By Hama Tuma

Desmond Tutu condemned Tony Blair and George Bush junior as war criminals who should be tried at the Hague and refused to attend an event where Blair would be present. Yet, the so called International Court is a Western tool targeting anti-American dictators or warlords from Africa and other such regions. This aside, Desmond Tutu’s stand has made my day and I have more reasons than him (he mentions Iraq and Afghanistan) to call for their immediate arrest knowing quite well this may never happen. No ground for optimism–Henry Kissinger has never been tried for his crimes in Indochina; pro American war criminals have never been touched.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused the deaths of millions. The wars are unjust especially in Iraq because the premise for the war itself was a hoax. Blair and Bush did know that Iraq had no WMD at all and yet their frenzied drive to oust Sadam Hussein and get their hands on Iraq’s oil motivated their crusade against the Iraqi dictator they had supported in the past. Previously, an embargo on Iraq had led to the deaths of half a million children who were dismissed as mere collateral damages by Madeline Albright. The carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan is a crime of great proportions as Reverend Tutu has aptly pointed out.  I would like to add that the full support that Bush and, especially, Blair gave to the tyrant in Ethiopia is behind the deaths of thousands under the dictatorial regime.  The Meles murderous group started to get massive US and British assistance in 1984 as, under the cover of the catastrophic famine, the two powers concocted a subversive plan to destabilize and overthrow the totalitarian Mengistu regime. Meles, the self declared admirer of Stalin and ardent follower of Albania’s Enver Hoxha got hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and material. The movement that was about to go bankrupt and face defeat was saved and strengthened. The Meles front was able to use the money to buy Sudanese and Somali top officials and to procure end user certificates to buy arms from China. Meles got Sudan’s backing to trek to Khadafy, to swear to him that Ethiopians are Arabs and if he takes power Ethiopia would join the Arab League bla bla and thus got millions in cash and arms from the Libyan dictator. Who backed and supported Meles? America and Britain, Norway and others.

The Meles criminal group was propelled to power by none other than America and Britain. The joke of the so called London Peace Conference is known—the surrender of the military regime was previously organized by the CIA and the top officials of Mengistu (who had sold out earlier). The sham transitional conference that followed in Addis Abeba and that blocked Ethiopian organizations from taking part is also known as a parody of the East European style. American backing to Meles brought him to power, backed his flawed transitional operation, supported the break up of Ethiopia and has put us in the tragic situation we find ourselves in. When Meles came to power America and Britain cuddled and supported him, sabotaged the Ethiopian opposition, allowed him to commit crimes so long as he became a loyal stooge. Blair made him acceptable as an African Commission personality, as a G8 invitee.  Shame.  The eulogy that Blair and Bush (and now Obama and Gordon Brown and Cameron and others) heaped on Meles Zenawi was totally undeserved. Here is a despot who has so impoverished the people that more than 12 million depend on foreign food aid, the more than 30 % inflation has made even urban dwellers a starving lot and there they go the apologists telling the world that there is economic boom in Ethiopia thanks to Meles. Here is what the dour and colorless Gordon Brown said: “Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world, made more progress in education, health and economic development under his leadership than at any time in its history, and it is a tragedy for the Ethiopian people that they have lost a committed leader and a champion of children at such a young age,” he said. “When I last saw him earlier this year we held meetings about how we would ensure every child would be in school in Ethiopia by 2015. His passion was in abolishing poverty and our hope is that he will inspire a new generation of men and women who will champion the cause of eradicating poverty.”  Lies. Meles Zenawi did not eradicate poverty but tried to wipe out the poor and to increase their pain and suffering. Meles Zenawi messed up the educational system for his own narrow ethnic aims. Public schools were reduced to only 15%, trained teachers were purged, and education became a business to the detriment of the majority. The health system also collapsed except for he jaundiced eyes of the likes of Bill Gates suffering from arrogance and ignorance of indecent wealth. Children of Ethiopia were sold out to the highest bidder (the adoption racket brings in millions to the regime), thousands of young girls were sold unto modern slavery in the Middle East, preteen girls were routinely raped by government bigwigs and children were subjected to child prostitution, child marriage, mutilation and abuse. A rotten system that has made the life of children and women a burning hell on earth. And yet Blair, Bush, Brown, Obama and Cameron are honorable men trying to praise him!

