Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD) – December 29, 2011

I deliberately kept my comment this late so that it will not be swallowed up by the discussion that was in progress at the time regarding the name of the flag, that is, whether it should be called BANDIRA or SENDEQ ALAMA? I wanted it to be independently felt, viewed, and recognized.  The main reason for sharing this remark is to point out what was overlooked in the discussion. In my opinion, generally, our community has  a very serious problem of looking into issues very critically and following it up to its source no matter of its consequences. Here is what was overlooked.

In my opinion, first, the relationship between Berhanu Nega and G-7 has to be established clearly. Ginbot 7 is equal to Berhanu Nega. As I have repeatedly stated before, I will say it again. He is the brain and the mouth of Ginbot 7. As it is the case with TPLF, Meles Zenawi is the brain and the mouth of TPLF. Ginbot 7 does not exist without Berhanu Nega.

Having established this relationship, the track record of Berhanu Nega should have shown the red flag for the issue of “G-7 and the flag issue” to have been discussed very seriously. Berhanu Nega has an inherent potential to turn into a full fledged traitor. His activities while he was inside Qinijit attests to this  potential of his behavior. That was what he exactly did to the struggle of Ethiopian people while he was inside Qinjit. He was a mole inside Qinijit. He was an instrument of Meles Zenawi through Bereket Semon. Bereket Semon had put a leash in his neck to keep him under his full control. Berhanu Nega himself cannot deny the working relationship he had with Bereket Semon. So, to begin with this is the track record of Berhanu Nega.

How do you entertain this. If Meles Zenaw called Berhanu Nega and told him his terrorism and any other charges would be dropped but come back and be the Minister of X department, Berhanu Nega will pack up and go back to Ethiopia in a heartbeat. Because, that is the corrupt fabric that he is made up of. He is living in lies and fabrications.

Hypocrisy. Naturally if one joined a fabricator and a liar organization OLF he must be a liar and a fabricator himself. Ginbor 7 is a fake organization. It is fake because it was formed by fake individuals namely Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tisige. This two individuals are fake because of their track records. There you have it. Agree or disagree I am sticking with it. In addition please read my article “WUHIDET Incubated Kestedamena’s Coup De-tat” of October 13, 2007. You will find a sub-topic, “BERHANU NEGA’S ROLE INSIDE QINIJIT” there.

The flag of Ethiopia; the unity of Ethiopian people; and the territorial integrity of Ethiopia are absolutely nonnegotiable. To which ones of these three do you correspond Berhanu Nega’s track record, hence to that of Ginbot 7?

I have also listened to his most recent ESAT interview. Here too one can clearly see his inherently opportunistic behavior. For example in the first segment of the interview when he was responding to the question of road and other infrastructure constructions in relations to economic development, Berhanu Nega, never specifically connected these money making motivated activities to the business empire that TPLF is still running. And how the constructions of roads, the constructions of buildings of any type are being used by this Mafia group as a conduit to fill its treasury and finally funnel it to banks abroad.  For example, the construction related companies, cement factories, import export department, and the banks owned by TPLF were and still are systematically being used to supply needed materials and provide services for the above mentioned infrastructure constructions and construction related activities thereby almost completely cutting out private competitions. It is an elaborately structured blood sucking network. An authentic opposition political leader would have itemized this blood sucking mechanism emphatically thereby expose the regime. Berhanu Nega did not do it. Amazingly it is consistent with the Hearing he had in congress in front of Rep. Donald Payne and Rep. Christopher Smith, Ethiopia’s human rights and democratic rights champions,  which I specifically pointed out particularly how he did not mention about the economic misery of Ethiopian people, in the article of mine I indicated above.  Meles Zenawi and Berket Semon will of course thank him for the services he is providing them.  He is a living-breathing fake individual.

The second factor that shows his fakeness is how he responded to the question of the unity of Ethiopian people and the OLF related issues. In fact he presented himself as the champion of the unity of Ethiopian people. Andargachew Tsige in the same TV station when debating Ayalsew Dessey, could not say or could not even swallow the statement “the unity of Ethiopian people.” He had a very hard time. There is no doubt, in that Interview, Andargachew Tsige was projecting the philosophy of Ginbot 7, hence Berhanu Nega‘s. This journalist should have brought up what Andargachew Tsige said and asked Berhanu Nega to comment on it. Not to bring up such contradictory and a very critical statement to be clarified to the public shows the weakness of the journalist in charge of the program or it is simply an opportunism, which I have noticed repeatedly in previous cases. I  have pointed out this position of Andargachew Tsige in my article “OLF’s inconsistencies, lies, and Fabrications of History“ of August 2011, without mentioning his name.

