That is why Words are there for

By Getachew Reda

Lately, there are elements from the opposition group popping- up with a new idea of advice telling people to <<stop humiliating Weyane/TPLF>>. Kidding you not!

In the city where I live, near the corner of the huge city building, there is a poster from the anti virus soft ware maker “MacAfee” reading << none stop humiliation for hackers! MacAfee>>

TPLF as an organized and armed “Tigrayan- Mafia” an enemy of Ethiopia; intentionally caused a great deal of harm to the Ethiopian future survival by land locking the country unfairly and illegally (not to mention its crime against humanity). As we all witnessed the painful and devastating 17 years of TPLF rule in Ethiopia with the continuation of war, hunger, conflict, immigration, discrimination, and one should conclude that TPLF is an enemy of the nation. Not only an enemy, but a “principal enemy” of the nation!

Therefore, the principal enemy of the nation, especially if the enemy is with in, then, the enemy needs to be humiliated none stop, till it stops its agenda of destroying of the interest of the future generation of the country.

One, no need to be puzzled why we have to label the Tigrayan organized armed Mafia as principal enemy of Ethiopia. All, you need to do is look the landlocking of the nation, the million Dollars it is spending to rent ports after it gave away its ports which it could have been using it for free and rent it to others in billions who need it. Mind you, the unbelievable huge thousands and thousands of Ethiopians perished in Badime, Tsorona and other battle zones for “nothing!” after both EPLFand TPLF clowns bragged openly that “there will be no more war after both seized power”. All this happened after accusing (Seyuom Mesfines and the OLF’s favorite word NefTENga) the “Neftenga” for the previous wars as if created by the “Amhara” and accusing the “Neftenga” to subjugate Tigringa speaking population intentionally and sent to Eritrea an Amhara ethnic a fellow member of TPLF/EPRDF (Tamrat Laynie or Endrias Eshete- one of them I do not recall exactly who- probably Tamrat) to apologize the Eritreans on behalf of the Amhara ethnic population!

This was intentionally made to look as if Amharans are responsible for all wars and misery in the north (though, now the world witnessed both caused worst war ever in the history of that area that the “Neftenga” they were accusing.

What other enemy can you find me worst than this kind of treasonous, rude, and idiotic & connive mind than this shameful act? Doesn’t that make you cry, upset, and anger with such irresponsible act made intentionally to create animosity among innocent people?

Didn’t such conspiracy made your mind restless and see how Ethiopia is turned into the hand of these little men of jungle?

Look the policy, and its programs and the onslaught and ethnic conflict on record (continues report of ethnic clash for the last 17 years none stop, which some of them are so bloody and genocidal conflict).

Look how much ethno-centered clannish type community each hugging their fabricated flags breeding under its policy and program detached completely from the heart and love of the center population and humanity and Ethiopianity.

We are not talking about ordinary tyrant here. We are talking about TPLF who is accused of genocide in Ethiopia. It is that serious. Therefore, one shouldn’t be puzzled why we labeled TPLF as principal enemy of the nation. It is the” national virus”, as some putted it “carcinoma/ cancer. Therefore, is harmful to the survival of the country when one weighs the number of national crimes and its ethnic policy the source for conflict.

so, we have to agree to the term as MacAfee’s slogan, that goes against the internet hackers, which similarly we too need to continue gearing our effort to see the none stop humiliation of the gangsters of Weyane Tigray /”hackers” whose slogan still chants the “Liberation of Tigray!” creating a disruptive atmosphere in the life of the Ethiopian nation similar to the Deg era.

Once again, we are dismayed by our friends in the opposition who are intentionally, teaching the population “to stop humiliating the principal enemy /that is” TPLF”. Personally, I will continue tearing down and humiliate the enemy, as much as I can , and as long as I am alive on this earth, in order to be able to kiss the ground and the soil of my beloved Ethiopia, “my country!!!!!!!!!!, my town!”, where my umbilical cord is buried and able to breath the air and watch the moon and the stars and in their brightest cloud at night where my parents great, great , great grandparents soul is floating on deep inside the Ethiopian sky without being followed by the TPLF spy, before I leave this planet of theirs.

Bear with me, for a moment. There are others also who are coming out with an advice to not insult opposition or the enemy TPLF. Let me deal here why insult should be used against group or an opposition leader/leaders who is or are fools, connive, idiotic, mercenaries, infiltrators, detractors and power hunger individuals and you name it so many, and so many characters with in the opposition.

In a society where a huge number if not majority number of the population act as if it is a “sheep society” like that of ours where it allowed itself to be lead and controlled by gangs and tyrants and fanatics: obviously, no question, it need to be told with a descriptive word in order to alert how low the society is dragging its pride by power hunger and political elites who are worthless to follow.

Here, some may not like to hear society to be called “sheep”. They hard fact is society is made out of individuals and it is not miraculous type of soul. Inside it, you will se so many thieves, murderers, connives, rude, power hunger and so on and so on. Description of society is necessary here. That is why General Mengistu Neway clearly out his frustration by using the exact description /word as <Ye Ahiyoch yemolubat Ketema!> “a city full of donkey (he was referring to the city population (?)) to explain the character of the city duelers of his time. He was right. Nothing seems changed. Still the same “sheep!!!!” (Though we want to fool ourselves that our society is alert, knows who his enemy is or who his friend……is.)

