BY Obo Arada Shawl   – MAY 23, 2010

Where there is no political war, there is no election


What is election? It’s a process of choice. What is choice? It’s a selection among many alternatives. But choice involves free spirit.

But free spirit lives in an environment of freedom. Do we have freedom in Eathiopia? Did the Eathiopian people get their freedom? Or they did not have any, in the first place?

Historically Eathiopian politics was understood in terms of foreign powers. Kings, queens and the like did not bother the Eathiopians. If we believe they did, it is an anachronism (out of time and place). Eathiopians have to come to define our history of the Middle Ages as well as the Renaissance, in order to understand a feudal system of government.


The personal names of Melesse and Isais is deciphered as MI =13 and 9

Mr. Melesse’s name adoption from that Legese has put him into a very complex personality. He is a materialist par excellence. He is in the business of accumulating riches without wealth. He is desperate to be recognized as a true image as a follower of Melese Tecle and an advocate of 13. On both accounts, he is faking. He is no Melese Tecle and he does not represent the 13th. By the way elections were formally started functioning during the 13th century.

The Ethiopians should stop believing that Ethiopia is being ruled by constitution and congress (cc). It’s being ruled by the central committee of adua.

TPLF’s deadly sin is their leading by lying- an uninterrupted lie will lead to nowhere.

The liars of Adwa clique leaders have put/in place congress and constitution but they have denied citizens of Ethiopia to exercise their hard-won freedom and liberties form Fascistic military regime. They are acting like foreign invaders – if they don’t allow DEMOCRACIA to flourish – they will be doomed to failure. My prediction is that the TPLF will be phased out in year 2013. Faking election after all we have gone through wars and revolution is not only wrong but stupid.


The EPLF considered itself as a conquered people by the Eathiopians. It is a paradox to be colonized by oneself when most of its members are considered themselves as Axumite Ethiopians. It is also a paradox to be colonized by “primitive peoples of Ethiopia.”

EPLF’s strategy of being a colony of Italy and a colony of Eathiopia was untenable. ELF’s stand on Eritrean Independence was tenable. This dilemma has remained an obstacle to any headway. What is worst, both organizations dwell on grievances, regret and possibly revenge. Their bet for solutions is DEMOCRACIA – nothing else will work. It is unfortunate that DEMOCRACIA is being abused by their leader, PIA.

Eritrean organizations have been cheating their people for too long instead of teaching them the right stuff – “who is your friend and who is your enemy?”

Mr. Isais is not in the business of pretension. He is traveling to reach the letter J =10.

In perception as in reality though, the Eritreans think that they are being ruled by the Central Committee (CC). But instead, they are being ruled by one man.

Lessons to be learned from Important Events

This week in history, three important events are taking place which are relevant to all Eathiopians

  • Election – in Pennsylvania, USA

  • Burial ceremony – in Hazega-Tseazega, Eritrea

  • Election – at Adua, Ethiopia

The case of Pennsylvania is about a long-time Republican Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania who lost his seat. Voters proved unreceptive to the converted Senator. The US Senator has switched parties after 44 years of serving as a Republican. It is reported that his move was to align himself with his Penn Public so as to prolong his political career. According to one journalist, he characterized the situation in America as “Ideology is out Trust is in”.

The Hazega-Tseazega case is about Tsehaye Minlik who has dedicated his knowledge, personal life and his children’s name to the cause of humanity, freedom and to the working classes of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The annals of Revolutionary history of Eathiopia will remember this little unknown but great man who has served well the employees of the Assab Petroleum Refinery.

His name and family name transcends any other name in our region. The Sun (Tsehaye) which gives life here on Earth enjoys its presence in Eathiopia. Minlik is to the one who unified us not the one who divides us.

So what has happened to this man? This week on May 2010, on the eve of Eritrean Independence, he was buried on his village having buried in German soil for 20 years. Why is that his corpse was dug out and sent home? Why was he not buried in the cemetery that was allocated for the Eritrean Patriots? These are relevant questions to be dealt with in my subsequent articles.

For now, let me say that he was not only a fighter for the human free spirit but also he planned for posterity by naming his twin children as Nazanet and Harnet – both words have created confusion and chaos among the elites of Eritrea.

Tsehaye had definitely predicted the outcomes of the Eritrean Revolution. He died one year shy before the Eritrean Refendum.

Two decades have elapsed without enjoying the fruits of Nazanet and I hope the next decade will be the fruits of Harnet,

It’s reported that Melse is to complete with a lady for a parliamentary seat.

Election in Adwa is reported to be between the sexes not between ideas or positions. Both Mr. Melse and w/o Aregash have been together all along while messing up the Eathiopian societies. They are two sides of the same coin, so to speak.

There are people who said that Aregash is such a strong-willed individual that they don’t think that Melse is going to manipulate her.

The episode of Adwa election is helpless to bring us any closure. There is no finale to the TPLF leadership drama but maybe the end of the line.


Election in Ethiopia is equivalent to no election in Eritrea. I have predicted that the TPLF will phase out in 2013 and that the unity of Eritrea with Ethiopia will take place in 2013. There is no common era for 2013. They are Gregorian or Julian calendar.

Election in Ethiopia and no election in Eritrea are not different from each other. Cheating and lying are synonymous words. What both Liberation Fronts have been doing may seem to them as strategy and tactics. The TPLF leadership has developed hatred toward Eritreans while the EPLF leadership in turn hates the Eathiopians. In terms of hatred both are in the same wave length but in terms of strategy and tactics, they are different. One preaches for democracy while the other stands against democracy. TPLF leadership swims in fake democracy while EPLF leadership perverts democracy. Both parties depend on bullets not ballots. Eathiopians should strategize for a showdown for DEMOCRACIA – a political warfare.

The coincidence of today’s celebration of Eritrean Independence and the re-burial of my best brother/friend clearly tells me that the struggle was for cultural values not colonial.


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