Request for the Westerners

By Elizabeth Girma Zewege


We, Ethiopians, are delighted and highly excited to participate and celebrate the International Workers’ Day (also known as Labor Day) here in a place we are living just like  the way millions are celebrating it across the world.

Over the years, the struggles of workers around the world have indeed come a long way since the 1st day of May was designated as international workers day .

Today we celebrate workers day in a country where the Government of Norway promotes jobs and recognizes the effort of workers, protects citizens’ rights and freedom. It is this day that various labor organizations and trade unions come up with their processions so that the economy of the country become effective jointly working with the government.

On the contrary, our country – Ethiopia celebrates this day where the current ruling party (i.e., EPRDF-TPLF) endorses employment priority given for individuals who joined its party; dehumanizes working classes;  forces tens and thousands of citizens to migrate hence pushes many young working individuals to extremes; crashes citizens’ rights and freedom, detains tens and thousands of dissents and journalists behind bars; displaces millions of people forcefully from their homeland; puts nearly 6.5 million people in food crisis and starvation; and many others in the name of democracy.

In our country Ethiopia many people are still under informal employment, unprotected people right and freedom, many working class youth journalist and other are forced to go to jail. It’s country where the economy and social affair are controlled by one ethnic group. Peoples ,civil and social and workers are earning the poverty rather than  income for their standard way of life and many others.

This is very sad to hear every day in our country the bleak and dark back drop a scar on which we celebrate today. We have no other option but to return the dignity of Ethiopia, rights, freedom and justice for it’s people.

Despite this and many other facts westerns including Norway is supporting this government financially and it is being used to kill, torture and abuse human rights of the people in Ethiopia by their own government. I wish we could have a Government that creates jobs for millions; respects workers dignity and recognizes the contributions of workers for the development, prosperity and well-being of our country. It is a kind of dream. Isn’t it? It may sound a dream, however, it is going to happen in the near future if and only if you support us at least by breaking your silence and saying “My money should not be spent to kill, imprison, displace, and starve people in Ethiopia”; “Stop aid to the dictator of Ethiopia”. Remember once again that people are being slaughtered in their own country because of your money and silence. In such a way we will able to free our country from the current dictatorship and apartheid; hence establish a well-balanced and strong working class citizens.

May God bless Ethiopia.

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