What is going on?​

Dear webmaster, What is going on?

By Tulu Forca

I am so alarmed by your selection of web postings recently. You seemed to have forgotten or some emerging lack of oversight in editorializing what is fit to print in the martyrs page.  Are you competing with other web sites to attract audiences AND PANDER TO THE NEED Of THE READERS or STICK TO YOUR GUN-that is to your founding principle?

*What moved me to action to scribble this angry email is the coverage you gave for the recently “setup” bogus gorilla force adorned by  the article a  Yilma Bekele, who at last revealed his true color-stealth g7, as A TRIUMPH AND BREAKTHROUGH IN THE ANNALS  of Ethiopian HISTORY.  SHAME ON YOU!!!! FOR LETTING THE G7 APPEASERS AND APOLOGISTS DANCE ON THE GRAVE OF THE MARTYRS PAGE.  I have sent the copy of this to ESPIC forum and will campaign to protest to stop you from misusing and abusing Assimba page . I urge you to remove the posting with apology to the martyrs and survivors of the Red Terror. Do not give me the “democratic” or your  “independence” from “EPRP structure” mantra to cover under.

That is not good enough  reason for you to jump from being a great advocates of Ethiopian sovereignty and particularly the  Assimba pal talk room including the web site that has shown tremendous effort in exposing the g7 and and its subversive leaders mission in the diaspora and its divisive anti EPRP full court campaign. What happened from that valiant effort and the founding principle of the very nature of Assimba.org to this total capitulationist stand.

Something g7 did that radically change its former self that we are not aware or privy to?.   All this has to be looked into. In the mean time I am lodging my protest to you, dear webmaster.* * *

*Ethiopia shall prevail!*


*PS: for obvious reason I used nick name*

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11 Responses to What is going on?​

  1. bazin says:

    Thank you Tulu Forca for drawing our attention to the insult against the martyrs from an unlikely quarter. To begin with the editors should have considered that the email was specifically written just for their consumption so that they re-examine the growing trend of deviating from their professed core values. It is now clear though that when they post the email open as subject of ‘discussion’, it is with projected hope that the email will be attacked from all sorts of enemies of the martyrs’ organization, ranging from derge killers to vicious anjas to woyane functionaries and thereby prove the ‘success’ of their endeavour by statistical land slide. The sad irony is in fact this one is also done under the veneer of ‘accommodation.’
    This is in fact going on for a while when the page gradually slip sliding into a book of condolence to eulogize the death of cruel anjas as notorious IHAPA demonizers as ‘seyete’ and others, who bent to destroy the very organization that the page traces its founding root. Is this one from humanitarian ground?
    I would like here to state that I still have great respect and hope that there are genuine Ethiopians true to their principles in the editorial board both on the page and the pal room to reinstate the page/room to its historically appropriate place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Tullu Forca for the timely response. Ato Yelma was a member of Ethiopian students movement in North America, then he became an ardent supporter of KINIJIT, then when KINIJIT splitted into several factions, he became a member of UDJ led by Birtukan Medekisa, then he left UDJ and became an ardent member of G7, and here we go he is writing about the newly founded army in Asmara so passionately. How a man with such caliber becomes that gullible, how on earth, he get duped and persuaded to believe something like this nonsense is beyond me to comprehend

    Shame on you Ato Yelema.

    Assimbawoch, please live up to your name, any short of that would be sucidal!!

    Alem Ante

  3. Assimba Web Editor says:

    Dear Ato Tulu Forca,

    Thank you very much for your feedback regarding articles we select to be posted on our site. We select articles to be posted on our site based on many criteria. Definitely, one of the criteria is not that the contents be what we at Assimba like or agree with. Among other things, without siding on issues, an article promoting the ongoing national dilogue on issues of natioanal concern will have a place on our site. Yes, when we say we are independent, we mean it, and we hope you respect that.

    Ato Tulu, you said “….You seemed to have forgotten or some emerging lack of oversight in editorializing what is fit to print in the martyrs page. Are you competing with other web sites to attract audiences AND PANDER TO THE NEED Of THE READERS or STICK TO YOUR GUN-that is to your founding principle?” What do you mean by that? And what exactly do you mean when you say “what is fit to print”? Do you want us to be gate keepers (censorship police) like most Diaspora sites?

    The martyrs you mentioned in your complaint that we honor on our site fought and gave their lives for freedom of expression and freedom of association without any limit by any one power. We don’t see any wrong in publishing any article we feel brings awarness and adds value to the national debate. We hope you understand our stand in this matter.

    Thank you again for your critical input.

    Assimba web editor.

  4. henock says:

    Wow “independent”. The convenient justification perfectly rhymes with the convention. Your new found revelation may attract some sympathetic ears. So why does it took you so long to join the crowed? Or it just dawned on you with the advent of the ‘gibre hail or Gibre bela?’

    By the way the martyr’s didn’t preach associating with everyone, because it is not ‘freedom of association’, they were driven by principle and principle has its horizon and boundary. Yours is may be a path to siltun poletika. Freedom of association has points of dissociation as well.

    Expecting more of the same; nothing surprising though.because something new is for sure going on.

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