Fake Revolution vs. Real Revolution

June 27, 2011
By Yelfiwos Wondaya

One wonders why one makes such a public call without something on hand to
support his plan of action to implement, and even worse the movement absented
itself from the event  it claimed to lead up to the strike for the 28th of May
2011.  Whether or not the movement did it merely to impress its inflated ego or
it believed it can persuade freedom hungry Ethiopians and let the demonstration
go astray with no sense of direction, time will tell us.  In most cases,
however, causing general public outrage such as this very irresponsible public
call is seen as disgraceful and immoral in any given society so is the un-known
movement who called upon the people to rise up in protest against woyane in
Addis and else where in Ethiopia. The call was heard loud and clear but the
clique on the other hand was not anywhere nearby to be seen.  What an irony! 
Although the time has passed the pamphlets in which the messages and propagandas
of the public call, attributed to that of the movement itself are here for us to
review and examine their content.  To begin with, in order to take on leadership
roles one must be in a close range to fight the fight, to walk the walk and of
course, to carry on the mission to the end.  Or else one would conclude that the
said movement is nothing but a national disgrace. As that, the said movement
cannot become a moving force and a force of change for the fact that it is not
destined to find itself in public arenas where the real movements take place. 
One also must be an action oriented force daring to perform outside of his
comfort zone and beyond.  Or else it is fair to conclude that such movement with
such urgency must either have some sort of false impression of the situation in
Ethiopia or have other motives to interfere with the revolution yet to come.
Whatever the case maybe, time will tell us why and history will judge it in
accordance with what has been said and done.  In reality, though the bogus call
heard from afar did not hold any water when checked.  “We must not be led astray
by the small-time deceivers and false teachers we see today who are the
forerunners of the Antichrist and the false prophet”
First and foremost, one won’t win the hearts and minds of the people by
insulting their intelligence and yet undermining the injuring capability of our
enemy shows how naive and armature the movement is.  How Law and Disgraceful one
get than this!  No one in his right mind would promise something out of the blue
moon and get away with anything serious like these public calls. However,
whoever has done it must be held accountable for his own action. Bogus as it
sounds one would also label it nothing but false alarm.  Empty promise of such
nonconforming movement aside, however, the real revolutionary movement led by
the real revolutionaries in Ethiopia is bound to happen.  Eventually though the
civil disobediences that would pave the way for the real revolutionary movement
in Ethiopia are forthcoming.

Secondly, unlike the half hearted revolutionaries the real revolutionaries are
enthusiastic about the revolution and its real results ahead.  So to reach those
results they would rather tend to intensify the conflict amongst enemy camps,
and capitalize more on the wisdom of Ethiopian society.  It is true though that
the wisdom of Ethiopians is prevailing against the unfounded hatred, fear and
mistrust the TPLF has been trying to make us feel.  Thus, continuing to feel and
behave in a manner that benefit all in the family, and adjusting actions and
deeds in response to the desires and needs of their links is what Ethiopians’
wisdom in action like. Together Ethiopians do praise Ethiopian nationalism by
raising their flag higher and higher instead of being divided and weaken by
saboteurs’ act of denial and ploy. Ethiopians must continue to carry on the
unity slogans as unity, democracy, equality and social justice for all
Ethiopians regardless.  Mutually though they give an enthusiastic approval to
the motto of one flag, one nation and one people.  So in this case, Ethiopians’
wisdom says it all that Ethiopians embracing Ethiopian nationalism will come
victor at the end as had had happened in Adwa, Metema, Mekidela and several
other battlegrounds wherein Ethiopians of all walks of life engaged in an armed
conflict and defended their common territory against foreign aggressions in the
past. Likewise, as ever before, Ethiopian national anthem together with
Ethiopian flag will be praised by all Ethiopians regardless.  After all,
Ethiopians’ national anthem and flag are symbolically popular, associated with
their greater Ethiopian identity, characteristics and causes of all time. 
Moreover, Ethiopians’ national anthem will have taken place to celebrate a sense
of solidarity Ethiopians enjoyed for centuries as opposed to that of narrow
nationalists’ song sung to shed tears for a Killil territory.  Thus, on the part
of the people it is time to prove the saboteurs’ claim wrong and move on.
Ethiopians must say no more both for the TPLF/EPRDF and for the agents!!  The
saboteurs joining us in disguise to divert our focus into something else we
believe is not important are our antagonists.

Next, the genuine patriots must use the crisis within the TPLF/EPRDF and move
on.  As started, they ought to call upon the different factions allied with the
current regime:  the military, the civic and political organizations to stand in
solidarity with the people against Mele’s regime, and as well ought to continue
agitating the public to be watchful and ready to deal with whatever comes next. 
For sure, the on going internal conflict would undermine the TPLF/EPRDF’S
organizational strengths and technical support it happens to preserve from
within.  And in due time the civil disobedience popular with both the young and
old, audiences shall reinforce the internal conflict and finally put an end to
the ethnocentric dictatorial regime in Ethiopia and to that of the fake
revolutionaries that declared the war publicly and of course in an emphatic way
but at the end there were not anywhere nearby.  And yet both the current
Ethiopia’s socioeconomic crisis and the internal conflict from within the
TPLF/EPRDF and the church led by Aba Paulos are the real threats revolutionaries
must capitalize on to force Meles out of power too.  Unlike the atypical
movement mentioned above and its bogus call, the upcoming revolution in Ethiopia
is bound to be the only way to do away with Meles’ tyrannical regime.
Historically though what the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the
American Revolution, the Ethiopian Revolution, the Agrarian Revolution, the
Tunisian and Egyptian Revolution had in common was nothing but change.   Radical
Change now!  Therefore, revolution is a must now both to reflect on the current
understanding of our situation in Ethiopia and the complex phenomenon the tyrant
regime brought us to rule our country with an iron fist. 


Last but not least, what the false prophets know best and carry on is confusion,
mistaking one for another and gone astray and ended up lost. So here is when we
ought to say enough is enough for them.  We must tell them loud and clear that
they are false prophets for they are deceiving the public and as well
circulating reports, pamphlets and statements without facts to confirm their
truth. Time and time again they tried everything they could to lead the public
into an error of action such as the call they made for the 28th of May 2011. 
“In religion, a false prophet is one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy, or
who uses that gift for evil ends. Often, someone who is considered a “true
prophecy” by some people is simultaneously considered a “false prophet” by
others”  Be that as it may, it is not up to the fake ones but up to the genuine
revolutionaries and the public at large to exploit the situation at hand and
move on. As it happens, a ground breaking revolution is necessary, and then,
unity, organization and strong leadership are the most important continuities
the public need to recognize in order to remove the TPLF/EPRDF out of power.   
Lastly, we must reject the false prophets under way and act in unison to defy
and defy now their act of denial and ploy.  The false prophets aside, we are
expecting a unified force led by Long Standing Political organizations to take
the leadership position ahead; a unified force that is prepared to resist, to
control, and to vanquish that of Mele’s apartheid policy and the system
altogether.  Ethiopians have dethroned the king and unseated the military junta
in the past.  Today what they need is not a bogus call from afar but real
freedom fighters from nearby that would lead the people to victory.   

Down with Narrow Nationalism!!

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