The gross human rights violations of the Meles regime were ignored, Gambella, the Ogaden, the Anwar mosque and Adebabaye Iyesus murders, the 2005 massacre of peaceful protesters, the 2002 massacre of Sidamas in Hawassa (for which he new PM is very responsible), the more than 35,000 political prisoners, the dozens disappeared, the systematic torture of dissenters, the non Tigreans discriminated and oppressed were all ignored. Real politick in its cruelest term was applied by Blair and Bush junior and today by Obama and Cameroon. They are responsible for the tyranny and murders. As accomplices to a war criminal like Meles, Bush and Blair are best candidates for the Hague not to mention their Iraq and Afghanistan war crimes. This is why we should support Reverend Desmond Tutu. Bush junior is a well known mess and almost a clown but who is the Blair fellow really?

Tony Blair was a curse on Britain and the world. The man had no principles and no honor.  He is presently a political consultant to an East European dictatorship at the price of 10 million British pounds a year. Here below is an expose of his mercenary activity:

“Blair has established Tony Blair Associates. This firm will “allow him to provide, in partnership with others, strategic advice on a commercial and pro bono [free] basis, on political and economic trends and governmental reform. However, Blair has been the subject of criticism for apparent conflicts of interest that allow the former prime minister, now a Middle East peace envoy, to earn large sums of money, both directly and through Tony Blair Associates “.

Blair is also an envoy on the Middle East issue. Here is what those concerned say about his role:

“ Nabil Shaath, a senior Abbas associate, said that Blair was acting as Israel’s “defence attorney” in face of Abbas’ application for a Palestinian state to be admitted as a full member of the United Nations. According to a recent episode of the investigative documentary series Dispatches on the UK’s Channel 4 Blair has used his Quartet role to gain introductions and proximity to Arab leaders, with whom he then signed private consulting contracts for Tony Blair Associates. He obtained one such contract, worth $40m from the Emir of Kuwait, to advise on reforms, and another from the rulers of the United Arab Emirates. Blair was instrumental in lobbying Israel to release frequencies in November 2009 for mobile phone company Wataniya to operate in the occupied West Bank. Wataniya is owned by the Qatari telecoms giant Q-Tel  which bought Wataniya in 2007 with a $2 billions, loan arranged by the bank JP Morgan , according to Dispatches. Blair also works for JP Morgan, which pays him over $2m a year for providing “strategic” advice. JP Morgan stood to make “substantial profits” if the deal went through, the British documentary said. Israel had tied approval of Wataniya’s frequencies to the PA dropping efforts to pursue the Goldstone report on Israeli war crimes in Gaza the UN. Blair also brokered another major deal with Israel for British Gas to secure contracts to exploit natural gas fields worth up to $6 billions, in the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip. Blair negotiated the deal directly with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2007, the United Nations Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People spent over $400,000 on three armoured cars for Blair.” Tony Blair is a money hungry opportunist and an ally of despots. Proper inquiry may even show that his conversion to Catholicism is motivated by  material gains.

No wonder Blair so enthusiastically backed Meles Zenawi. They are both corrupt and have a liking for dictators. As Ethiopians say, those who stink stick together (gim legim abro yazegm).  Meles Zenawi and his ethnic chauvinist regime wreaked havoc in Ethiopia and thousands died as a result. The petty tyrant did what he did with support of Bush and Blair and now with the backing of Obama and Cameroon. All these friends and supporters of the tyranny in Ethiopia are responsible for massacres and mass murders in Ethiopia. Hence, Reverend Desmond Tutu’s condemnation of the accomplices of murder, carnage and oppression is just and to be supported.


Ethiopia shall prevail over her enemies!

Truth will prevail over  nlies!!

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