The other issue that should be exposed is how he tried to validate what he is doing with OLF. He was deliberately evading the issue, he was more or less boasting, by confusing between “talking to influence to bring to ones desired positive position, and providing a forum.” Berhanu Nega was doing the later one. He was providing OLF a forum  to regurgitate its fabricated grievances and lies. For example, here is one of the blatant lies. In Seattle, the representative of an OLF group, with full confidence of not being challenged, said that OLF never set out for secession. Berhanu Nega and Aregawi Berhe were there sitting like robots and  listening. No one of them did have the gut and dare challenge the truth of this blatant lie based on OLF’s historical facts. Aregawi Berhe wrote an article after the fact asking OLF to clarify what it stated in Seattle. It is too late and will not have any impact or consequence on anything. The responsible way would have been to do it while the iron was hot.

To bring the OLF groups to a round table and discuss the differences very seriously so that it will change its position of independence and join the opposition forces is the right thing to do. I can boldly say that Berhanu Nega never tried to take this kind of constructive initiative. An initiative that would have taken place inside a closed door and around a table. I have been promoting such communications and repeated interactions between OLF and the opposition forces, long, long before Ginbot 7 was formed. In fact I was challenging some political leaders to do so. After positions are clearly established then it makes sense to bring it to the public. But now what Berhanu Nega is doing is deliberately and arrogantly confusing the public with lies and inconsistencies that have been repeatedly demonstrated by OLF groups. Whether the fake Ginbot 7, hence Berhanu Nega agrees or not, consciously or unconsciously,  it is supporting the lies and fabrications of OLF. It is really amazing to see when one is cheating oneself.

Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD)

December 29, 2011

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  1. taddy says:

    is that Ethiopian people want u guys we need free from wayan not from Dr Birhan nega .he has not ur headache.please we focus 2 the target of wayan.

  2. Solomon says:

    Dr. Mankelkilot, Thanks! This is fact and this article should be recorded as “The best article of the Year”

    Respond for taddy, both weyane and gimbot7 are the same coins with different faces (Ye And Santim hulet getstawoch) so both are the enemies to fight. Birhanu Nega and his fake organization gembot7, here in diaspora known as “Sidetegnaw Weyane”. In Ethiopia people knew Birhanu and Andargachew as weyane agents

    God Bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  3. GETACHEW REDA says:

    From GETACHEW REDA –(Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    Thanks Dr. Mankelkilot as always you are my hero. Yes, I like to remind one more time to the readers in support to Dr.Mankelkilot’s comment to bring more evidence and high light the conspiracy of the flag issue and the OLF issue in Seattle. Let me bring what the Editor of Ethiomedia (Abraha Belay) one of the organizer and supporter of the conference had to say or written on his website about OLF’s blatant lie where Abraha Belay too went along with the OL’s lie as he most of the time does die for liars like Ginbot 7 and the likes for the record. History is recording what exactly was written in the record.

    Here is what Abraha Belay wrote
    “Amin Jundi: secessionism has never been the agenda of the Oromo people Ethiomedia | November 17, 2011” SEATTLE – Amin Jundi, Secretary of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), said reducing the quest of the Oromo people for democracy and justice to “secessionism” was unfair since “secessionism” has never been the agenda of the Oromo people nor of the OLF. Impressive in presenting his ideas both in Oromiffa and Amharic languages, the articulate Amin Jundi brightened the mood of the audience that has for a long time been forced to portray the OLF as a separatist group. Aregawi Berhe of UEDF and Berhanu Nega of Ginbot 7 also dwelt at length how to consolidate the opposition camp and move on to dislodging the tyrannical regime of Meles Zenawi.”

