The Signs of the Time: Cooperation or Confrontation (CC)?

 Obo Arada Aba Shawl    June 13, 2011

Distortion on IBSA’s profile and belief


I have read Amnewsupdate’s blog “The OLF controversy: Veteran OLF hardliner Ibsa Gutema…”as was posted in Assimba Website. I have also read Obo IBSA’s article titled “In Defense of Bilisummaa” that was attached also dated on same date as posted – May 22, 2011…

What IBSA Gutema wrote on colonial history and of economics is his own readings and belief. I think he belongs to a category of ADWA I in terms of history and Adwa II in terms of economic policy.


Since our days in school or in workplace (Transport), Ibsa and I have come to grasp that subsequent Ethiopian governments have been instruments of Oppression ጭቆና and Exploitation ብዝበዛ. The reason was simple. There was no written contractual agreement between the government of the day and the people of the day. Living together was based on simple trust cemented by Orthodox Christian belief.


However, according to Marxist historical theory, five economic systems have come to exist in the history of humans. IBSA and I have witnessed all the five systems of oppression and exploitation (OE) being concurrently practiced in the entire country of Ethiopia during our lifetime. These were

  1. the primitive system

  2. the slave system

  3. the feudal system

  4. the crude capitalist system and

  5. The Pseudo socialist governance system.


Mr. Ibsa has encountered bureaucratic maladministration locally, regionally as well as on a national level whereas I have traveled and gathered first hand data/information on socio-economic system. We both theorized and analyzed the five systems of economic and political systems of Eathiopia. Mind you within our life time, centuries of transformation and reform was presented to us on a platform. No one can beat this speed except the “Melese regime’s TD Bond phenomenon”. Ours was an era of Revolutionary and Reform and we are still living in it. Are we not a bit lucky? I think we are.


What I am writing here is to defend Ibasa’s personal records in college, in government and in social affairs. There are ten points that should be corrected or updated by Amnewsupdate in order to be a credible blog.


The content of the blog

  1. about politics of hate

The first sentence starts with “Ibsa Gutema is no novice to hate politics.” What an assertion of distortion. I have known this person for exactly half a century (50 years). He was and still he is an Oromo nationalist but not an internationalist! Is it not true that nationalism is higher ideal than tribalism? Which one do we choose a Tigrian tribalist or an Oromo nationalist? You be the Judge.


IBSA Gutema cannot hate politics as he chose to graduate in political science. Are we referring to ethnicity, nationalism or religion? Ethnicity is about survival, nationalism is about faith, and religion is about hope.


IBSA’s personal life did not apply in any of these three. As far as his personal life is concerned, he is the only person I know who is happily married for life with a large family. He did not, have identity crisis of nationalism for his roots are deeply entrenched in Oromia. And as far as hope, he was/is an Orthodox Christian who believes in the next world. So why did he chose to live in prison for a decade, to be exiled or to advocate for Oromia Nationalism. The answer is simple and straight foreword. He is worried for the Oromo people. That does not mean he is not interested in Ethiopia and Eathiopians. That is precisely why he asked the right question at the right place and at the right time. Manew Ethiopiawi? That question ማነው ኢትዮጵያዊ was it sociological, anthropological, psychological or political question? At the time, for me it was a poetical question and I did not care for poetry at the time. For many Eathiopians, poem is a way out for freedom of expression. I leave the answer to the readers of this article. Who is IBSA? Oops, wrong question.


A decade ago, I asked Obo IBSA why he was still stacked to his poem of the 1960’s. He said to me jokingly “no one gave me a response” That was and perhaps how he still feels. Forty years is a long period of time to be national of any nation. There is always a statute of limitation in any society.


  1. about joining the Melese regime

A decade ago, I had asked IBSA as to his participation within EPRDF’s government, he told me that OLF has accepted the power sharing on the following principles:-


The Oromo’s for the most part were/are peasant farmers and were suburbanized, for this reason; the OLF chose to take four cabinet ministers in order to transform their people’s lives…These were

  • The ministry of Agriculture

  • The ministry of Interior

  • The ministry of Education and

  • The ministry of Information


These four ministries are conducive for changing lives and for transformation and development even for any developed nation. Mind you, OLF leaders did not aspire for the defense, foreign affairs or finance which they left for the “Habeshas”. By the way the Habesha is a pejorative name even for the Northern Ethiopians including to the Eritreans.


