No more sedated by old fashion scam.

Fretsidiq Fekade

A receipt of acknowledgment to insufficient and misguided TPLF’s code of conduct yields a landslide victory to the self-declared and illegitimate regime . A political process carried out by a single authoritarian directive, to unequivocally serve its own interest and deliberate more insult to receptive oppositions. Bereft of candid vision , it mainly been a primary contention that guarantees the continuance of state enterprise and its existing power. TPLF’S govt. unlawful and arbitrary policy, practically unchallenged by the oppositions beyond rhetoric; more to it, less scrutinized and no effort made to resist in the process , certainly made possible the actor to ride on safe venue. Its crystal clear that Weyane launched a preemptive strike on both sides of the isles by presenting “the new deal“ in the name of code of conduct.  In short, the master of deception had declared victory prior to the election.  The later has simply been a show case to dissuade the “runner ups” from further taking center stage on the political platform. It was by far a grandiose do over in the history of TPLF political struggle; if one seriously looks into where the result points to. It is a synonym to obscene gesture the middle finger to mean I don’t give a flying f.  Thus spoke Weyane, call me any epithet, nonetheless, I am that finger points to your rear. Sorry…, you have been dozed off, that’s who I was, that’s who I am, and that’s who I will be.

In the absence of authentic opportunities and in the realm of unjust and unbalanced political space, the delirious oppositions hoodwinked by Weyane’s “ amicable” language of “election”. knowing this self- conducted election from the outset never instituted the principle of democracy, luck would have said it!, the slumber political experts amongst the oppositions were even convinced as such that would bring forth a solid outcome. The old saying “ yemilushion besemash gebeya balwetash”, or else if you were to know what has been said about you (fool !), you had better stayed home. While lost in translation as to how define the incumbent or else steadfastly probe into the deep-seated intrinsic identity of the ruling party, on contrary, entrenched into the uncharted territory of Weyane under the guise of “election,” with blurred vision and less audacity, culminated in a historical embarrassment . Would have been great if the oppositions had
known weyane thoroughly besides its superficial identity!!

If logical argument put in place let alone the indisputable reality unfolds before our eyes, how in the earth one can deny the nature of tyrants?  Is there any natural affinity for oil to mix with water if they find themselves together in one place? They may claim to have shared same container but doesn’t mean relate to one another via their predisposed quality. By the same token, it can be said an entity with despotic qualities and attributes cant relate its ethos or social context with one diametrically oppose it. By sheer chance or stroke of luck, or opportunity presents itself for each one randomly associate; it is inevitable their co-existence is short lived. Weyane has been adamant all the way through its political life to pronounce judgment when it comes to those stand against its view. Therefore all have been recognized enemies according to its ideology- revolutionary democracy. Point blank. Never been witnessed to vainly wasted a fraction of a second or giving a second thought to retract itself from such and such labeling . But for the most hallucinated oppositions to give a definitive look to weyane up until I write this last word is unimaginable.  What has been more clear is oppositions prefer to meander in  futile political course to define weyane as an enemy and denounce its rubber stamp constitution; before winning one parliamentary seat!

Same old fashioned exchanges of rhetoric and discourse between the junta and the oppositions, wasting time in futile parliamentary theater and so forth, is like Albert Camus’s expression of “ an absurd reasoning”. Rolling a rock up a mountain which would roll back down before one get it to the peak . There is no quick philosophical or political fix for the problems born out of the womb of TPLF. It is this same rock which one roll up and down to no avail. The political parties are condemned by the gods of TPLF govt. to the endless frivolous task of rolling this rock.

If our endeavor is more to be participants of a weyane drama, we may as well dare not say freedom fighters or agents for courageous people of Ethiopia. The people deserves leaders and representatives who can stand out as an emblem of liberty. Our people deserve to have politicians who can roll up a rock to the mountain and claim all vantage points with courage. Our people deserve to keep off those smooth political persona who strive for keeping their absurd soul alive.  It wasn’t a remote past for courageous Ethiopians to raise their voice before their slaughters- the voice which remains overwhelmingly in the conscious of many- tiglu new hiwete!
Weyane conducted election more to dishonor Ethiopians and reclaim its dictatorial run-of-the-mill governance. As simple as that. Needless to say more about its undemocratic and nontransparent mod-us operand i. Weyane has been always on top of its game, no one can play the rules of games on its own turf. Everything was done as business as usual and an attempt to mystify the process is nothing more than to introduce the most familiar. Same can be said to the oppositions; being duped by lunatics time and again is a habitual stuff.

A new, perhaps, most determined political movement must be galvanized with “ enough is enough” dictum to rid off the mobsters! No more same old propaganda is required, no more unique degree of political intelligence is anticipated, no pseudo-political farce is accepted, no more riddles and prose to be scribbled, no more to be confused by insensitive political opinions-if genuinely desired to emancipate Ethiopians from ethnocentric regime- we must bravely fight with one accord and one spirit against weyane. With all our ability, by all means necessary, lets do the best we can to save Ethiopia.
“All is despair,
Not much to repair.
Dwell in the insignificance,
Wandering in the realm of menace.
Too shallow to redirect the course.
Ignorance begets pseudo intellectuals
Wisdom hasn’t left footprints,
‘cause the spirit has been annihilated,
And the body is mutilated.

The mother of all
Left to work alone.
Her redemption and resilience
Slowed by vain politics.
Save me, she spoke,
To those being betrayed
By chance and opportunity;
Your politics is of pure unity
Your objective is not of conspiracy.”
Ethiopia will prevail!

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