    ልዘርዝረውና እንወያይ። አብርሃ በላይ- አሚን ጀንዳይ የዋሸውን ውሸት ምን ሲል እንዳደመቀለት እነሆ “,

    “the articulate Amin Jundi brightened the mood of the audience that has for a long time been forced to portray the OLF as a separatist group.” እንግዲህ ኦነግ ሳይሆን እኛ ነን በአድማጩ ሕሊና ውስጥ “ኦነግ የመገንጠል አጀንዳ ያለው” ብለን “ያልዋለበትን ያላለመውን፤ያለ ስሙ እና ያለ ዓለማው በመስጠት” ዋሽተን ለብዙ ዓመታት የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ አሳስተን እንዲያምን በማድረግ ኦነግን በአድማጭ ሕሊና ተገንጣይ ነው በማለት እንዲጠላ ያደረግነው ሲል እኛኑን ወንጅሎናል። ያውም (ሃዝ ቢን ፎርስድ) የምትለዋን ሀረግ ንከስዋትና

    “the audience that has for a long time been forced to portray the OLF as a separatist group”

    አብርሃ በላይ የተቀበለው እና ያደመቀው ውሸት አሚን ያለውን በማድመቅ ብቻ ሳይሆን እሱም አምኖበት “ውንጀላው/accusation” አርቲኩለት” እንደሆነ ነው የገለጸው። ጃንዳይም እንዲህ ሲል ይወነጅለናል፡

    “የኦሮሞ ጥያቄ ወደ መገንጠል ጥያቄ ለመወሰድ የሚፈልጉ በድኖች ወይንም ሕዝቦች የኦሮሞን ሕዝብ ችግር መፍትሔ ላለመስጠት የተደረገ መከራ/ዱለታ ነው እንጂ የኦሮሞ ነፃ አውጪ (ኦሮሚያው ሪፓብሊክ የሚባል አገር ለመመስረት እታገላለሀ ብሎ አያውቅም) ይገንጠል ብሎ አንድም ቀንም አልተናገረም የጻፉትም እስከነ መረጃቸው ማምጣት ይችላሉ።”
    መዝገቡን ላቅርብ እነሆ፡

    “The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is a political organization established in 1973 by Oromo nationalists to lead the national liberation struggle of the Oromo people against the Abyssinian colonial rule.( OLF USA Office P.O.Box- 73247 Washington, DC 20056SA-USA-Phone #: (206) 462-5477 Ext. 202-Fax #: (202) 332-7011) አሁንም ተለጥፎ በፕሮገራሙ የሚነበበው ሕያው መመሪያው አንደሆነ ማረጋገጥ ከድረ ገጹ ማረጋገጥ ትችላላችሁ።

    – Hence, the OLF political objective is liberation from Ethiopia and establishment of the Republic of Oromiya. (እንደ ላይኛው አሁንም 1974 እስከ ዛሬ የቀጠለው ፕሮግራም)

    እንግዲህ በዚህ ፕሮግራም ስትመለከቱ

    “The aim of the Oromo struggle led by the OLF is only to gain back our country that was taken away from us by force. It is not, in any way, against the rights of any other people. (OLF USA Office P.O.Box- 73247 Washington, DC 20056SA-USA-Phone #: (206) 462-5477 Ext. 202-Fax #: (202) 332-7011)”

    ይህ የሚለው የኦሮሞ ነፃ አውጪ ድርጅት ፕሮግራም እና በድረ ገጹ ተለጥፎ ዛሬም የሚታይ ነው። ብዙ በኦነግ የሚጠሩ ኦ ኤል ኤፎች አሉ። ታዲያ ማንኛቸውን ኦነግ እንመን? ሁሉም በኦነግ ነው የሚጠሩት። መልከአ ምድሩ “ሪፑብሊክ ኦፈ ኦሮሚያ” ይላል “ስፋቱ ሦስት አራተኛ ያገሪቱ የቆዳ ስፋት በካርታው አስቀምጦታል” ታዲያ መጠሪያቸው “ኦ ኤል ኤፍ” (ኦነግ) ፕሮግራማቸው አንድ ሰንደቃላማቸው አንድ ጽሑፋቸው “ላቲን” እና “ሁሉም “ዜግነታችን ኦሮሚያ እንጂ ኢትዮጵያ አይደለም፤ ለኢትዮጵያ ባዕድ ነን” ብለው ራሳቸው የሚገልጹ ከኣእላፍ ኦነጐች ማንን ለይተን “አይደለንም ሲሉን ኢትጵያዊያን ናቸሁ እንበል?” (ናችሁ ካልን ደግሞ “ሰስድብ አለ፤ ኦሮሞ አንጂ ኢትጵያ አየደለሁም” ብሎ እስኪ በቃህ ይሰድብሃል።

    ታዲያ እንዴት መገንጠልን፤ የኢትዮጵያ አንደነትና አገር ማፈራረስን አያቀነቅንም ማለት ይቻላል?

