Highly Politicized Death

Yinegal Belachew(yinegal3@gmail.com)

Dear Ethiopian Compatriots all over the world;
Dear all human beings of this treacherous world;
Dear all readers of this message of grievance.

Dear Gentlepersons,

Allow me to say few words about myself. I am from Ethiopia, currently leaving in Ethiopia, working in one of public universities as instructor. Am an earthling, like you, suffering from the ugliest scenarios of almost all governments of all nations with respect to the poor handling of their own people. I am sleepless of Syrians of all factions, Iraqis of all sects, Afghans of all groups, Somalis of all tribes, Malians of both blocs, US’s and Iran’s nuclear conflict, the turmoil of the Middle East, the economic meltdown of Europe and Americas, man-made and natural calamities all over the world, etc. But I do not need to tell you the stark fact that I am neither the president of our earthly Mother, the US, nor the Secretary General of the toothless dog, the UN, both of which are doing little to minimize the aforesaid melancholic situation in this world; even the government I belong to doesn’t know whether I am born or not, dead or alive, here or there.
Please give not less attention to my message, as is the wont of millions of individuals on our planet to disdainfully look down such personal appeals, considering it as worthless and ineffective, because this world, as the old one too, believes in miracles. I feel we should sometimes open our ears to listen to the horrifying predicaments of co-habitant humans on this same hellish part of the entire universe.

By now you must have heard the fact that our Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, has passed away, R.I.P. Actually, according to some reliable sources, he died on July 15, 2012. But surprisingly, as analysts commented, just to buy some more time to give certain conventional shape to their amorphous political deformity at home, his stooges unashamedly denied his death and instead they had kept on saying inconsistent allegations that he was on sick leave to recuperate, was on vacation in the US, was giving his leadership contacting with only four of his assistants, and – was mediating the two Sudanese case along with the former President of South Africa, Tabo Mbeki, etc. More astonishingly, they had gone farthest even to the extent of condemning ESAT, a TV station run by the opposition forces from the Diaspora, as disseminating false reports about their darling while, they claimed, he was making merry in one of the resorts [in Europe or America] with his family [the picnic co-chaired by his wife, Mrs Mother of Corruption, Azeb Gola/Mesfin]. With this regard, there were highly conflicting reports and news for the last two months, the major cause of which is the nature of this junta. The people in the Woyane government are against all truths; they all are naturally liars, pathological liars, as some say so, and please recall the saying, ‘birds of the same feather fly(flock) together.’, and hence the lair/den of the Woyanes is full of lying people, the word ‘lying’ in its full-fledged meanings, if you like. They always mystify things, even at times they tend to unnecessarily hide things, as for example if asked, they may keep secret the natural fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, as if they are moron or dunce. But it is a pity for them that nothing remains mystified and hidden. As a matter of fact, everything has its own time to be or not to be, as Shakespeare put it correctly. You can never hide anything for ever and now be it under the influence of the west or the east or the sky and the earth if you like, his death is finally declared and we are suffering from this nice/bad news, depending on the listener in fact, even after his death; we are detached from some bright clothes, from music, from graduation ceremonies, from traditional ballets (otherwise bullets!), from singing and dancing, from talking aloud in mesmeric tone, from wedding ceremonies, etc. unless and before he is officially buried. Currently about 85 million people are subjected to cry for him in addition to their cry created by him since his seizure of power. We do not know even whether they will extend this undeclared declaration of mourning after the funeral. If we do such worldly things now, we are imprisoned and beaten as well. Such inhuman and inhumane happenings are happening in Ethiopia now. Know this and cry for humanity at large! In addition to what his cronies do among the society to make-believe that he was liked by the people at home and by the rest of the world, the fear not to be exposed to the severe punishment of the cadres is forcing citizens to sing the axiom known as, “Do as Romans do when you are in Rome.” And this forced but in most cases fake reaction of communities is making them proud of the ‘support’ of the people, which is totally misread and misinterpreted. What they do not and even cannot understand is the nature of the people of Ethiopia. As a matter of fact, let me tell you a secret, just between you and me, it is in Ethiopia where you can find a person rigorously crying for a person they themselves killed by poison or a clandestine conspiracy; it is a show off not to be suspected as a culprit. Hence, it is not surprising if we cry openly and laugh covertly at the death of the tyrant who has spoilt our societal and personal lives.
All this abracadabra of the EPRDF, hereafter nearly no more EPRDF(we’ll see how), was purposely aired to deceive the world, not actually Ethiopians, for we have passed the stage where we need such fuss. We Ethiopians at home have been Northkorea-ized in due course of TPLF/EPRDF’s 21 years of abundant time in power and they do not care to whatever they do whether we accept it or not as long as they carry their rifles and missiles and most favorable AK-47 without which they cannot stay in palace even for a second. You do not have to expect the will of people to be respected in a country where there is a parliament full of sleepy blind obedient and lack of rule of law in general. Meles himself has been the rule of law; he says something, just anything, it instantly becomes a law. To your surprise, one upon a time, when he was toooo… zealous in vengeance, he drafted a law on corruption just to achieve one purpose; that purpose which wasted millions of Birr in establishing one ministerial office was arresting and imprisoning one of his cardinal opponents, Siye Abraha, and disabling him from joining the group of anti-Meles campaigners. Meles did not need any help from other Ethiopians, the main thing he was taking care of was appeasing his western donors and off the screen masters. This has been Meles’ Ethiopia; we have been contemptibly treated for over the last two decades. It is because of this and similar reasons that most of us say TPLF/EPRDF is no more alive after the death of Meles; he himself was EPRDF, nothing else was EPRDF. All others were his puppets to raise hands whenever need arises.

