Welcome Kifle Mulat? Are you alive? Were you in Asmara or in the Diaspora?

Getachew Reda

Please post this letter on your website until I come out with a commentary in Amharic (I am not currently on PC with Amharic font) regarding the Ethiopian Free Press Association lead by the Ato Kifle Mulat. Honestly speaking, I am angry, frustrated by the so many of the called Diaspora opposition media. Hate me or like me, this is my confession. I congratulate Ato Kifle Mulat for coming out from the cave he was hide as a Monk for several years and finally to my surprise appeared with his three page (supposed to be 13 looking at the PDF) (incomplete/cut out) reporting the Houston money contribution and prayers accompanied with a candle vigil to praise Bertukan Mediksa. That is all he can offer all those years of his hiding. What happen to his good writing skill as a journalist of exposing the repressive regime? I have never heard of his pen. Not only him, but also Mulugeta Lule. Are they retired from the press? I doubt. Are they still members of the press? Are they active? Are they on the Satellite TV- where only the elite viewers see them as they are the Geraldo Rivera and the Operah whinfrey show?

Now, Kifle Mulat is officially active on media for all of us to read him after he comes out from his hide out. The former Tobia Editor and president of the so called “Free Press” (?) Kifle Mulat a man who chained his arms with iron chain when he spoke on his public forum speech years back in the Diaspora has now coming out after many free press journalists who are languishing in Yemen, India, Kenya and elsewhere were looking for his leadership but nowhere to be found, (though, he might have contacted them here and there through his third party gangs around him. The man never even heard by the public whom he claimed to speak, represent and concerned to write about their pain and fate for a long time (may be heard and seen by his compatriots of the Diaspora who run gang politics that we all are aware spreading little spiral dusts sprouting to the thin air as if they are shooting canons to Meles Zenawi).

An amazing man! I thought this man was a decent press man who has a gut and humanity and professional, but I guess not.   No one, but he let the press to be swarmed by a “elite gangs” whose business is day in day out posting pictures of Negasso, Gebru, Seye, Gizachew, Merera and Al Mariam , Berhanu Negga and Bertukan, (even a single other prisoners pictures who are languishing for over 18 years never were posted for sample for one day even in the last 5 years) by ignoring posting pictures of citizens who are suffering in the economic, politics, religious, homelessness, sickness, starvation, injustice, racism perpetrated by the TPLF security and malfunction administration . This media gangs are crazily in love with such criminal political leaders. No one but he and his circles with their experience, let the press to failed and open the gate for them the press to be taken hostage by talkative and elite propaganda spreaders using “patriotism” to highlight a toxic elite image and toxic politics shaped by criminals and manipulators.

Here we are now, Kifle Mulat t coming out from where ever he was hide and post news that was heard repeatedly by the elite media pretending as if he is talking about the thousands of prisoners who are languishing in TPLF jail while he was in Addis Ababa (still in Kaliti and elsewhere). As press person, he failed to mention a “single name” of those who sacrifice their life and property and their life to save and defend Ethiopia’s dignity. Indeed, not unusual for papers like this to hold stories for a good news, but the timing served more than one purpose. The release of this story wrote from his pen brings the issue of elite image such as like him (coming out from his hide) into the spotlight. I believe such story is not new for readers to read it, but as I said this was done to elevate his faded image cleverly through the prisoner Bertukan Medikasa. Quite honestly, a very shrewd business , it is also a very irresponsible move on the part of this man by failing not to mention in his paper the so many popular political leaders and civic leaders, journalists in prison who also escaped harassment of TPLF security still continue harassed by TPLF gangs all over the planet.

While we have both the right and responsibility to question the actions the opposition press officials, there are also times when we have to trust them since they said they are talking on behalf of us/the public. But, if the Ethiopian public do not trust those who said they represent us with their press skills, then we need to get off our collective rear-end and replace for those we believe we can trust in future difficulties and challenges.

The media in the Diaspora (I do not know about the media in Ethiopia) is hosting elites not the public. They hijacked the majority fools and ill informed elements to use them on their agenda of pumping up “elite images”. This can’t continue forever like this. They need to know that they are accountable for their actions for what they print. Journalists have a responsibility to their readers (i.e. the ones who keep them in business), but apparently the editorial board and staff writers on Ethiomedia .com /Ethioforum.org/Abugida.org/Addis DimTs radio/Nazret, Abay media and their likes don’t think that responsible journalism is nearly as important as serving their own individual political interests. Those media mentioned above should not sacrifice decent information for the sake of business and circulation numbers. If they want to sacrifice their own decency and political agenda that’s their individual choices. I would appreciate it, however, if they would not sacrifice mine at the same time. My country is hold hostage by TPLF gangs in the country and here the Diaspora media is reflecting elite image by posting pictures and speeches of criminal elements day in day out to elevated them as our New Covenant. This is unacceptable, their action angers many victims.

Who is responsible for such elite hegemony in the media posing elite politics? It is the former press leadership who claimed themselves as “Free Press Journalist Association”. It is Kifle Mulat and the rest! Shame on you Kifle Mulat! Where were you when the journalists are still seeking help from your leadership? Can’t you at least write one paper to UNHCR and the rest of the Humanitarian organization to help journalist Araya Tesfamariam who is suffering in India with his ill 13 years old who have no mother but himself as mother and mother looking after her still harassed by TPLF SECURITY BY THE NAME “Hagos and other hidden spies)? Where were you hiding Mr. Press President? In Asmara or in the Diaspora?

Have you heard the Ethiopian Journalists cry? Did you read us when several friends and I sent you messages on your email provided to us by your close compatriots regarding journalists suffering and seeking to hear your voice? What is “Free Press journalism Association” mean Ato Kifle? Good luck in your hide out political circles where ever you are flirting around with. Finally, (leave my politics alone) I like to thank Dr. Negasso Gidada for helping journalist Eyerusalem Araya. He is the one who helped him to get financial help for his daughter‘s medical expense when he she is referred to India Hospital for further treatment. I thank you sir for your humanity and care for these young girl and her father in a darkest time of his and her life. I am sure; god will forgive you at least in one of your seen. I also want to thank Obang Metho, Addis Voice editor (Ato Abebe Gelaw) for promising they will write to UNHCR to let problem known and expedite his refugee asylum papers to a better country where his daughter will get treatment. I also want Tigringa speaking Ethiopians to hear Dejen radio (Ethiopiancommentator.com) conducted interview with Eyerusalem Araya explaining the crime of TPLF. I thank Dr. Hailemariam Abebe for doing great job on this matter (for your so many cooperation in this matter). I will translate it in to Amharic- stay tune. Let us work hard to expose the failing press in the Diaspora and inside the country. Getachew Reda Getachre@AOL.com www.Ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com

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