….the name to be called Ethiopian was forced upon the Oromo and the Southern People.” There you have it.
There you have it.

The leadership of OLF is divisively trying to create rift between the north and the south Ethiopian people. There is no question about it. It is agitating the Southern people to reject that it is Ethiopian and join it in its farfetched and fabricated struggle. This clearly and openly declared position by the leadership of OLF is the manifestation of the depth of hatred that this organization has for Ethiopia, therefore, it will do anything that would break apart Ethiopia. This advocacy thing is a perfect example.

Here is where Dr. Berhanu Nega of Ginbot-7 comes into the picture more vividly. The fabrication and campaign of the leadership of OLF have succeeded in bringing in Berhnau Nega the Southerner, hence Ginbot-7 into its fold. He is positioning himself, which is a sign of political prostitution and political bankruptcy, for future move. Who knows, he might convert his private organization, Ginbot-7 into a liberation front.

Unfortunately for him, each and every single cell in the body of a Gurage lives and breathes Ethiopia. This is a dangerous and a pernicious individual that aught to be watched very carefully. He is making OLF his base and his spring-board. Whenever he opens his mouth to talk about Teodros and Menilik or, the era before and after them, or, anything related to them, it is from this base offered to him by OLF. The first paragraph under the introduction of Ginbot-7 political program smells OLF. Read it.

Very unfortunately the guang of four of Ginbot-7 are turning against the mother that breast fed them. When consciously one coludes with the force whose dedicated intent is to destroy Ethiopia it is a full-fledged reason against Ethiopia and the unity of Ethiopian people. In fact one of them who calls himself an Amara could not say “the unity of Ethiopia first.” He resisted and refused to say it. Once he was in bed with TPLF ganging up against the unity of Ethiopian people. And now he is in bed with OLF, as usual ganging up against the unity of Ethiopian people. What do you make of this HODAM AMARA?

Trying to organize the factions of OLF to come together, Openly advocating for the existence of OLF, whose political motives and interests are clearly known, and posting the resolution of OLF verbatim on the organizational website should be taken seriously as indicators of some thing to come. Dr. Berhanu Nega is well aware of the campaign of OLF to divide the country into north and south. Gimbot-7 aught to be targeted for destruction.

Mankelklot Haile Selassie
August 22, 2011

p.s. My next article will be about ONLF. I argue that lumping ONLF with OLF is socially, economically and politically incorrect. Think about it.

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  1. Ahie says:

    Dear Dr. Haile Selassie,
    I am sorry for the Ethiopian long struggle for unity and freedom. I don’t see freedom as only for only and only known/advertised/popular groups with their culture, food, etc… Everything is amharanized otherwise tigrianized currently or the so-called northern type. I lost all my friends during the killings in 1970 E.C. I was also traumatized by the torture and suffrages at the time. I still don’t get you guys. I want to know what your end is. It looks like you don’t have any plan to achieve a goal that at least, in the Old EPRP, my friends and I had understood. You guys are beyond the need of being Ethiopiawinet. Ethiopiawinet will not achieve any unity without individual and group human rights and freedom. We don’t need to deny that groups are also created because of the way you guys look for all Ethiopians, but actually you are not struggling for all Ethiopians. You are struggling for limited Ethiopians I guess mostly Amharas (there may be some others until they find your wrong goals). Without handling issues from perspective of all Ethiopians, you are actually limited from finishing your goal.
    I don’t see why you even cooperate with the real groups those started to struggle for sovereignty of Ethiopia. They started marching to convince all who even to struggle to secede from their mother land. I can say that may be because of you guys. You still don’t understand who Ethiopians are. What are the majorities of Ethiopians? If you think you groups have been in power for centuries and still wish to continue the same way, you are in the wrong side of the world story.
    If EPRP is going to continue like this, it is a great loss for those who lost their life and still on the verge of losing their life.
    Dr. Haile Selassie, please understand what you are writing. I would like to advise you to ask yourself and the failing EPRP to understand the root cause of the entire situation of Ethiopia. And then come up with a plan for corrective actions and implement the corrective actions. If you have already understood the problem and the root cause, and the way you act is the corrective action you are implementing, you still have the wrong corrective action plan. Try to come up with better plan and understand the world. There are steps for corrective action plans and also implementation. Don’t use the backward chauvinistic attitudes instituted in EPRP.
    If you need more advice, I can see you next time in this website or otherwise. But, I don’t have time for those who are wasting their time insulting people for the advice given. Because they are diehard and don’t understand what Woyane is doing on the sovereign Ethiopian people. To be an Ethiopian, I can see the old map or the new if accepted or not, but need all human rights and privileges should be respected.


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