Will this continue? Will our overseas lords have mercy on us? Will our masters abroad, who were the composers of the plays, the arrangers of the scenes into acts, the organizers of the stages of the drama, the painters and titivaters of the theatre hall, allow us to have a sigh of relief at least for five or ten years to come? Will Mr Devil leave us alone to have some breath after he takes his main hooligan? WE HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAS HISTORY FOR THIS DOWNTRODDEN NATION.

Sorry to tell you the stark reality that you too, the so called INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, have been duped by this junta for over 38 years since its inception in a place commonly known as Dedebit, in Tigray. I guess the International Community is succumbed for two reasons: in short, 1. Intentional motive and 2. Unintentional, innocence. Intentionally to quench the thirst of the historical enemies, whoever and wherever they are or live, of the nation and to retaliate the good-for-nothing social system, i.e, Socialism, of Mengistu H/Mariam. The retaliation has continued until the time Ethiopians fall under an authoritarian, totalitarian, despotic, tyrant and Beelzebub Meles Zenawi who was responsible for the absolute destruction of the country in just 21 years. The history of over 3000 years has been greatly threatened in few years when compared with the total chronological lifespan of the nation. The unintentional one doesn’t need my narration; it is self explanatory.

Do not be bamboozled by the buildings in or around Addis Ababa. Do not be deceived by the asphalt roads in the country. Do not get surprised by the statistic figures by the ‘experts’ of EPRDF and some international agents which money can buy. These ones are simply signs of growth, not development. Refer to these economic terms and get the real picture. Truth never tilts from its axis by a bombardment of regimented armies of words or with a lubrication of growth indicators insincerely magnified for a purposeful effect. No, dear guys, let’s come to the epicenter of Ms Truth, for it is She who finally sets us free from the dirt of this mendacious world. The way most of us are consciously choosing to walk on is skewed and against the commandments of the Almighty God. We will be responsible for our strayed actions, inactions, or reactions, whoever we might be and whatever power and money we may own. Ethiopia is forgotten by the world; instead her bandit leader is more magnificently being worshipped by those who couldn’t understand the real situation at home. It is an historic puzzle the answer of which is held in the hands of God. Here again, we shall wait and see Who will do what on whom.

To my understanding, a country develops in two ways; materially and spiritually. We, the citizens of Ethiopia, have been lucky to prosper in neither of them for the last 21 years. The sole reason for our incapability is the draconian rule of the TPLF/EPRDF which favors the few and stunt the majority based on first, ethnicity and second, the rule of the haves and the have nots.

I understand that the world knows this government of ‘ours’ constitutes 546+1 parliamentary seats. All seats, save one, are held by absolute obedient of the ruling junta, the killer of democracy. The majority of these ‘MPs’ are nearly illiterate, even to the extent of being unable to lead a relatively modern life in a small villa arranged for them by the junta, due to their rural background. Most of them never know how to use a latrine or toilet and flush it after use; it is human ‘gemena’, we have to know how the Woyanes have been playing political games on Ethiopia and Ethiopians, how Meles was fooling the US and others. These illiterates are instructed to raise their hands and speak like parrots what they have rehearsed earlier or applaud clamorously in clapping or give voices when they are eye browed; Really, Meles has been a real cheat who has been able to be greatly successful to feint millions and make them have a faintest picture about his nature of absolute tyranny and ruthlessness. The sole MP, the sole President, the sole Premier, the sole cabinet, the sole leader, the sole buyer or seller of the nation was HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY PRIME MINISTER MELES ZENAWI. We do not have genuine House of Representatives and Members of Parliament so far in this crooked government of thugs most of whom are, as mentioned above, sheer illiterates led by the rule of starvation, eating whatever is available in time of hunger. Everything was done by Meles. No need of even consulting others, for all of them have been considered as and serving him like speaking animals. Let me repeat it once again, it is because of this that I say there is no EPRDF here after. Of course, they may pretend to be existing as EPRDF or TPLF and will try their best until they all are defeated by any Ethiopian force and brought to justice or they may change their mind, which I think is impossible, and create conducive condition for real democracy to resurface in the country like that of the 2005 aborted national election.

