Hama Tuma

The primary curse goes to that Angelina Jolie person. “Haro sur Angelina”, curse on that Joly who started out with much fanfare the adoption racket of Ethiopian children. The famous actress adopted an alleged orphaned child who was sold away by her own mother and a very cruel government that controls the adoption industry. The little girl was renamed Zahra and taken to Hollywood with the actress padding her resume as a “do gooder”. One fellow wrote that Ethiopians live under stone-age poverty (what exactly does this mean really? Were people starved during the stone- age?) and Angelina type of actions is God sent and to be praised. It is nowadays called Child Harvesting, using the suffering of parents to take away their children with false promises and money. Divas and actresses compete fiercely and Madonna made her foray in Malawi and adopted two children thereby giving the Malawi president then ( Dr. Bingu Mutharika formerly known as Brightson Webster Kyson)  the chance to shame himself, his country and all Africa by declaring publicly:

I wish someone had come and taken 10,000 Malawi children because then I would know that 10,000 Malawians would have better education and opportunities”.

As I wrote years ago why don’t they adopt us all and put an end to our so called stone age-poverty?

And now it is the turn of Jennifer Lopez, the singer actress who reportedly insured a part of her body for a cool six million and received a jewel studded toilet seat worth 120,000 euros from her boyfriend of the time who is none other than another actor who got rewards for a CIA sponsored film that presents Iranians as savages and who claims to be concerned for the Eastern Congolese so much so he is living at $2.50 a day for two days as a show of solidarity. Call it slumming of a sort, fake and hypocritical, once again using us as pets and inflating their names and publicity in the process. Jennifer has now trekked to Ethiopia and adopted a rural boy (child) with priests present (these days Ethiopian priests could hold mass at any time of the day if ordered or paid well as they did for Beyoncé shaming the Church) and a humiliating ceremony accompanied by an oath and Lopez’s unconvincing actress tears. One more child sold and the whole process registered as a video and You Tube presentation. The director? No known but it is nauseating at least for us Ethiopians.

Ethiopia accounts for more than a quarter of the international adoption. Ethiopia’s cruel rulers sell children cheaper than the fertile land (the size of Belgium) sold or ceded to Arabs, the Chinese, Indians and Sudanese. The adoption industry is flourishing and very profitable. Ethiopia has many orphans (thanks to the wars and the political repression that takes away parents) and millions of children with poor parents. Dozens of orphanages are actually transit and trafficking agencies harvesting children from poor rural parents and selling the children to foreigners cheaper than Haitian, Vietnamese and Russian children. Ethiopian children are said to have “no future” and thus their sale is justified. The regime in Addis Ababa has been selling young women to modern slavery to the racist Middle Eastern countries that torture and even kill them.. The business nets millions to the regime that controls the option and the sale of women to the Middle East.  Foreign agencies and embassies are involved in the shameful process. One American woman who adopted an Ethiopian child testified that the American embassy in Addis Abeba told her to lie and to assert that the adopted child’s parents are dead. UNICEF had worked hand in glove with the Tigrean front (TPLF) when this criminal outfit was claiming to be a liberation front and enjoying the support of Live Aid, Geldof, War on Want, Grassroots International, World Vision, USAID, Norwegian Council of Churches, etc and even now this outfit is supporting the criminal regime on all fronts. Doug Webb, a UNICEF official in Addis Ababa, has bent backwards to tell us that the adoption racket, the new export industry that is bringing in in millions of dollars to the regime, is actually the work of “local cadres” and the regime is trying to correct the mistakes.. There is actually no “local” in Ethiopia. All is centralized, all is controlled by the ethnic Tigrean elite or ruling class. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the adoption agency body are all under the regime and headed by ethnic Tigreans. Shame on the UNICEF once more!