Actually that was the right and correct way of transformation and development not the current way the Melese regime wanted us to believe about TD


The Oromos are far genuine for transformation and development though not necessarily at their expense. I have witnessed it myself when I was in National Service. If they were for the so-called “independence” struggle – they would perhaps, choose other ministries. I believe their whole cultural identity is based on “DEMOCRACIA” bottom up not top-down as is the way of the “Habesha’s.”


  1. The Blogger claims that IBSA lives in lives in New York, that is not true

  2. The Blogger claims that IBSA has penned a book about the fictional Ethiopia. That writer is not IBSA Gutema, it was Sisay Ibsa.

  3. My own observation is that everybody and everyone are sticking to his/her birthplace or residence and not to ideology or commerce. The writer of the blog teases IBSA that he did not know anybody from Eritrea perhaps colonized. The fact is that IBSA’s roommates were for the most part were Eritreans.



  1. IBSA does not need exit visa or entry visa from leaders he does not recognize. As far as he is concerned, he is a freeman to go in and out of his birth place

  2. We are not Ethiopians – the empire has to be dismantled. This is the slogan IBSA’s and every one of us believes. If we all believe in DEMOCRACIA and democratization in all over Ethiopia, then we are speaking of dismantling the Empire, be it the empire of MTY (Minilik-Tewodros-Yohannes), be it of Haile Sellasie, and be it of Menghistu, Melese or Issais. The Eway Ethiopian Revolution was carried out in order to democratize the Institutions of Ethiopia. We have not done that yet. And so the struggle will continue.

  3. The Blogger claims that IBSA played a prominent role in the abandonment of Geez Alphabet and adoption of the so-called Quubi. What is wrong with this effort? Are we opposing knowledge or the abuse of knowledge? Geez Alphabet: AGOL (alpha-Geez-Omega-Latin).


  1. Obo IBSA has written a book on Conscience in relation to Prison and Prisoners in Ethiopia. The Blog did not mention about this book. Why?


  1. Although I have not seen it, I was told that IBSA has produced a Dictionary of Oromiffa.


I do understand that many of my readers will be puzzled by mixing up the above named personality of leaders. However, it is time to tell that we all should have common understanding of Ethiopia or Ethiopianism. “Call me by my name, what is my name?’


  • The Europeans has defined Ethiopia on a mythical geography.

  • The Amharas defined Ethiopia in terms of philosophical geography

  • The Tigrigna speakers defined Ethiopia as physical geography

All others including IBSA’s Ethiopia is defined by Political Geography.


As if the above definition is not enough to confuse us, there is the Biblical definition of Ethiopia which in real terms is not compatible with the current state of religious affairs being practiced everywhere.





IBSA Gutema is not a linguist scholar and I am not educated in linguistics either. IBSA was educated in political science and I was educated in Economics. IBSA has worked in various Bureaucracies of Ethiopia and he understands the concept of Oppression. I do recognized what Exploitation was meant as I have worked in semi-autonomous organizations.


Take for example, the Kilil concept, and we should have a look at Addis Ababa and its environs. It is populated by Oromo population. Look inside the Washington Metropolitan surroundings. It is populated by Eathiopian aka known as Amharas. My friend IBSA and I do not communicate on geographical or mythological terms but on ideological and political understandings.


When IBSA says the Empire “has to be dismantled” I think he meant the way Eathiopians think is outdated. They are still live in conspiracy and secrecy. That age is gone for ever.


I know IBSA’s action and thought are motivated by love, the outcome of which will be advantageous to all of us.


We do not have to believe what we have read or heard. We should not support liars.


Democratic culture is the norm. One piece of advice to my friend Ibsa is to come out and revisit the broken families, the academic and the communities. It is not about the government that is responsible for killing the Oromos. Everyone and everybody is aware of the world is even lost between working class and the capitalist.