Then, if the MPs and Cabinet Ministers are all puppets, what would be the fate of us, the laymen of politics, other Ethiopians who are out of the palace? You can imagine. If he has metamorphosed those so called MPs into a sort of stones or apes, if you like, if he has conjured much upon the leaders and diplomats of the world, to the extent of making him Africa’s mouthpiece, the young African democrat from whom others should emulate his caliber and knowledge, hope of the continent and the entire world, what can we say about the sorcerous nature of this treacherous guy? Let’s wait and see. Who knows, this world is full of marvels and mysteries and we may come to realize in the future that he was a real messiah of Ethiopia and the world.
Anyhow, it is due to the malicious nature of this guy, Meles Zenawi, that I said here above that we are brutalized in the same manner or even worse than North Koreans who are lashed if they do not cry properly at the funeral of their leader(s). This same story of lashing citizens is true in Ethiopia too. It is funny in Ethiopia that you should cry or laugh when kings cry or laugh; your real emotions have no place because you are considered to be subhuman devoid of human feelings and emotions.

Currently, the death of Meles seems highly politicized. His helpless people, i.e, his officials, are trying to somehow fill the gap he created, not a gap actually, it is a rift or a great cleavage hardly possible to cement it and make it function as before. He was nearly a demigod, even a god to many of his officials. It is, and I hope it will remain so, very difficult to find anyone who could replace him. The reason is: Meles was considered invincible to any terrestrial and celestial influences such as illness and death; this is the common characteristic of all dictatorial regimes. Dictators change the minds of their servants to the extent of being convinced that they are immortal. As we all know, dictators do not prepare any person to replace them in case they die or become dysfunctional in any circumstance. They fear even their shades, not only their children and the loved ones. It is because of this general fact that the Woyanes of ‘our’ government are in a big embarrassment to find one that will have acceptance by their own members and the so called international community, leave aside the people out of this matrix, in the first place, what are we after all to choose our gallopers? In dictatorial regimes, all graces go to one person and all others, including the people, are supposed to be graceless. The Woyanes are not presently able to create at least one graceful person overnight; all of them are collectively as disgraceful as we are, though there is some difference, just to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is due to this bitter reality that they are instead immorally trying to abuse or misuse the made-up ‘grace’ of Meles even after his death. They couldn’t give him due respect and get him rest, though presumably not peaceful. Their bewilderment is inexplicable now. They are in a great fear of the incidents that may manifest themselves after the funeral of this dragon whose feed was the blood and flesh of ‘his’ people. Believe me; I swear in the name of God, nothing is exaggerated here in my letter to your Excellency.

According to Ethiopian culture, a dead person is buried within a maximum time of 48 hours at normal conditions. Out of our tradition, Meles’ corpse is to get buried after 13 days of the official release of his death; one of Satan’s favorite numbers next to 666 is 13. Why do they need all this time? To buy time and settle the dust? And most surprisingly, why should they force people to cry and sing dirges without their real intention of doing so and air it to the world through the monotonous state-owned media they control? [By the way, we do not have free private media, be it press or electronics; even we do not have internet access, we are blocked from the outside world other than their communistic medias that hammer us with lies. have I heard you now saying, ‘what a cursed nation and people?’ I hope not.] Why do they over-propagate his death as if death occurred in the country for the first time since the creation of Ethiopia as a nation? How many souls does Meles have? How many people are dying since Meles died, most probably on July 15/2012 or before? What is the necessity of all this overreaction to the natural(?) death of an individual whose legacy is absolute destruction to both the country and the people? The situation is totally enigmatic. A person who caused the death of hundreds of thousands of citizens, the creation of poorest landlocked nation, installment of ethnic based maladministration and thereby unfair distribution of wealth in the country, the killing of education with a hatchet of detrimentally non-functional education policy, an incessant out flow of plethoric exodus of Ethiopian migrants and immigrants to all countries of the world due to the economic and political suffering at home, creation of destructive commotion among citizens of different ethnic groups just by purposely inciting the feelings of people to stand against each other, the imprisonment of conscience(currently thousands of people including journalists, party leaders, etc. are in prison and are obligated to cry for Meles lest they would be beaten harshly!), … We cannot enumerate the atrocious legacies of His Highness, His Dictatorship PM Meles Zenawi, the naughty child, the most pampered offspring of the west. Maybe, we have to consider sending our condolences to them. [
እነሱን ልቅሶ እንድረሳቸው ማለቴ ነው]
I shall simply leave you here. But any and every earthling should know this: a time has come to Ethiopia, whichever is the calendar, Abushakir or Gregorian or Julian. Now is the time that a divine intervention is doing its historical responsibility; God willing we shall observe some more blessings, a blessing that results in the revival, the renaissance of the country on the grave of her ill-bred and negatively charged treasonous children. They will leave us one by one before the eyes of the world, and the world will witness the miraculous Providence offered by God as a reward for our patience of the untold suffering we have been encountering for the last four or five decades including the irreligious Dergue regime.

We have to wait and see what the future brings about to the oppressed mass of Ethiopia. We are witnessing the fact that what goes around comes around, and you reap what you sow. Nothing is new, I think. But what is new is the fact that we human beings are intolerably foolish in our stupidity, or in a euphemistic term, innocence, not to learn from our experiences. It is regrettable that one keeps on the path of Ghadafi and Meles after observing what happened to them. Apparently, foolishness seems to have become the guide of most people in this bloody ignorant world that trust in wealth and worships the antithesis of God the Almighty. God bless us.







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