    የኦነጉ ጸሓፊ “አማን ጃንዳይ” ኦ ኤል ኤፍ አገር ለመገንጠል አልተነሳም አላለም ፤አልጻፈም ይላል። ፕሮግራሙ ግን ከላይ ያነባችሁት ነው። ታዲያ ከዚህ የባሰ የደመቀ ውሸት አለ? ይሄ ነው ደማቅ ውሸት የምላችሁ። ደማቅ ውሸት ደግነቱ እንደ ባውዛ (ሓዊ ለይቲ (በትግርኛ) አማርኛ “አጭበርባሪ ብርሃን” ልበለው) ደምቆ ይቆይና በጨለማ ዓይንን ያስደሰተ አጭበርባሪ መብራት በደቂቃዎች ራሱን በልቶ ከድቶህ ይጠፋል። ዓይንህ ተጭበርብሮ ጭለማ ውስጥ ተውጠህ ቁጭ! The problem in the Diaspora opposition is too many naïve and too many arrogant and too many carless elements engulfed with emotions and too many ignorant elements are breeding fats for reason unknown to me.
    Source “ውሸታሞቹን ስንት ጊዜ ይማራችሁ እንበላቸው?” By ጌታቸው ረዳ (

  4. Daniel says:

    Dr. Mankelkilot, may the God of Ethiopia bless you. Indeed birhanu nega and andargachew tsige are enemies of the Ethiopian people, who would forget how they run to Ethiopia in 1991 to work with weyane, their betrayal of Kinijit and formation of fake parties gimbot 7 and udj in America in 2007. On the recent ESAT interview I heard birhanu nega repeating what the shameful dr. getachew begashaw said months ago. gimbot 7 is working for a 1993 type fake referendum that will break up Ethiopia. We Ethiopians must closely follow the lover affair of gimbot 7 and OLF and expose it to the Ethiopian people. OLF is a liar as usual, the body language of amin junid when Aregawi Berhe spoke said it all. OLF is a separatist, criminal bandit group that must be brougt to justice. A british guy named dr. trevor truman is lately trying all his best to make the criminal OLF look like an angel. Ethiopians must also watch trevor truman who is an enemy of the Ethiopian people.

  5. Melaku says:

    Dear You!

    I am really frustrated & ashamed with Ethiopians like you who always focus on criticising & undermining individuals, organisation & polotical parties rather than contributing some thing that could move us forward in our struggle against weyane to build and bring a democratic society.
    What you have narrated about Birhanu & Andargachew is a fact every Ethiopian knows & infact they themselvs have said in different occashion whenever they get the opportunity to do so except lies & unfounded icriminatory views included in your articles & others who have the same objectve of destroying those who are much far better than your self in fullfilling their promise.

    My advice to you if you are a real polotician is that know your enemy & friends, always come up or support a strategy that could strengthen your side & move you one step forward rather than being an instrument for your adverseries take the advantage. In your next article I hope you to have a cosideration that no one is free of judjment when the time come to excersise that right, for the time being please try to gudje Dr. Berhanu & Andargachew by what they are saying & doing right now. Otherwise, I say so what? go to hell!!!

  6. Daniel says:

    Melaku, you are on the wrong side of history, not only getting criticized but criminals foreign agents such as birhanu nega and andargachew tsige deserve to be brought to justice. The track record of two foreign agents is well known by the Ethiopian people. The likes of gimbot 7 and udj are in fact working to prolong the life of eplf and tplf. Who would forget how gimbot 7 and udj were created in america in 2007. What birhabu nega and andargachew tsige are doing right now is anti Ethiopia, the love affair of the separatist OLF and gimbot 7 is unacceptable and every Ethiopian will fight it. Months ago the shameful dr. getachew begashaw clearly stated that he wants a 1993 type fake referendum to be given to the OLF and recerntly on ESAT birhanu nega repeated the same. We the Ethiopian people are watching each of their anti Ethiopia moves, the recent anti Ethiopia conference in seattle held by gimbot 7 and OLF was also followed and exposed accordingly.

  7. mamo says:

    I visited this web site for the first time to find this article that answered the main reason of my visit. It is a shame that there are organizations and personalities that claim that Ethiopia is their personal belonging and not for other people. They have been getting smaller every year in the last 30 something years, but the trend line is clear. They will soon disappear not by any violent feedback, but by a natural death. You have been commiting a suicide. Go ahead.

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