As a seasoned politician and an elder citizen, please come up with a workable proposition. I for one believe that we all need a cultural change – a Revolutionary or a Reform – I cannot tell. For a starter, I can suggest a debate among Eathiopians who reside in Washington Metropolitan in Virginia and Maryland. According to my preliminary studies, our Diaspora communities are clustered on the following basis.


  • The Socialist Eathiopians are living in Maryland

  • The Ethiopian Capitalists reside in Virginia

  • And the hyphenated Eathiopians are living in Washington DC


Let us debate about economic and political systems and not for nation-nationality issues based on languages and ethnicities. Our common friend Wallelign has done that. It is time to move on beyond building Walls as in Shaebia, building Dams as in Woyane but building Bridges as in BRDCMV.


Let us respect DKW (Dega-Kola-Weina) of our country not victory or domination as wrongly claimed by the leaders of Shaebia and Woyane. Our actions should be on negotiations and should be demonstrated in good faith for success stories belong to those who operate in good faith. The leaders of Shaebia, Woyane and their outcrops do not operate on good faith. Both organizations hate the word democracy maybe they are scared, I cannot tell. As to the new emerging agents such as Medrek and Ginbote, we should not be bothered by their intentions and actions. They have to learn the hard way as we did.


The current regimes of Weyane and Shaebia cannot out-live, out-manipulate or maneuver other Eathiopians no matter how clever they are. Everyone and everybody who acts in good faith have to pay a price. Our value or love is universal truth.




For comments and questions

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14 Responses to The Signs of the Time: Cooperation or Confrontation (CC)?

  1. ቢልልኝ says:

    ስላም ኦቦ !!
    ለረጅም ጊዜ የምትጽፋቸውን አርቲክሎች ተከታትዬ አነብ ነበር ፤በዚህ አርቲክል ላይ ግን ምን ለማለት እንድፈለክ ሊገባኝ አልቻለም፡ የ ፅገየ (ድብተራው) ተከታይ ነኝ ትል የነበርክው እንዴት ዛሬ ጎጠኞችን አድንቀህ ስለነሱ ትከራከራለህ?የ ኢብሳ ጉተማ እምነት ትክክል ነው እያልክ ነወ ወይስ ምንድነ? ይሄ በዴምክራሲ ስም የ ሆነ ያልሆነወን ተቀበሉ ነወ? ይሄ ነብር እንዴ “ዘ ኢ ዌ” ስትለን የነበርው?.ልላው ደግሞ ሰውየው ያላለወን(ኢብሳ) ማለት የፈለገው ውይም ይህን ማለቱ ነወ ብሎ መጻፍ ትክክል ነው ብለህ ታምናለህ?
    የ አሲምባዎችን መፈክር ለዋስን፦ እምቢ ለዘረኞች እምቢ ለጎጠኞች ኢትዮጲያዊነት ያለጥርትር ያቸንፋል!!

  2. Getachew Reda says:

    I told you all for many years that this idiot old fart from Eritrea is confused all along. He thinks he is Ethiopian, but his confused old mind makes him going against Ethiopia. He can’t even call Ethiopia in its legal name that the world knows. This crude, this puppet is allowed for many years to write his filthy anti Ethiopia articles hiding himself inside EPRP on EPRP websites. I think it is time to throw this idiot out of our issue. Let him deal his own OLF or Eritreans how to dismantle Ethiopia Empire. This old fart will be dismantled before Ethiopia is dismantled. Your age to old you will live few years, perhaps next week, so you will not see Ethiopia dismantled- cry! With your crew where ever you want to cry BANDA!!! Italians screwed up his deluded mind too bad! Sad! You better enjoy your retirment before you pass away soon. will you? Ethiopia is not going to be dismantled by you and your old fart friends!

