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Highly Politicized Death

Yinegal Belachew( Dear Ethiopian Compatriots all over the world; Dear all human beings of this treacherous world; Dear all readers of this message of grievance. Dear Gentlepersons, Allow me to say few words about myself. I am from Ethiopia, currently … Continue reading

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Freedom to Organize,​ Assemble and Speak ​in Ethiopia Right No​w !!!!!​

Tedla Asfaw We all die when the time comes. One thing which will not die is what as human being we contributed to humankind including to our own people. Meles Zenawi died this morning August 21, 2012 according to the … Continue reading

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A chance to build a new Ethiopia.

 By Yilma Bekele   The Ethiopian TPLF Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died three weeks ago. He died at St-Luke University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium. His Party kept him in the freezer while trying to determine what to do regarding the … Continue reading

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Standing up with our Moslem citizens

By Yilma Bekele   The TPLF regime is the kind that believes in a proactive stance in their approach to ward off unwanted happenings. They learned that during the war with the Derg. It is said that upon taking over … Continue reading

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Background Combine activist youths with the determined and ready political organizations, the Ethiopian revolution will be around the corner. The clock is ticking. The other formidable force lurking around the corner looking inside is the potential of military coup d’état. … Continue reading

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Ethiopia-the quiet before the storm.

 By Yilma Bekele   It has been forty-eight days since we saw or heard from Meles Zenawi. Some are convinced the tyrant is dead while the regime insists he is recovering, on vacation or just hanging out, depending on Ato … Continue reading

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Tiki Gelana, the Mar​athon Queen in Londo​n Olympics !!!!​

Tedla Asfaw “Marathon the Queen Marathon the Queen Abebe and Mamo Defeated the world” that was the number one song in Ethiopia way back when I was a child. In  1960 and 1964 Abebe Bikila won  gold and 1968 Mamo … Continue reading

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Ode to timidity – the Ethiopian experience.

By Yilma Bekele   I knew something was missing. It kept nagging at me, the little voice in side kept saying ‘you know you have been here before.’ I was driving south on the 580 Freeway when it hit me. … Continue reading

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