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My brother Abebe and his WMD

 By Yilma Bekele   I doubt there is an Ethiopian in the Diaspora not familiar with what happened last Friday. As they say the video has gone viral. The act has brought deep satisfaction to the psych of the oppressed … Continue reading

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Ethiopians May Victory at Regan Building in Washington DC !!!!!!

Tedla Asfaw Friday May 18, 2012 will be remembered as one of the major victories the Ethiopian Diaspora in the DC  area scored against Meles Zenawi and his few supporters who were cornered on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and … Continue reading

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Some notes on the historical trajectory of Eritrean Nationalism

 *Mesfin Araya   NYC, May 15, 2012   Eritrea– which was once an Italian colony, a British protectorate, and briefly an autonomous region before it was reduced to a mere province of Ethiopia– became in 1993 an independent nation-state, redefining post-colonial African map, … Continue reading

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A note to President Obama. By Yilma Bekele

  Dear President Obama,   I am sure you do not have time to read my letter nonetheless it gives me a certain amount of release from the pain I am feeling and the little chance of this letter getting … Continue reading

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Milestone or tombstone? EPRP’s 40 years of struggle

By Obo Arada Shawl   May 1, 2012   Introduction Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) was formally founded on a week long underground conference April 2 – 9, 1972. Four decades have elapsed since that time. Is this a milestone … Continue reading

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