Money and Power are the rules for Meles to Live By

31 12 2009  Yelfiwos Wondaya

Meles mentioned no national unity, sovereignty, or national interest, in his reply to the question of what his moral conviction is like in his political life. The question was asked by one of the journalists during his recent press conference in Addis Ababa.

It is no wonder though that many Ethiopians are outraged by his provocative remarks he always uses against our national symbols and flags at every occasion. With that in mind, one would conclude that there is no Moral Conviction other than love for money and lust for power for individuals like Meles whose measures of values are cash, wealth and power. Well, there is no such thing as being humble and respectful toward humanity on the part of narrow nationalists either. So Meles is all of the above, since he is a tribal chief and a sell out man all the same time, he is a man of cynic whose actions and deeds are insincere and motivated by his own selfish desires. He is always negative, sarcastic and derogatory about symbols others value so much, most important of all, he is interested in prices but not so much in values and moral convictions.

The reason being that narrow nationalists have a victim mentality is also that their hearts are filled with hatred, prejudice, blood-feud and revenge usually to the exclusion of all others. For they feel they are minor in every field one can think of, they feel too inferior to measure up with any given level of excellence accepted by the society as a norm by which actual attainments are judged by the their own merits. That is an image Meles inherited from his superiors through times. What’s more, as any racially driven hypocrites, Meles has an excessive devotion to his own tribe often associated with a belief of inferiority complex he suffers and revenges against all others, other than his own. He is altogether xenophobic, intolerant and compulsive in his approach; as a result, xenophobia, the pseudonym of the Cynic currently adopted by TPLF under his headship in our land is the ash heap of history and shall be remembered as such for the generation to come.

If need be, it is those genuine patriot political organizations whose national agenda is well in place to serve our national interest and sovereignty that have got to take the leadership role in today’s Ethiopia. Only a responsible government would take such serious events like territorial integrity and protecting that territory against intruders at any cost. Till then, Ethiopia is at a time when she needs her children to come to rescue her from domestic and foreign cannibalism. Ethiopia is not an abandoned land! Ethiopia is not and would not be considered as such so long as we the citizens of Ethiopia are

alive. Therefore, we must come and reach her and let others know that Ethiopia would not be mistaken for an abandoned land any longer, a land without citizens that protect her against all odds. Although some might given up hopes and signed documents appealing for forgiveness, launching a campaign to raise money, and resources to join the parliament, many other patriot Ethiopians are still in duty in terms of exposing, confronting, and defending of Ethiopia ’s national interest. Ethiopian patriots are hustling against the regime and its shady and illegal deals Meles is making with foreign powers and companies on a daily basis. That is the fact! Therefore, on part of such patriots, seeing the
nation of Ethiopia put up for sale, by sell-out Meles is unthinkable as opposed to those cowards who are fearful for the safety of their capital investment. After all, it is in their moral conviction to defend, protect and challenge enemy’s action aimed at the heart of their national unity, and territorial integrity of their nation.

After all, isn’t that good enough for us to tell that his strict adherence to anti Ethiopia is still there and his narrow-nationalistic dogma continues to manifest more of its misdeeds against the interest of our nation? This time he is selling the entire boarder line commencing from Metema to Gumbella out to the Sudan , he is currently in agreement with The Sudan authorities to give them a chunk of land. The last cession is in progress in Mekelle. Reportedly, people in Meklle danced and showed traditional Ethiopian songs. “Upon arrival at Mekelle’s Allula Abanega international Airport, the 135-member Sudanese delegation was warmly welcomed by Tigray regional president Tsegay Berhe, government officials, and with hundreds of residents in traditional closes waving both flags, singing and dancing traditional Ethiopian songs” Sudan Tribune. Earlier on, Meles of TPLF annexed parts of Gondar , and Wollo into ‘Greater Tigrai’ and helped Eritrea seceded. Now the next episode at hand is selling part of our territory and fertile lands out to foreign governments which is a new development and a trend that deprives Ethiopians of their own land, rights and privileges altogether. Most remarkable about these new developments are also reportedly that Sudanese authorities were warmly welcomed by Tigray regional president Tsegay Berhe, government officials, and with hundreds of residents in traditional closes waving both flags, singing and dancing traditional Ethiopian songs. Imagine they have celebrated this festival, by dancing and performing some Ethiopian traditional song in favor of Sudanese interest and of course at the expense of other Ethiopian nationals. Keep that in mind for the record. Yes Meles is known to have been reading a book of vile confessing death to Ethiopia, praising Killil in a place of greater Ethiopia, watering down any thing Ethiopian, and yes accompanying himself with the sworn enemies of our Ethiopia to harm Ethiopia itself, and telling us so much of unfounded stories that negate the entire historic reputation of Ethiopia for so long. So much so, what else do we expect from Meles other than dismantling our unity and rewriting our history on his own image and selling out of our lands territories to strangers? Ethiopia with her rich experience of governing herself for so long has also a history of defending her territory against foreign invasion. But this time, she is turning out to be under foreign mercenaries paid to serve for foreign powers. Meles is selling Ethiopia ’s integrity for a short-term advantage. Isn’t that what Meles is all about? In conclusion, from the out set, many concerned Ethiopians especially; EPRP told us that Meles of TPLF does not have the courage to win and the will to preserve Ethiopia ’s unity and her territorial integrity intact. They further warned us not to get duped by Weyane’s misleading propagandas and they have done so by speaking clearly, frankly and firmly in every occasion. That is on the record. To that end, Meles of TPLF together with his impotent group ruling in Addis are neither endowed with talent nor with some Ethiopian sentiment to share Ethiopianet with the rest us either. Finally, I have something to say to those who claim to be leaders of minor oppositions, supposedly, though not election, but Land is the foundation of human pride and it is something that people value and it should be as well that the leaders have to respect and live by.  But simply ignoring this call and accompanying Meles instead by being a guard or a guide to prolong his power will bring about incalculable mess against your fate in due course.

Justice shall prevail in the land of Ethiopia !!

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