By Hama Tuma 

Che vergogna as the Italians themselves would say, what a shame! The new Italian center-left government included in its cabinet a Congolese born longtime Italian citizen, Madam Cecile Kyenge (she is married to an Italian and has two children), and all hell has broken loose with the foul side of Italian racism exposed for all to see. She has been called a “Congolese monkey” among other epithets. Another politician said “she can only be a good housewife and not a minister”. Speaking on the radio earlier this week, Italian politician Mario Borghezio from the Northern League party referred to the new government as a “bonga bonga government” and said that Africans “had not produced great genes.” Thereby denying tha fact that patriotic Ethiopians whipped their behind and defeated them at Adwa and even during World War II. Africa has produced so many great genes than the stupid racists could ever match. The racist Lega Nord party led by Bossi (a fascist to boot), an ally of Berlusconi, is adding insult after insult as is to be expected. The good lady has said “I am not colored, I am proudly black, and an Italian”. She has tried to find excuse to the racists declaring them ignorant. She is kind.

Italian racism, especially against blacks, has a very long history. Bossi, Fini, Berlusconi have all an affinity to fascism that they cannot hide or cover. Italian fascism was racist to boot. Even the Vatican said, in January 2010, that racism in Italy is a weeping sore that needs to be treated”.  It is a historical sore that is not done justice with the generalized question are all Italian racists? Mussolini’s fascism was based on fetid racism towards blacks, gypsies (Roms) and Jews. The fascist magazine of the time, La Difesa de la Razza, accused the French and the British of miscegenation, interbreeding with blacks and being influenced by Jews to explain their alleged degeneration and even colonial savagery. Nowadays, the Italian racists state that a Negro cannot be Italian and claim a historically that the Italian race is “pure”. Hitler did try something like that much to his own disaster. To insult blacks, Berlusconi said Obama is not black but “tanned”. The fascists, given due punishment by Ethiopian blacks time and again, are singed by shame. The defeat at Adwa is their albatross. Though they killed no less than a million Ethiopians (using mustard gas too) they were never able to defeat and occupy Ethiopia no more than five years. They had their “madamismo” (local concubines with no rights) and their native and Italian quarter and restricted education and job rights in Asmara but they were not able to sustain their apartheid and their “we shall not be a nation of half castes” true to word. Mussolini’s hordes killed hundreds of thousands in Ethiopia but they interbred, alas for them. When Italy declared that a quarter of a million of Italians would settle in Ethiopia British Marxist Biologist Professor Haldane predicted that there will for sure be interbreeding and African blood will flow in Italians. It has. There are now many, many African Italians.  Italian football fans shouting their vile racist epithets against black footballers are common sights, Italians like the famous footballer Mario Bartolleti had to endure disgusting racism for very long. The long held campaign to pressurize Italian women not to ever marry Africans and foreigners that are “tanned” has not worked at all. The Italian racists are just trying to hold on in the face of a historical flood.

They are not the only ones. France, accused by the Italian fascists of being lax and liberal, has yet to defeat the evil of racism. It has its own Lega Nord pseudo fascists within the so called National Front (FN) that is enjoying increasing support from the populace. Take the recent May 8 celebrations, the end of World War II, and there were no more than two African veterans being part of the cortege that Francois Holland shook their hands. The socialist president has yet to appoint black Africans as presidents, ministers, ambassadors etc. notwithstanding the token “Ns” as they say. My attempt to see one black face in the Republican Guard was without success. Europe’s neo Nazi groups and racists are becoming legion compared to the past and the status quo political parties are supporting them albeit covertly. All over Europe victims of racism are becoming many. The concept of Fortress Europe, a doomed program, fans racism and murder. Britain is trying to make its immigration laws tough and tight says David Cameron. Pathetic. The present world, still characterized by Africa being plundered by the West and the Asians, militates against the closed country dream. As the unlamented Khadafy used to say the “hordes will come to the shores of Europe in their thousands braving death”. No one can stop them. You come to us to rob us blind and we will come to you to find a way to survive. Tit for tat.

The Chinese, who claim to be superior and above yellow, black and white devils, nevertheless worship white. The famous Chinese proverb says “one white covers up a 100 defects”. The Chinese, like the Russians, are one of the worst racists. Ever since African students went on scholarships to study in China this blind racism was in evidence. The Chinese detested blacks and called any relation between a Chinese woman and an African “obnoxious novelty”. That is what Lou Jing, a pop star born from an Afro American father and a Chinese woman, had to endure in Shanghai so much so that she wants to leave and continue her education in Europe or the USA. China has now become an aggressive imperialist power plundering the wealth of Africa. This Chinese invasion that is not being countered by the corrupt so called leaders of Africa has exposed Chinese racism at its worst. A Chinese official interviewed on why Chinese construction diggers have to be imported from China declared that Ghana does not have “such skilled workers”. The Chinese insult Africans as lazy and, for example, the regime in Addis Abeba has given the Chinese the right to beat physically all “lazy Ethiopian workers”.  The Chinese exhibit such crude and foul racism that is one is reminded of the Boers and their apartheid and crude colonials.


Italy is shamed by its parties and political leaders. Asked on racism in Italy a Portugese woman who had lived in Italy had the following to say:

“I have been in many European countries but I never seen such a strong hate against blacks like the one I saw in Italy. I’ m not talking about skinheads or nazi skins groups, I’ m talking about average Italian people. Italians are friendly with white immigrants from all over the world but they really hate black people. I was so shocked when I came in Italy because in my  think blacks are animals, they are the most white supremacist people in the world and my advice for black people is to avoid that country at any cost”.

An exaggeration? Hardly. But my advice is not to go there but to go there en masse and flood them to no end. Berlusconi has time and gain defended the Mussolini invasion of Libya and Ethiopia. Italy has built a monument to Graziani the man who butchered thousands of Ethiopians and entertained the idea of cleansing Ethiopia from its people. Is fascism continuing and trying to revenge its defeat by being shamefully anti-black? In any case Madam Cecile Kyenge is a convenient scapegoat for old and foul Italian racism. And as she said, all Italians are not racists. But there are too many racists and “ignorants” in that country, in Europe, in China, etc and we blacks are targeted for suffering. A situation we should not and cannot accept at all. Invade and interbreed should be our slogan, maybe. After all, Berlusconi himself was doing his bunga bunga with North African girls.



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