Lidetu & The therapy Seeking Opposition

Getachew Reda (Editor- Ethiopian Semay )

First of all, let me apologize for using the English language by not using the Ethiopian languages. This is because; I am experiencing the Geez Font problem temporarily. Having said that, in this article along with Lidetu and his opponents in London, I will touch some other several different subjects/issues unrelated to the title given. I will touch Lidetu, the opposition media, Human Rights and Journalist associations and their failing business. As you are well aware you have witnessed “all” opposition parties inside the country (I mean ALL!!!!) failed confronting the fascist, the hateful, the liar the genocidal and mercenary government called “TPLF/EPRDF” for stealing, cheating, violating the people’s voice and for abusing its power for so long. And the so called oppositions walked away silently with their tail wagging under their legs with fear and broke their promise to challenge the abusive s in system in power right after the moment the fraudulent TPLF government declared victory. As the result of it, some of the Diaspora opposition went shock (including me) for seeing the opposition in the country whom many of us thought one of them or all of them will encounter the fraudulent system for its cheater behavior and exposed him with a country wide demonstration and every necessary steps to challenge and remove the Emperor of TPLF and his Dukes in power. Unfortunately, they shocked us by quietly went like a thief and like abused women with no clue where to go!

Now, the consequence of it, the opposition supporters in the Diaspora went to almost to a cycle of nervous breakdown and unbelievable confusion. Though it is understood for the opposition in the Diaspora why they are experiencing such shocking moment after many of them financially or spiritually or whatever possible support they gave in the hope to challenge the mercenaries and the fascists and hate mongers in power: In a strange manner, they kept their shock to themselves without condemning the cowardice opposition political leaders who drag the people to the voting poll and left their vote be taken away illegally by the criminal TPLF.

The concern is why the Diaspora Opposition still believe the same leaders who failed over and over and recently also failed miserably in unbelievable way and still gave them a trust that the same cowardice political leaders (Medrek, UDJ, EAUP, Arena…) will fight the genocidal and the fascistic TPLF in the next cycle of confrontation is indeed the most shocking situation than the shock itself.

Not only that many of Diaspora opposition members are acting in a confused and unlearned behavior still flirting and respecting the cowardice political leaders but with the useless and destructive media owners as well.

The strange status didn’t stop there, but also, still, some of the oppositions tried to release its shock /nervous breakdown agony by opposing Lidetu as a therapy and a scapegoat to their shock. It is clearly premature politics!

If they think something is wrong with Lidetu (which he is also in denial in some aspects), it is also equally the same with those who are “MOUTH” OPPOSITION leaders who used our energy and finance to support them, unfortunately, and unbelievably at the end when the true fight approach they too, I mean they too run away with no hesitation, shameful, and quietly like uninitiated, weak, toothless dog from fighting the cheater (TPLF) by leaving the population shocked without political shelter to combat the enemy (They left the population at AWALALA MEDA LAY with no strategy to combat back the enemy !) They too betrayed the people and broke their promise. Is that not right? They too devastated the people’s struggle and spirit for a long time to come may be even going to be toughest for the future if the people to trust any opposition when the people need leaders to lead them with pride, principled, focused, strength and fearless. That is the shocking part of it. We are still on denial!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I heard from Lidetu’s interview posted on You Tube is he invited the Londoners (oppositions
whoever they are) to discuss with him or raise their concern about him or future situation than to be noisy outside or outside the hall or deny others who went there to discuss with him or raise their concern if they have one if it helps what to be done for the future. His invitation has nothing wrong, but, whoever they are failed miserably to respond in kind. Believe me, as I said before, Lidetu needs to come out of his denial (some of his distorted belief towards the criminal TPLF- needs to be rejected- he needs to revise some of his positions and some myths….), but he is no worst criminal or worst irresponsible or responsible (accountable) or whatever word one wants to use, than the Berhanu or Andargachew or UDJ’s or EAUP leaders the rest. Not at all!!! (I can provide you so many evidence that each party broke their promises, violated many issues and exposed the population by lying and signing a crime they didn’t participate, because the government pressured them…) So. The opposition members (who ever they are) are manipulated by the Diaspora caved political leaders guidance and with all the scenario they seemed to be discriminative in a narrow partisan mentality when they singly attacked Lidetu alone, as if he not their leaders at fault.