Talking of cover up we can go to mention the IMF, World Bank, the US Department. The Western embassies in Addis Ababa, that all are desperately trying to present the tyranny in Addis Ababa like Park of South Korea and the former dictator of Singapore as an outfit that is registering double digit economic growth in Ethiopia despite political repression and gross human rights violations. Statistics are numbers that one can manipulate. Imagine a country that is said to have a growth annual economic record more than China but has 12 million famine affected people waiting for food aid, more than 85% of the population below the poverty line, and as they say, afflicted by “stone-age poverty” and one can have an understanding of a people subjected to crushing poverty, absence of rights and, again as they say as they snatch our children, no future. Debilitating poverty like the one the rich actresses can never imagine or the millionaire actor who wants to try living at $2.50 per day for a few days can never envisage forces parents to sell their beloved children. Poor Ethiopian parents were/are never told that what adoption meant but informed that their children will go abroad, get all opportunities and will help them. Most of the parents were duped to say the least and have lost their children. The charade is promoted by the regime in place which is getting thousands of dollars per child and the number of Ethiopian children sold to adoption in now in several thousands. Ethiopian children have become favorites because they are cheap, sufficiently exotic, little wait time and scant control or checkup. A woman who adopted a child and beat him to death in Amsterdam went back to Ethiopian and easily adopted another. Here below are some other reports:


“A deputy Pennsylvania attorney and his wife have been arrested after their two adopted Ethiopian children were found starved and beaten to near death according to police.

Deputy Attorney General Douglas Barbour and his wife, Kristen were arraigned today after their 6-year-old boy was found malnourished with skin lesions and the 18-month-old girl having multiple skull fractures and being possibly permanently blind”.
Hana Grace-Rose Williams came to Washington State from Ethiopia in 2008 with ringworm, cold sores, parasites and hepatitis B. But none of those things killed her.

Instead, Skagit County authorities say, 13-year-old Hana died because her adoptive parents chronically starved her, abused her and left her outside on a cold May night with inadequate clothing”.

How many children have been starved, beaten, sexually abused and sent to their deaths? The countries that are adopting Ethiopian children are the USA, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway, Canada, etc. The countries that are enjoying the traffic of young Ethiopian women are in the Middle East including Yemen. Not a pip is heard from otherwise loud and shrill international human rights bodies. The sale of Ethiopian children is also passed in silence. Actors and actresses with more love for their pets than for black children adopt Ethiopian children. Adopting Ethiopian children is a la mode as the French would say—it is fashionable and they are cheaper than Cambodian, Haitian, Russian or Vietnamese children. Ethiopian law insists that children should be orphans to be adopted but these days the dollar/money kills thee parents when they are very alive. Parents duped and induced into handing over their beloved children are made to believe anything but the reality of adoption. Most do not know that their children are lost, sold away. The duplicity is backed by the regime, the so called adoption agencies, the child harvesters, the western embassies, who all claim great economic success on the part of the regime (to hide the incredible poverty of the majority of the people forced to sell their own children), and tolerate the violation of the human rights of children and of young women sold to modern slavery.

Indignation aside, we should perhaps heed the advice of the former president of Malawi and call for the adoption of all African children by foreigners to give them a chance for education and more opportunities. If a woman can insure her body part for millions of dollars she can surely afford to buy not one but a few thousands of children for adoption (and for sale if she so desires). That is life as the stone- age impoverished Africans have no life to talk of. If you want to buy fertile land at no cost and to have the right to beat, oppress and play slave master on workers go to Ethiopia. If you want to buy children cheap even if they have their parents go to Ethiopia. You can starve them to death, feed them dog food, beat, mutilate and kill them. No problem. Millions others are there for sale.

As far as I am concerned, my problem has to do with why these rich and self-proclaimed humanitarians are not ready to adopt all of us Africans repressed and impoverished by tyrants backed and supported by their countries. In Ethiopia we say “manew balesamint , in France they say a qui le tour, the English speaking say who is next. Who will be there and ready to adopt us with all the fanfare, tears, oaths, video, you tube and all?


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