  3. Ewnetu Tesema says:

    Selam Obo Arada Aba Shawl
    I have been following your blog for a long time. I used to admire your writing regarding Tsegaye Debteraw when all political pundits seem to forget him, forgetting the cause of his disappearance is nothing but ethnic politics. I am sorry, this time your article does not make sense. Where was your IBSA Gutema when Debteraw was thrown away into the darkness of TPLF’s ghost prison system then when he was part of EPDRF’s government and what has said about him since he left the government? Is it possible that IBSA Gutema cares only for those prisoners who are jailed for “OLF” cause? For what and for Whom do you think Debteraw sacrificed? It seems you are pandering to “OLF’s” cause. Let me remind you brother, OLF is an organization that needs to be questioned for crimes against humanity for ethnic cleansing done in Asosa and Bedeno. Has IBSA said any thing to you about that? If you don’t call that “hate” politics what do you want us to call it? As far as I am concerned, the time has come for Ethiopian elites to stop pondering to “LF” politics which is nothing but a sham period. Have you seen any democracy in Eritrea or Tigri lately? 40 years ago we all thought liberation front’s question was a question of democracy, in the last 20 years, they have surely proved to us they are incapable of bringing democracy and peace to their people they claimed to have fought for leave alone Ethiopian nation. እየተስተዋለ እንጂ ወገን

  4. wolde says:

    Ewnetu Tesema and
    Getachew Redda

    Thank you both for your opinions and insults. As to the insults, wishes and threats of death by the Redda’s, I wish him well and success> I have no response.

    As to Ato Ewnetu, Thank you for your comments and inquiries. As to Liberation Fronts, I did not and I am not a member. There are individuals (like Getachew) who cannot distinguish between a Political Party and a Liberation Front. They equate Party = Front. You are right Ato Ewnetu, the Fronts do not separate the people from the land and language. Everything is mixed up for them. That is why they have the Kil-lil and the demarcation based on ethnicity and languages. When I say about Liberation is about my Mind. If we cannot liberate our mind, there is no politics or democracy. There will be only chaos. Besides, we have thousands of liars and some of us must stand to tell the truth, even if it hurts. If you have been observing, at the end of my articles, I put Truth Prevails as opposed to Redda’s slogan, Ethiopia prevails. This is a real difference of attitude. I hope your name is real for it enforces my belief -EWNETU TESEMA. Call me by my name, what is my name.

    As to asking Ibsa about Asosa and Bedeno, I don’t have to ask him because I know who did it and why they did it. These are petty things for me. I have asked him the two main issues which are -a) who is an Ethiopian? and b)why did OLF had joined TPLF.

    As I said again, I have to defend Ibsa not as a friend but to defend the truth about his character and not about his ideoligical belief. Denial-guilt or lying do not reside with me. If you have more questions or concern, I will be happy to respond in as truthful as possible. Thanks again.

  5. Getachew Reda says:

    Sorry, I didn’t read these idiots response until this morning. This junk said he had nothing to response to me, as the same time little after each paragraph he started to talk about me. Didn’t I tell you confused old man?
    Ato Woldegabir- let me alert your ignorant mind. I have not said anything Liberation Front = Party- not in any of my response to you will find me saying such. I have no idea where you got it. Since, you brought it yourself, political party and Liberation Front whatever names all they gave themselves, does it make any difference? What makes you believe party is better than Liberation Front? It is not name that matters it is the action and character of the party or liberation front that affects the organization. CCUP- believe in violence (communist party), also for example the Italian Fascist party promote violence and war to control or dismantle other races to promote its race to rule like that of your OLF’s character. Fascism is genocidal. That is what your OLF is. The character of your friend is the character of OLF. OLF is not a pot. It is made from the character of the leadership. An idiot like you only split the character of leadership from the name of the party/libration Front.
    Lenin led revolutionary vanguard party to the ploritariat. Stalin took over the same Bolshevik party and rain hell against the people. Still its name is political party. So regardless one calls itself political party or liberation Front- the core issue is the character of that organization and the action against humanity. Your need to be retired Mr.Woldegabir. Let me tell you I don’t have time to waste with a man who is confused, so please do not take my time as usual. You said you have no response and stay that way. Your playing with words is a hypocrite. Above all Ethiopia will prevail is not a lie as you referee it a lie. Ethiopia will prevail, she will prevail, and you will be dismantled by your age or by your distorted mind. Before she dismantled by you or by OLF, you all will dismantle before her. Don’t play with words, very silly and dangerous. I will like you to stay away from coming, but since I know you will come back, if you do will can you tell us who did the Bedeno genocide and the rest that you said “As to asking Ibsa about Asosa and Bedeno, I don’t have to ask him because I know who did it and why they did it. These are petty things for me. “Can you teach us who did it? Why is genocide petty for you? Why did you chose to ask Ibsa about “who is Ethiopian instead of asking him the crime of genocide that his party committed? If you can late OLF free from that crime, you still have to tell us OLF is free from genocide. We have the speech; we have the commander’s communication, we all the necessary files- where the hell were you when such crime was carried, at the point now you like to ask Insa who is Ethiopia. You think that is important to Ibsa? He doesn’t believe he is Ethiopian so who cares. You don’t even care do you? Why should you care to a country that you don’t call her by her legal name, why do you care about Ethiopia who you and your friend OLF vow to dismantle her? The OLF puppets used to come here to this website and use you to insult me and insult Tigrayan population, you used to love it to hear Tigrayans to be insulted- now it seemed they too are tired of you so far, I didn’t read OLF gangbangers coming here. Thanks god, it is clean so far. Please do not play with words and symbols, and self created codes- it is silly and childish- it is not chemistry or math class. We are talking about people’s life and fate. No matter what you try, OLF is not going to be free from its crime. So, stay away from being attorney of the OLF criminals that the whole country know for 40 years who OLF is. If you wish join Berhanu’s WACH WACH Group and hold a Microphone from State to State defending OLF and ONLF as he did it openly without shame. If you join him you will at least get the best Hotel lunch and dinner and Airplane flight as well to make you old fart age younger. www.