The Opposition media are also playing games with such useless politics to look as if something significant is achieved. Some of the opposition in the Diaspora also need to know how the opposition media websites (all – I mean all) are distorted, partisans, I have even some doubts that some particular opposition media are undercover media who served separatist parties and playing destructive anti unity roles.

See how some of the opposition and their media were so unbelievably out of touch talking for so long about Bertukan invitation by the Northern America Sport Federation issue. That was the most ridiculous foolish and hypocrite arguments I have ever seen in few years (at least). Lawyers, commentators, journalists (? if they are), poets, Pal Takers …..Were feeding myth to the opposition (struggle) on and on and on and on until we feel nauseating. Sad!

Who can we believe and who can we talk? To the Journalists? Do we have elements called journalists? I do not think so: may be Tesfaye GebreAb?- Can we use him or trust him? If Berhanu Nega allows us to use him!!!! The rest are not media operators or journalists- to verify what I am saying listen to the Reporter editor Asegid Tefera’s interview on ESAT. He will tell you in a simple word what I was saying all along “There is no media accountable to report the pain of the nation!!!!!!!!!!!!” “The media is the first one to be accountable!!!!!!” The media betrayed the nation!!!!” The media is the most criminal of all elements!!!!” yes, Asegid Tefera was right; though some phrases are mine only mine! This media people “crap!!!” can’t even openly coordinate the public efficiently to help their own fellow journalists when caved in hell by different dilemma, when their fellow journalist is sick theirs/public support or expose TPLF gangs for attacking their fellow journalist/s. For your surprise some of the Ethiopian opposition media (search Google about one Ethiopian journalist in Sweden (?)(Some where in Europe) personality is dedicated to free an “Eritrean journalist”. One of the Ethiopian fellow who lived in Europe dedicated a full time effort to freed one of the hateful journalists (check what he and his likes was writing about our people while they were in Asmara flirting with EPLF government as media people) like by the name Dawit now in jail by Isayas while forgot one of their own in India “Eyerusalem Araya” who is been harassed by TPLF monster/ gangsters. What does that show you? Delusion? I have no idea. Those are Ethiopian journalists who are fighting for Eritrean journalists while their own fellow journalists are exposed for hunger, and murder and health sickness and freedom to move all over the world as immigrants.

Some are even for your surprise elected for International Award for best Journalism! I don’t mind some of those brothers got the prize (I am happy for them), but are they truly qualified for it? No! (Do we know the chain that is pushing such personalities for nomination?)! {WEYtiGudu! Ale Tigre}. How many journalists do you know who were murdered by TPLF gang Knives/sword while tried to go home from work late night? Many of them. How many Human Right activists were murdered by TPLF in a day time and no TPLF gangs/ government security chiefs went unaccountable? Many .Asefa Maru was the victim of such. Tesfaye was the victim … I mean many and many…! Do you believe that Journalists like Eyerusalem can’t even get financial or even news coverage when he is day in day out beaten and run for his life on hiding in India? He is still in need of help (financial and moral and media coverage and none of those (with the exception of few) media are willing to write news or his and his daughter’s situation living as immigrant in India). Who should remember those? It should have been the job of Kifle Mulat the president of the “EFJA” and his officers and as well the rest of the useless “free-media” gangs by dedicating a special page/ website for their fellow members in hardship . But what they do and write and dedicated their pages is for elites that are already their mantra in their group/circle. For your surprise, I tried to contact numerous times to talk to him about the Journalists in Yemen (Serbesa Biru and his other friends) and Iyerusalem Araya and his 13 years old daughter suffering in hiding in India- BOY!!!!!! It was the most disrespectful experience I have never encountered by any educated Ethiopian that I tried to contact ignored my inquiry so far (even the most who hated me response whatever their mind reads them to response with respect). He is the only one Ethiopian I encountered in 18 years I experience ignored my inquiry! Surprisingly, he was able to respond to those known anti Tigray haters calling itself Current Affairs Pal Talk for his interview several times. Doesn’t that make you so sick in your stomach? He was there talking garbage about how he is proud of his fellow journalists nominated for prize!!!!!! Wei TiGUDu !! ale Tigre!

