Open Letter to Tesfaye Gebrab

By Tedla Asfaw

Tena Yestelen Obo Tesfaye,

It is now Friday Oct, 11, 2013 to be exact 8:30 pm ET. I  just have finished your book “YeSedetegnaw  Mastawasha”. I read it posted on PDF. Sorry It has not yet been released for sale.

I started reading it around 9:30 am and stopped around 4pm on page 318. I read the rest of the book starting around 6pm. The book was easy to read but there are fabrication and lies.

You were not telling us your stay in Holland with your  roommate  with Alemayehu Mesel. It seems you tried to avoid that part. How is it possible to ignore this part of your story while you said a lot about people you met for a day or for few hours ?

You mention Kiflu Asefa the editor of EMF and Alemayehu Mesel on your asylum application as friends, Are they still your friends ?

When did you break up with Alemayehu Mesel ? Is that the reason you have  not mentioned his name ? Did you edit your draft after you realized that Alemayehu has copied some of your hand writings secretly ?

What is the reason the Ntsanet Publishing Agency (NPA) pull the add about your new book ?  Who is now the publisher ?

There are major fabrications and lies I observed on your book. The story of “Chaltu” in Addis was during Derg Ethiopia. That time almost students in  schools were very active  reading Socialist Books like Mao,,Lenin etc.The “Gala” insult in school Chaltu allegedly faced was not a norm at all. This is your own creation, a continuation of “YeBurka Zimita”. Amhara VS Oromo hate.

Addis Ababea junior or high school students  at that time were intoxicated in class struggle. People were seen as “Teramaje” or “Adhari”. Ethnicity was not the driving ideology of that time. You forgot that it was a time of “Meret LeArashu”. generation.

“Ehaba”  a word you equate with your made up “Dog” is an insult to the generation of EPRP which is known as “Ehaba”  by the ordinary Ethiopians. What a shame and hate you have for this brave generation, ” Lehager Yemote Tewlede”.

As far as I am concerned your “Mastawash” as ” Sedetegna” ” is not more than a tourist travel experience from one city to another. Whoever met you on your way shared their thoughts with you. No one take this book as a historical fiction or history as you suggested. It is a travel experience.

I wrote this week  a piece ” A one Way Ticket to Fatherland ” after I read Judge Woldemichael Meshesh piece about “Who is Tesfaye Gebreab  ? ”  based on your hand writings leaked by Alemayehu, “AleLeaks”.

I  “pray”  for  you to go to your “Fatherland” because you will not get anything living in Holland. Holland culture of tolerance is quite contrary to your advocacy of ethnic war between Amharas and Oromos and the disintegration of Ethiopia. Europe is now under European Union. You are not going to be happy with any idea of unity among people.

Go to your Fatherland and help in propaganda work for OLF. You are not a person who care for human dignity. If you have courage you should have said a word in support of hundreds of journalists who are suffering in Shabia’s jail for more than a decade.

 Your hate for Ethiopia where you grow up and blind love for your Fatherland is very common characteristics of most of the Eritrean people. Most Ethiopians do not care for Eritrea separation. The problem is you can not even live peacefully with Ethiopia under Woyane/Shabia control. How are you going to survive  Ethiopia under  nationalist government ? Broken up Ethiopia like that of Somalia is your and Shabia wish but one thing is sure, breaking up Eritrea is not hard at all. A person who is living in a glass house can not be the first to throw a rock in someones else house.

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One Response to Open Letter to Tesfaye Gebrab

  1. terefe feyssa says:

    Ato Tedla Asfaw, Your article tells almost everything about this liar.
    He grew up being infected with hatred deep down and lived his life that way.
    To be honest, it is not real life, a life of a traitor.
    He is not just betraying Ethiopia where he got opportunity and life.
    First, He betrayed himself, his consciounce and his dignity.
    It does not mean, He is the only one. Tesfaye is just simbolic representing many traitors.
    Thank You Tedla

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