  6. I think you are are standing fairly and squarely as a character witness of the gentleman’s integrity that you know for half of a century, and you will be rewarded by Christ on the day of judgement. Those who engage in character assasinations,I pray for them to get mercy and also suggest them to attend Voltair’s school of free thought.

  7. ቢልልኝ says:

    ሰላም አቶ ወልዴ
    መልስ ስትምልስ “As to asking Ibsa about Asosa and Bedeno, I don’t have to ask him because I know who did it and why they did it. These are petty things for me” 1ኛ አሶሳና በደኖ ላይ ውገኖቻችንን የተለየ ቋንቋ በመናገራችው በቻ ያረዷቸውንና ገደል የከተቷቸውን አውቃለሁ ስላልክ እንድትነግረን እፈልጋለሁ 2ኛ በነዚህ ወገኖች ላየ የተፈጸመው ግፍ እንዴት “ፔቲ ቲንግ” ልትለው ቻልክ?

  8. Getachew Reda says:

    Brother, I am from the village where Zera Yaakob the great was born and thought, I have attended Zera Yakob’s school, why going to the European when you could have point out Ethiopian free thinking philosophers’ school? You love those European so bad brother as if we have no free thinkers. If you hate Ethiopian thinkers, you could have still use other African thinkers- but I guess once Europeanized and disoriented and use Qube as his own, that is where he is going to end up. Sad! Get your mind wash with the Tigrayan ShibTi or the Amharic name Endedo so that you will respect Ethiopian scholars and their thinking. Let Ethiopia the beautiful forgive you and mercy you. Ethiopia will prevail !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wolde says:

    Dear Commentators
    To those of you who write in FIDEL (GEEZ) I am sorry I could not read your comments for I have no FONTS for reading your comments.

    As to the discussion on Voltaire vs Zera Yacob, be my guest, go on debating on philosophy, that is what we lack.

    Eathiopians are tired of debates between CHARACTER ASSASSINATION versus CHARACTER WITNESS. Was it Zera Yacob or was it Voltaire who was the assassinator? I beg a response.