Forget the so called partisan and ineffective journalist institutions (/global/local) to the dust bin. Come to the Human Right Institutions. Check the International Human Rights evaluation of nomination in Ethiopia and you will see how naïve and premature its evaluation for victims award of prize nomination procedure goes too. Have you ever heard the Human Rights talking about victims or nominating about Gebremedhin Araya (who exposed TPLF’s heinous crime in a different and multiple charges and got beaten up to death almost paralyzed in Uganda! Have you ever heard of them talking about him? No! Have you also heard the Human Rights (local or International Human Right agencies ) let alone to nominate even mentioning their name like “Tsegaye Gebremedhin’s EPRP or Abera YemaneAbin, Aberash berta or Asefa Maru…..”? Have you even ever the opposition media ever mentioned those people (Apart the EPRP websites) .Why? Because many of the media or international/Local Human Rights or media outlets. Operators are partisans. They discriminate from victim to victim! The EPRP websites posted pictures and stories of many of the TPLF victims including Bertukan Meddiksa on their websites, but none, I mean none of the opposition websites dare to remember the EPRP leaders and fighters who are TPLF victims. Why? They are ignorant! Nothing else, but ignorance and also twisted by few undisclosed local elites who are partisans from victim to victim confusing the Institution/and the Institution’s officers. You need to have someone there with the ill informed International Human Right officers to push your victim to be nominated. Honestly, I have no idea who lead the Local or International Human Right institutions, but long live and my respect to “SOCEPP” (Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners located here in the Diaspora is doing much, way much better job than the so called Human Rights ….and Journalist associations who are funded by so much millions or thousands of money and man power….). If I get killed by the mercenaries it is rest assures it will be the SOCEPP that will fight for me not the so called Ethiopian Human Right Activist or International Human Right Activist. Hope the Human Rights or PEN or other contact “SOCEPP” (you can Google for their address) to be oriented about Ethiopia and government victims. I recommended the Human Right Institution and the like contact “SOCEPP” and add in its Committee if it really wants to help Human Right respect. If not, it will be a joke business like the so called UNHCR joke business.

Those opposition media

The so called opposition/free media are the play ground of few of the opposition leaders who are feeding myth to their members. The media themselves are part of the myth feeding business. They need to stop from further damaging the brain of their followers (community) if they really are “free media”. My readers know that for years I have stopped trusting some of the Diaspora media websites calling themselves “Public Media”. I sometimes throw some of my staffs on their website when they allow it (when they are in a good mood) to reach you. But, I never trusted them as media (all). I am glad I have my own I can spread it to the readers equally like their websites. Or else I wouldn’t be able to raise a word of my voice against TPLF or against the myth feeders.

I visited some of the websites this New Year (Ethiopian New Year) to see if they improve their attitude on their website and their maturity on their newly reconstructed websites. Shockingly, some of them even got worst. Just look at their page of link “Political Parties” visit Ethioforum-one of the dangerous media elite outlet to the nation’s unity, anti Ethiopia and destructive gangster media type website (I called them GANG media) and myth feeders and hate group boot lickers… :- If you see for example by Kenfu Asefa- The Ethiopian Political parties are in his link “OLF, ONLF, Ginbot7, Andint and EPRP –D” Kenfu Assefa even have a link to EPRDF media outlets while he deny other opposition media access (How ignorant do you think this media operators can be than this?!). Check their links who they recommended the public to read them when you get a chance to visit them. From Ethiomedia to Ethiforum, ECADEF, Abugida, Abay Media…!). And read the many of the opposition websites what kind of articles they highlighted or recommended their link the public to access as important message or media or political party. These are untrained elements, bias and ignorant of any knowledge of justice and media. These idiots are calling OLF, ONL as political party while these are the organization of terror as the primary responsible for human crime and ethnic cleansing equal with TPLF. And yet, they referred to you to trust them as political parties while they deny readers to have the opportunity the link of other media. Their service as media is no different than those political leaders who simply feeding the public a myth! I do not trust them! You shouldn’t either!

Generally speaking the public needs other media outlet and other new political leaders other than those who were feeding us myth for long many years. Both are in a big lie. It is clear that any confused and shocked victim will eventually seek therapy for the shock and disbelief due to the betrayal of all the opposition leaders in the country, but it will be reasonable to demonstrate to find a therapy for the shock not only against Lidetu, but also against all the political liars who misguided us in this last election again. /-/ Thanks-

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