In a society of a “sheep culture” like that of ours, who is likely to be dragged with a rope to its death by mercenaries and infiltrators one should not be shy to call it “a sheep”. At the same time, those of some opposition groups/ leaders/elements that caused the hottest movement of the people to be dragged down to its worst stage to cause a freeze, intentionally seeking for personal power: no doubt, they ought to be finger pointed and casted out and isolated.

When you see the effort and determination and dedication of few individual leaders/ groups and nationalists, as a result of it, a nation coming together with a united coalition to remove the enemy of the nation, indeed! That makes you feel to belt yourself with a belt of hope. And they need be called “HEROES”.

Unfortunately as I said it above, individuals /groups of elements on the other side of the aisle associated themselves as opposition with the movement, working for their personal agendas; and as a result of it, if the movement freezes and reversed the resistive society to go back to its “sheep and deaf-culture” (to where it was before): then, no question, they contributed a great deal of harm to the movement and they need to be called what ever word /words feet them to describe.

Educated Leaders/groups are just ordinary human beings like you and I. And they do what we all do. They do mistakes or do harms. Or they act stupid and do idiotic things. When someone says there are many deaf out there, you have to ask him for explanation, because there are many deaf and dumb out there indeed. Who is appropriate definer is an excellent question.

All you need to see is the bragging and the empty bluffing that the air being saturated without out any thing seen of their bragging in practice. If one group or leaders says “no more peaceful movement and preaches time for arm movement” then he/she ought to show it in deeds not by bragging to the air. That definer device will be there for you to see it if such opposition leader/leaders/elements/group is/are in the right track.

If the group failed from doing what it bragged to “do” (after, destroying the hottest movement of others lying, it will fight the enemy better with an arm in order to disrupt the movement) then, you have all rights to insult and devalues its disinformation in any descriptive words/insults you wish to describe such element/elements.

To come to my conclusion- a liar is called a liar. There is beauty, and there is ugly. There is honesty and there is cheating. You call them all by their character. If one thinks the opposition is clean of liars and power hungers and cheaters, emotionalists: then he/she must be stupid, because he/she is stupid for not acknowledging the obvious. Do not call me uncivilized because I insulted them. Insult is seen or taken as uncivilized by some sectors. No, there is no such civilized politics in politics. If politics doesn’t and can’t involve in exposing liars and cheaters, and connives and infiltrators and mercenaries and power hungers who cause harm to the nation. Then, I do not know what politic is meant?

But, if you know, that such characters surely exist with in the opposition, you have no other choice of words to describe them except to apply the words/insults created by linguistics to describe characters and behaviors of people.

Pardon me; do not trust those professors who simply burned their time reading without living/working their life with the mass population of the villagers back home where there is no light at dinner time. You will see so many liars inside the villagers and so many good decent villagers inside them also. You will hear them insulting each other in a community gathering in the village when during matters that concern the community.

Among them, there are some who are power hunger villagers. Think of “Bilata Hailemariam” of the first Woyane (1935-36 Ethio-cal) in Tigray. He was refused the order of his higher authorities to pass the authority he had to the next man chosen and went to appeal as far as Addis Ababa & didn’t succeed finally went to forest as “Shifta rebel”. After staying a while out in the jungle; coincidently, the Woyane/rebellion started and right away jumped to use that opportunity to fulfill his power hunger agenda/mission. And from there, you know the rest of the story!!

Similarly, in the so called civilized America’s Congress chambers, you see also angers, insults and accusations, satires. You check out in each of their campaign, you will see bartering each other with notorious insults including exposing their private secret lives true or untrue. Go to Asia: – you will see them in the parliament beating each other with fists and tables as the Somalia’s did it in Kenya. Americans, Europeans, the Indian and the Asians are all consider civilized countries with civilized politicians governed by civilized democracy. But, the reality is far from it.

Here our educated elements are dreaming of “civilized politics” (what ever that means) when talking. There is no such civilized politics or will never be in the future. Insult will be there and descriptive words to those who deserve them will be alive and continue to be used where ever country you think of. It is foolish or a myth to think or preach insult in politics will be disappearing because of “civilized-politics”.

These elements are thinking like those scientists who are working to stop death or recreate the dead body already expired 100 years ago preserved on a special built freezer. Myth? You civilized politicians tell me if possible.

As long as thieves, liars, infiltrators, murderers, power hungers, idiotic and stupid politicians are there inside the opposition mixed together, the descriptive word/words will continue carried on to describe characters. Words didn’t created by miracle for any reason. The linguistics created them, because the different character of people allowed them to create those words that fit the people’s character or behavior. Even the `Koran or the wholly Bible has words and cursing words for us to describe each of our character and behavior. Many of the cursing words came from god’s mouth. Because, we deserve to be cursed for not hearing when we have ears and failed to see when we have eyes.

When people started to tolerate power greed and at times racist elements for the sake of the growth of the people’s movement to achieve the people’s last goal: but, unfortuanly, if the cheaters and power hunger racists and the likes started to dehumanize those who were struggling for so long with the enemy and act up on them as a wholly father of the heaven; then one have no choice, but to tell it, as it is. That is why words are there for!

To advice and come out with negotiating ideas telling all opposition sides to “cool off” and start unite in order to “focus” at the “principal enemy” of the nation: I can understand that, and I fully support it. But, talking about civilized politics and the whole crap of political jargon that flow with it can’t cure the illness (what ever the illness we are experiencing). It is not the “insult” that created the havoc. It is the behavior of few elements that caused it when they get into the political play ground. So, let us get out of such illusion! Ethiopia will prevail!


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