  10. Getachew Reda says:

    Mr. Woldegabir:
    You need to answer what you were been asked to answer before jumping like a goat to a cliff. Here he the question you were asked to response the Geez fidel you said can’t read ” let me write it for you with your friend’s language called Qube. 1ኛ አሶሳና በደኖ ላይ ውገኖቻችንን የተለየ ቋንቋ በመናገራችው በቻ ያረዷቸውንና ገደል የከተቷቸውን አውቃለሁ ስላልክ እንድትነግረን እፈልጋለሁ 2ኛ በነዚህ ወገኖች ላየ የተፈጸመው ግፍ እንዴት “ፔቲ ቲንግ” ልትለው ቻልክ?” Assosa Ena Bedenno (Yteleye Kuwanqua Bemenagerachew bicha Yareduwachewnina gedel Yeketetuwachewin AwKalehu Silalk Inditinegren Ifeligalehu (2-) be Inzih wogenoch lay YetefeTsemew Gif Endet “Petty Thing” litilew cahalk. Disregard the Philosophy crap than never help anybody but wasting my time. Nabey Nabey Nab KOMBISHATATO (wedyet wedyet wede Kombishtato) I am asking you to focus the Enda Aba Shawul local issue Mr. Character Witness! Trust me I didn’t feel to come to you currently, since you insisted I have to answer your crap, so your character witness can tell us what you know you when the mass murder carried by OLF the mentioned crimes and why it is petty for

  11. wolde says:

    You have got to change your name, Getachew, Reddae. You cannot help anybody. You can only assassinate people by wishing to be Lord of Uganda and Buganda. My name is not Woldegebriel. Good bye, my friend, you are not good for solution only for destruction. I hope you will find your type.

  12. Getachew Reda says:

    NABEY NAB NOROMA? (Wediyet Wede Roma Wediyet Wede KOmBISHTATO? I want you to focus to the local “NABZUY NAB INDABASHAWUL” (WedeZih We Indaba Shawul). Woldegabir wolderfiel welde MEGANIEE, are all better names I gave you than you lie to us your name is Obo Arada… and to call you in your name which is Mr.MEGANIEE!
    The point is still not run away from the question you were asked to answer. We will still beg you to response. An old man like you needs to go to church and pray not need looking entertainment here from us if you can’t face the heat. You need to tell us your witness that you told us you know who did the mass killing in Bedenno and Assosa and elsewhere that mass killing crime against Ethiopians is petty for you. Can you please focus in response to that? Where are you running ?- if you are Ethiopian you can’t run, unless you are banda as you are trying to jump into a cliff for not answering. No matter what you do we still waiting for you to answer those questions rather than looking for KEMISH ADEY AEHONKILINI (YE Nate Kemis AdenaKefeNNG) This is not Badime, this is a website where are you running? To a cliff? Now, you act like Isayas Afewerki as he said MEKKALIF when he was asked why he was running out from Badime. Well, if you are not interested to answer our questions, don’t write, go to church – I have seen many like you- when the robe is tight, they strat to look reason to escape away like a goat. don’t worry about who we called you- as long as you are faking your name we have the right to fake your name. Just focus answering the questions. www.

  13. Getachew Reda says:

    Do you know your name? Is it Woldegabir or Woldegebriel? Where the hell did you see me in my writing Woldegebriel? You know how to spell Uganda, but you don’t know how to spell Woldegabir? Please go to church. See I caught you distorting yourself, thinking I called you Woldegebriel. And you got the nerve to tell me I am not your type. Please do not waste my time. I have no energy dealing with a confused retarded old man who can’t spell the difference between Woldegebriel and Woldegabir but knows how to spell Uganda. You make me throw up., many of you the BS elites. Now people can see you clearly how you can testify in court when you can’t distinguish what is written. That is why you are Ibsa’s character witness!? Please do spend your time in church- that is the best place for you not here. It is Badime heat over here brother. You see you should know me by now all those years that I have challenged many fools like you, than to lie and distorted readers in order to escape from the issue. Please gate a life and go to church, the best place for your age!

  14. Getachew Reda says:

    Wolderufael Tewolde are you there? We are waiting for your witness I knew it you can’t stay here in this forum unless the OLF gang bangers help you out here coming here casting out Tigrayan society and our mothers as you the banda are accustomed to do. You can’t handle discussion without them. We gave you so much time to tell us why that crime committed against Ethiopians was petty for you and to tell us who did it that you said you know who did it. If not bye, this will be my last.
    Obo Arada are you there? We are waiting for you to tell us your witness that you tried to defend the racist and criminals on earth. If you decided to go to church I will respect your decision. bye for now Mr.Menageiee, Me Woldegabir, Wolderufael. Aye Wodi Towlde Mr. Obo Arada. Good luck and bye forever.

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