What is Enemy for Ethiopians and Patriots is not Necessarily Enemy for Minors.

 By Yelfiwos Wondaya

    The TPLF/EPRDF is an enemy of Ethiopia as ever, EPRDF is a coalition in disguise and TPLF is the power at the center binding the sworn enemies of Ethiopian nation-state under the umbrella of so-called EPRDF.   The purpose of bringing them under EPRDF is nothing but to dismantle the nation-state of Ethiopia into teeny, tiny regions in which narrow-nationalists and regionalists speak, act, and vote on behalf of their own respective regions.  All of them are agents for TPLF serving the interest of TPLF at the expense of the people they claim to be representing.  In such a way, EPRDF is making sure that the union is weakening and no longer be viable in proportion to their ethnic based federation.  That is the fact on the ground!  The TPLF/EPRDF hates and harms individuals and groups whose national agenda is unity, democracy and justice for all Ethiopians and discriminates them based on their political believes, ethnic origins and languages and imprisons, prosecutes and kills them just because they opposed to its political ideology.  So in a case like this, why on earth the TPLF/EPRDF is not considered to be the enemy of our nation and people?  TPLF/EPRDF is an enemy for the fact that its values and behaviors are also in conflict with the very values and behaviors of Ethiopiawinet itself.  In reality, in the eyes of Ethiopians and patriots, EPRDF is seen in two ways as the long hand of foreign powers and the arch enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet.  Knowing that TPLF and associates are that enemy and rival of Ethiopian national interests at the core, one wonders why the word enemy becomes an offensive term for minors when used against the very enemy of our nation’s fate and all of a sudden come out to be an ardent defender of TPLF/Woyane itself. 

    However, some already have done that distinction from the outset while the others are still dunking themselves into a quagmire of confusion.  Confused or not, what is good about this trend is that it is no longer threatening for the unity forces.  Because, Ethiopians are no longer interested in playing with words against their own rather they need to buckle up in short and fight injustice wherever it strikes.  In other words, Ethiopians do not need to have no spaces for those who are preaching hope against hope anymore.  After all, those who are preaching peace where there is no peace to fit in to begin with are well exposed to the point where their track record is quiet clearly controversial and divisive all along.  As a result, one has to urge unionists to end an association with them for good.  Minors as ever, also they are no longer important in Ethiopian national struggle in comparison to those organizations whose sense of balance in Ethiopian political landscape is momentous and influential.   Insignificant as ever also, professor Mesfine is venturing to succeed in persuading Ethiopians in the Diaspora but in vain.  Isn’t that a dangerous trend for him in particular and for some wana be oppositions in general to carry out such mission abroad on behalf of TPLF/EPRDF and appearing to be monk devoting himself to prayer, solicitude, and contemplation and yet the purpose of all this is nothing but to appease Ethiopians not to rise up against woyene?  Whether or not they will survive the popular rejection of the public is yet to be seen.  However, just because Ethiopians are exposed to hundreds of political messages from dozens of political groupings does not mean that Ethiopians are as confused as the massagers are.   Not quite yet the public is at a complete loss as those who are acting as a diplomat on behalf of TPLF/EPRDF think so and wish for.  Ethiopians are not interested in a party of two or more private clubs formed for the purpose of fame and prominence either.  A party of two or more elites that adopts a wait-and-see policy toward the arch enemy of our nation cannot be a political party by any measure. 

    Besides, Ethiopians are well-informed on issues relating to a particular topic of who the enemy is and is not and could not be that difficult for them to tell the bad from the ugly either.  Ethiopians know full well what TPLF stands for and what party objects to TPLF’S rule and adopts objective measures against notorious TPLF.  So it is better for those who are preaching peaceful means of struggle in disguise to get rid of their concealing outfit and face the world or else one cannot foresee any future for them to make it in Ethiopia.  

    The fact remains solid, that on top of Ethiopian’s rejection to the dictatorial rule of DERG, the downfall of the then military junta in late may 1991 was an outcome of the then REBLES’ political commitment and military might.  Both EPLF and TPLF emerged as point of contention and maintained their military power against DERG and moreover identified the unionists as enemy by calling them NEFITEGNA.  Isn’t that one of the main reasons why they been successful in their fight against their enemy and seen as a contending force which in turn attracted foreign powers as opposed to those on the union side?  At the end, they established their own governments.  They managed to identify those political groupings whose political agenda was Ethiopian unity and fraternity at that time and dislodged them effectively not to be part of EPRDF no more.   

    Afterward, an all out popular support is crucial but distinguishing our enemy from our friend is more crucial in order to win the war against enemy.   Therefore, our leaders have to take this momentum into consideration and make use of the prevalence of our unity and multiethnic sentiments as opposed to the 1990s.  And anyone out there collectively or individually has to join our existing partnership and taking sides with the unity forces.   Then we will see who is becoming fainter by the day and vanished at the end. 

    In conclusion, the efforts and visions of our genuine political parties must be appreciated as opposed to minors’ that create confusion and havocs in Ethiopia today.  The political parties and the public at large that are making a collective effort to achieve a radical change against the fate of TPLF/EPRDF and the wish of minors shall prevail over our enemies.  To that end, we must continue to challenge the vague approach of minors, a phenomenon that creates apathetic political approach both in Ethiopia and abroad.  It is time for genuine Ethiopians and patriots to stand up against such approach and continue to operate on their own and advance the struggle against TPLF.  After all, we are lucky to have such visionary political organizations as EPRP and others.  Visionaries as ever, they are indeed the making of those action-oriented men and women embracing the ideals and principles of our nation, as a result, they deserve to have our trust and to be the leading parties of our national struggle.  Last but not least, we need to know who is failing to understand the difference between our principal enemies and Friends alike and move on. 

Yelfiwos Wondaya


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