My brother Abebe and his WMD

 By Yilma Bekele


I doubt there is an Ethiopian in the Diaspora not familiar with what happened last Friday. As they say the video has gone viral. The act has brought deep satisfaction to the psych of the oppressed and left the evildoers in disarray. Abebe took less than one minute to do what has been tried for over twenty years. His heroic act will be remembered in the history books like that other important event in the annals of our glorious past.


Of course I am talking about the daring act of none other Abraha Deboch, Moges Asgedom and Simeyon Adefres on February 19, 1937. The Fascist Italian Viceroy Rodolfo Graziani was set to celebrate the second anniversary of the occupation of our homeland and the birth of an Italian royal baby at Addis Abeba Palace now Addis Abeba University. That did not sit well with our freedom fighters.


Simeyon who has learned to drive befriended a soldier from the household of the patriot leader Dejazmach Fikre Mariam and was able to secure hand grenades. Abraha and Moges hurled their grenades at the Viceroy during the celebration but the balcony saved the Fascist pig. Their job was done. Honor was restored. The attempt on the Viceroy was followed by the massacre of the citizens of Addis from February 19-21. Their heroism was able to fill the hearts of their people with pride and joy and the number of the patriotic forces swelled until victory was achieved.


What my friend and brother Abebe Gelaw did was no less. It was a different time and place but the generous act on behalf of country and people is noted by all patriotic forces that stand against tyranny by a single individual. The setting was perfect and the delivery was laser guided. The event was a very shameful attempt to humiliate Ethiopia and its people. There was no other way of looking at this act of abdication of responsibility by the President of the US other than to bully our people into submission by affirming this unholy alliance that does not have lasting value to both our Nations. We pleaded, we warned and we tried to teach the administration the folly of this enabling act of a tyrant. It fell on deaf ears. We are aware of the fact Mr. Obama will not be seen with Ahmadinejed. He will not invite Assad for dinner. But he felt no qualms sitting with this criminal leader and place him on the same dais as elected heads of State. Our people and country were insulted. This election Ethiopian Americans should pay attention to this fact. 


It was wrong. But our brother Abebe was there to set the record straight. Abebe used the art of ‘political heckling’ in its purest form. Citizens heckle out of anger and frustration. Heckling done right subverts the proceedings and knock the powerful and famous from their stride. In less than a minute Abebe accomplished all that and more. The lion roared and the mouse scurried away. There was no hole to hide no place to take shelter. The intense light showed the paper tiger from Arat kilo for what he is, underneath all that TPLF bravado there sits a little scared soul trying to get out. A bully met his match. The Prime Mister preys on the weak. In Washington DC the playing field was leveled in favor of the silenced and oppressed.


Since Friday all the talk has been about the patriotism, unselfish act and bravery of one individual. Yes it is true some people find the inner strength to rise up for the occasion. Somehow they dig deep inside their soul and come up with earth shaking feat that defies the law of nature and gravity. Do you think I am laying it on heavy? I very much doubt that. Can you think of any setting on that fateful Friday where the eyes of the planet were focused on? A meeting with the President of the US, the most powerful person in the world attended by the major News networks definitely counts as the premier event of the week. One individual put everything else aside and decided to be the voice of eighty million silenced souls. OH did he speak!!


Meles Zenawi is a dictator! Meles Zenawi is a dictator! Free Eskinder and all political prisoners! You are a dictator! You are committing crimes against humanity! You do not talk about food without freedom! We need freedom more than food! We need Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! 


It was short, precise and to the point. It is all choice words that conveyed our hopes and wishes. The delivery was forceful and the face was that of an angry lion roaring. Where did Abebe get all that energy is a good question? He got it from us! At that moment eighty million souls converged in the body of my friend and he was transformed into human missile of untold force. I was there. You were there. We were all there. Then it came to me. The message was not really directed at President Obama or anyone else. The message was for his people. Abebe was showing us the power of the individual and the enabling act of taking personal responsibility for you fate.


That is why I compared it to Abraha, Moges and Simeyon. Their heroic act was not just about killing Graziani. Mussolini can always send another Viceroy. They were more focused in teaching us what can be accomplished when individuals set their focus and energy in search of freedom. The fact of the matter was it worked. The patriots were inundated by new recruits. The spirit of “Yes I can” became contagious. Apathy was replaced by action. Darkness was gone and the light shone high and bright. That is what I saw the last three days. Ethiopians walking tall. Ethiopians high Fiving each other. Ethiopians understanding the power of the individual to rise up for the occasion. 


What was revealing from this incident was the reaction of two individual. The Prime Minster was left speech less. He was left with his mouth wide open and his brain on freeze mode. He entered uncharted territory and he was on a free fall. Abebe’s timing was perfect. The PM was replying about food. That by itself is a very cruel joke being played on our people by the hapless moderator. The question gave the impression the moderator was chosen for his looks and his talking head not his journalistic credentials. He is the kind who would ask the pilot of the Titanic on the procedure of glacier avoidance or Colonel Gadaffi on the art of confronting a hostile mob.


The PM who is celebrating over twenty years in power is the last person to be asked such question. His ill planned policy is the cause of recurring famine and disaster on our ancient land and people. In a sane setting he should be chided for failure of leadership. But in this Disney land environment we were witnessing he was pontificating how the agriculture system should be set to avoid food insecurity. Even the words they choose are not to expose but hide and play cute games at the expense of our people. They call it food insecurity, mal nutrition, calorie deficiency whereas to our people it is pure famine or the absence of food. Nothing more nothing less.


