Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD)

April 9, 2012


3.2 Uprising (revolution)

To directly empower the people of Ethiopia uprising is the most efficient and effective method of struggle. But, the crux of the matter is, once the uprising is started it has to be on persistent level which inevitably would be directly proportional to the sacrifices that will follow. The most current concrete example of persistency is the uprising going on in Syria. What is going on in Syria is beyond human imagination to see what a bitter and an extremely oppressed people can do when determined. In my opinion the people of Ethiopia are ready to persistently challenge the regime. What is needed is leadership. Since I have said enough in my previous articles I will not bore you by repeating them here. For example, one of my articles is “Revolution in Addis Ababa” of March 20, 2011.

There are two choices, namely coup d’etat and uprising , for the political organizations who have the gut and the intelligence to choose from and start implementing one of them immediately. Given ones position on the field inside Ethiopia even to choose the method and start planning is a good beginning of implementation. On the other hand to repeatedly say our method of struggle is multi-faceted is simply a cop out and a deliberately calculated intention to buy time for survival. It is time, in fact it is long over due, on the part of the opposition political organizations to openly declare one method of struggle they are going to apply, commit themselves to it and be counted.


4. Is there any difference between Faction-A and Faction-B?

I strongly argue that there is no difference between the two. The ultimate goal of the two factions is independence. Faction-A is systematically clearing the road to independence in a very subtle manner while Faction-B is going about it openly and directly. However it is appropriate to mention here that there are sincere individuals perhaps unconscious of the cunning and conspiratorial move by Faction-A, such as Gen. Hailu Gonfa. I think I will add Dr. Dimma Negeo to this list because I have watched and listen to his interview very carefully. When Gen. Hailu Gonfa was being interviewed on ESAT his integrity and sincerity was clearly being reflected through his responses and explanations. The logic of Gen. Hailu’s correlations of the Oromo people to that of a country called Ethiopia was admirable. His rationalization of the relationship between nationalities and the land of Ethiopia, and inversely, the relationship between the land of Ethiopia to that of the nationalities was also very amazing.

When he was passing his specific message, in addition to what he was explaining the particulars of the messages during the process of the interview, to the Oromo people in Ethiopia he said the followings:


–As you are the central pole (miseso) for the country you have to be the central pole (miseso) for the struggle. Imagine a thatched grass roof with one pole in the middle.

–We have to build our house.

–We have to build Ethiopia that belongs to all.

–You (the Oromo people) have to build Ethiopia that you say mine .

Gen. Hailu Gonfa did not invent what he said above. I think it was and still is in his genes as it was in the genes of his for fathers who literally built Ethiopia. The reverse of what Faction-A and Faction-B were doing and still are doing now. These extremists, Faction-A and Faction-B, would not pass such constructively uniting and impact-full message to the people of Oromo in Ethiopia. One important point to note is that Gen. Hailu Gonfa did not mention, even once, the divisive phrases that were being used liberally, particularly by Faction-A, which I would itemize them below.

What we did not notice is that Faction-A completed, under our nose, the process required to establish an independent nation. Did you critically look into the political program constructed by Faction-A after the Minnesota conference? Please connect these dots. There is the map of Oromia carved out by OLF. There is the flag of Oromia invented by OLF. Both of them being maintained by Faction-A today. And now they have a political program. Can you see the progression of the process for independence? Wake up folks!!

Please observe some of what are specifically itemized under foreign affairs (foreign policy) in their political program:


–….Our foreign affairs policy will be….

–….We will be abided by United Nations charter, African Union charter….

–….We will promote peaceful conflict….

There you have it. When do you think they are going to practice or put into effect these activities? Of course, after independence. This is a blatant insult to the intelligence particularly to the Ethiopian intellectuals in Diaspora. There is no question bout it.

Dr. Nuro Dedeffo’s interview by “The Ethiopia” news paper was very revealing. It elaborates the issues I raised above to which we were blinded and still are blind to see. When Dr. Nuro Dedeffo, OLF’s executive committee member was interviewed he clearly and unambiguously set the steps Faction-A is going to follow:


Step one: is to form alliance. What it is doing now. Or have already done.


Step two: after the removal of the regime by the alliance it formed, a transitional government will be created. Alliance here refers the alliance between Berhanu Nega’ s Alliance and Faction-A. It does not include other political organizations which shows it is already dead before arrival. It is questionable for the other political organizations in the Diaspora to join them.


Step three: the political organizations, of course including Faction-A will go to the people and explain their goals. Faction-A will go to the Oromo people and explain their right, that is, whether to go for confederation or independence. This statement was the response of Dr. Nuro to the question of “The Ethiopian” newspaper. Confederation is simply a cover for Faction-A to agitate for independence. At this stage there is no state nor condition to confederate with.

Here is another one for you to chew. The resolution of the Oromo Liberation Front Council clearly stated as early as Oct. 11, 2011 by saying: The council reaffirms its unfolding commitment to the achievement of the Oromo people’s right to self-determination up to and including independence.

Now, the question is what is the difference between what is unambiguously projected by Faction-A and what Ibssa Gutema of Faction-B, one can assume to be their representative, stated below:


…Oromiya had to determine her destiny with a referendum conducted under condition where there is not fear or threat. Those who stand for independence will encourage people to vote independence. Please compare it with step three above.

