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Organization, Unity, and Leadership

By Yelfiwos Wondaya Knowing the fact that the so-called Ethiopian constitution is framed by an ethnocentric dictatorial regime to serve its narrow purpose, one would not expect to see it working for all parties on board, much less to preserve … Continue reading

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Why Ethiopians must unite? (Part II)

¬†Aklog Birara, PhD In part one, I provided basic socioeconomic arguments of why unity of purpose and action among opponents of the TPLF/EPRDF is no longer an option for those who wish to see a unified, diverse and prosperous Ethiopia … Continue reading

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Paltalk Room Tyrants !!!

Tedla Asfaw I have been a regular at Assimba PaltalkRoom for sometimes. Some of my writings were even posted on their site way back and I am writing and participating in paltalk rooms with my own name, Tedla¬† and NY, … Continue reading

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