The PM locked side ways with a look of surprise. How could this happen is his first thought. Then he saw the Lion roaring. Relentless, focused, and imbued with the energy of eighty millions and this was one mighty Lion. The dictator looked down. The dictator shrank. The wrath of the oppressed, the spirit of Eskinder, Andualem, Reeyot and all those ghosts he left behind in his dungeon came screaming to haunt him right there on stage.  Evil does not pay. The price of bad deeds is mental anguish.


The reaction of his bodyguard is another revealing moment in this high stake drama. He threatened violence against my brother. He responded the only way he knows. ‘We will kill you’ he uttered! What a weak statement. What an empty threat. What a solution to propose for the problem he found himself in. What would have been accomplished by the killing of my brother? They say you cannot teach an old dog a new trick. Killing is the only language the PM and his associates speak. That is the sort of people President Obama invited to his table. We are saddened by this act. We expected better from the son of Africa. We hoped for better things. What the white leaders have done for their brethren in Europe we thought a black president will bring us respite from this agony our continent finds itself in. Not today. We are on our own. Our destiny is in our won hands. It has always been, but the last few years we have shown the tendency to drop the ball. But when you think the future looks bleak the problems pile up and darkness attempts to engulf our soul there rises a beam of bright light like the star of Bethlehem that led the three wise men to where Jesus was born.


That is what we shall do. We shall follow the spirit of our young friend and take matters into our own hands. We will redouble our efforts to free our country and people by any means necessary. One does not make appointment to be free. We start now. We each vow in our homes, our work place wherever we are to start the day of defiance of the evil system starting now. It is the result of our collective effort that can usher the era of peace, democracy and freedom. We do not act due to hate. We do not act to hurt others. But we have God given right to protect ourselves, our family and our country and people from evil.


Live, I wanna live inspired

Die, I wanna die for something


Facing towards the heavens

I fell into pitch a black

I’m moments from landing and I’m shaking like a heart attack


Is there time, can I turn back

I’ve made mistakes in the past

Need a chance, can’t take it back

Wish I could set things right tonight


Live, I wanna live inspired

Die, I wanna die for something higher than myself

Live and die for anyone else

The more I live I see this life’s not about me


All I know spins out of control

Wonder what’s next for the heart and soul

Nothing I earned can save me now

Hear in what may be my final hour


Don’t want to leave this world, knowing I’ve lived in vain

No time for myself, so sorry, so ashamed

Don’t wanna livee this life, knowing I’ve barely tried

Chase down all my dreams that I’ve hid away on the inside


Live I wanna live on fire

Die, I wanna burn out brighter

Brighter than the Northern Lights

Wanna live to feel the daylight

The more I live

I see, this life is not about me


Note:   Ethiopian Politics- Richard Pankhurst



Lyrics: Anberlin- Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights) lyrics


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4 Responses to My brother Abebe and his WMD

  1. Debela says:

    This message is not for Yilma Bekele. It is for all time anti Ethiopian Party EPRP and its so called Assimba Pal talk room and Website. You guys are non-sense human beings who don’t know what you have said in the past and always flow with the current situation to act like you are concerned Ethiopians. We never forget what EPRP did during the time of Somalia Army invasion during Ethiopian Colander 1969; EPRP was with Siadbare side, directly or indirectly, when our Citizens are killed by Somalia Soldiers on Eastern part of Ethiopia, Harare Kifle Hager. EPRP had sabotaged against the preparation and action of the war against Somalia invaders. A few months ago the same EPRP stooges who did that to our country were campaigning against ESAT, the only free Ethiopian media, Radio and Television created by Ethiopians and delivering information to Ethiopians back home and in Diaspora; they also calling names Abebe Gelaw CIA agent; what a shame!!!
    Please learn from your past mistakes and ask Ethiopian people forgiveness for what you have done to that country and people. Don’t try to use the blood of youngsters who died during the time of red terror; the reason why those courageous youngsters paid their lives was because they thought that they had struggled for the freedom of them selves and the whole Ethiopian people by organizing under the right organization, which was not true. I feel sad for the life of my brothers and sisters most of them, who are very young, junior high and high school students and don’t know any thing about stupid Politics, but EPRP used their precious life for dirty political game of today’s Shabia and Woyane Victory to destroy Ethiopia. I can tell you one thing I was also one of those who was victimized by EPRP stupid communist ideology politics game on the very early of my teenage days, and tortured for nothing. So please try to think like a human being and talk to yourself, and the damage you have done to this country was more than enough, stop using the name of the dead bodies to play your stupid political game. Actually the time for your stupid politics game is up, now is the time for the new generation to take over and do the right thing for the rise of Ethiopia; Please help the people who are working for the freedom of Ethiopian people by shutting up your mouth and mind your own life because your stupid political game haven’t brought any good thing for Ethiopia other than division and destruction.

    Long Live Ethiopia!!

  2. says:

    Ato Debela, Assimba website and Assimba PalTalk room are independently run, and are not owned or operated by EPRP or its members. All your complaints regarding EPRP should be addressed to EPRP @ Assimba website does not publish its own articles. Please read our disclaimer on our site for articles that get posted on this site. Your accusations of EPRP are at best false, these were the justifications used to wipe out a generation from the face of the earth without any one of them brought to judges. I gues you seem to agree with that injustice. You seem to blame the red terror victims. We wonder why????

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