Another very important point to note is that Faction-A is very subtly using: a) self-determination, b) ….free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia, and, c) ….the Ethiopian peoples will make using their right of self-determination, to camouflage their hidden divisive activities that ultimately would lead to independence, hence the breaking apart of Ethiopia. They repeatedly, in a very subtle way, to disarm the Ethiopian community, invoked the people of Ethiopian by saying, ….free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia, and, ….the Ethiopian peoples will make using their right of self-determination. Wake up folks!!

Here are other deceptive phrases being used by Faction-A. Given what became apparent by Faction-A leadership, is it really true when Dr. Nuro Dedffo said the followings:


–…we have rejected secession (independence)

–…one country

–…that accepts the unity of Ethiopia.

–…hence forth Article “39” will have no place.

To conclude this aspect of the analysis in the form of a question, “if this is not the mother of all deception what is?”


5. What Faction-A must do to be accepted by the Ethiopian people in general and the Oromo people in particular.


By the way, whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, I have an equal right if not more to speak about and for Oromo people, to defend and protect its interests and aspirations.

Faction-A, as repeatedly stated “one Ethiopia,” and “united Ethiopia,” to show its clean reformation must stop the deception and do the followings without any precondition. Walking the talk.

5.1 Abandon the flag you invented. It implies independence. To keep it is to still contemplate for independence, if not, to go fully for independence. Either way it is a full-fledged deception. The flag issue can be brought up when agreeing to form federal democratic republic of Ethiopia. Given you would have the chance to reach to that level.

5.2 Totally abandon the so called map of Oromia that you carved out. How would one know whether you have discarded it or not? When you show the map of Ethiopia without your carved out map. Whether to map out the nation, either a) by maintaining the current map, or b) by reviving the former map of Ethiopia, or c) by coming up with a totally different map of Ethiopia will be decided during the process of forming a federal democratic republic of Ethiopia. However there are key factors such as economic, political and social conditions to be duly considered during the process of dividing the country into regions. Ultimately, the deciding factor is the economic development which inevitably would lead to the eradication poverty , the improvement of education and the improvement of the health situation of the Ethiopian society. In my opinion, these three trumps up any other political arguments.

5.3 Change the Use of “Qube” roman alphabet to geeze alphabet. If the saying of one Ethiopia, united Ethiopia by the Faction-A leadership is true and sincere then this change is a must. That is without affecting the use of free local languages. The bottom line is, as common language is to promote national unity so does using the same alphabet as it used to do. You changed the already developing alphabet to Qube therefore you reverse it. And it can be changed. The Oromo society, I am quite sure, will accept it. Of course not the extremists. Extremists are always extremists without an iota of rationalization. Their motto is my way or the highway.


5.4 Change your name to any democratic political organization and join the struggle with different vision than what you claim you have. Your currently claimed vision is a blurred one. I have shown above how extremely blurred it is.

Finally, it is incumbent upon the progressive democratic Ethiopians not to be fooled by the deception of Faction-A group that is being lead by Kemal Gemechu. It must be confronted and be challenged with the stark truth, the truth that exists openly in the field inside the people of Ethiopia in general and the people of Oromo in particular, and be forced to completely reform. If not, it aught to be denied any forum to propagandize its deception. When and if Faction-A is denied any forum, ultimately it will become a politically irrelevant entity. Faction-A clearly knows that. Without the type of forums it is being provided and enjoying so far, it will become politically irrelevant and finally die.

Right now, there are a number of Oromo organizations that take care of the aspirations and interests of the Oromo people inside Ethiopia, including by those multinational political organizations. Accept it or not the history of Ethiopia attests to this fact in different forms and methods. The formation of Ethiopia is no different from the formation of any state anywhere in the world. Oromo themselves had undeniable fundamental input in the formation of Ethiopia. The current Ethiopia is the cumulative outcome that started many hundreds if not thousands of years. Even though Ethiopia passed through many wars, internal wars among the Ethiopian people themselves and wars against foreign intruders, and of course including that of 400 years of Oromo war, one can boldly argue that war in Ethiopia instead of breaking it apart it built it. It appears the different wars that the country passed through, wars acted as one of the most effective ingredients in the fermentation process to come up with the Ethiopia that we are witnessing today.

Eritrea cannot be a sign and an example of breaking apart. Eritrea is a good sign and a good example for not breaking apart. The people of Eritrea was separated not by their desire to be free. Here is what I found out when I was researching for my article, YES, ETHIOPIA IS A COLONY OF ERITREA, Moresh. Vol. 4, No. 4/5, September, 1996:


–Eritreans were better represented in the central government compared with the rest of the provinces.

–They were producing about 20% of all secondary school graduates and about 25% in higher institutions.

–They were actively participating in the economic field both inside Eritrea and in the other parts of Ethiopia.

–About one-third of Ethiopia’s industrial plants were located in Eritrea.

Eritreans never felt they were unfairly treated different from the rest of the nationalities. They never, even once, did the Eritrean people came out to the streets in mass in support of EPLF and in demand of freedom. Eritrea was separated, single handedly, by Meles Zenawi Ethiopia’s enemy number one and whose grand father was a BANDA in the service of Italy. Had the Ethiopian army was not stopped to enter Asmara during the last war by Meles Zenawi the surrogate, Eritrean people would have been returned to its mother country Ethiopia. I argue that, had that happened, the Eritrean people would have accepted it without any complaint. Because they were not for independence in the first place.

Mankelklot Haile Selassie (PhD)

April 9, 2012

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