“Code of Conduct”

From Yelfiwos Wondaya

The document was carefully outlined, arranged and put together by the regime. And the participants signed the document to behave, act, and comply with the rules and regulations of TPLF/EPRDF. Regrettably, though it is an unfortunate episode that caused public outrage allover, and brought shame on the signatories themselves and members and supporters associated with them. Altogether, it was nothing but a deal to enter an election, become a candidate for and run to join the parliament in Addis.  Equally, though after series of meetings behind closed-door and days and perhaps hours of deliberation, they finally
reached a consensus to accept and defend the law and order of TPLF in line with EPRDF and its satellite organizations. In defense, one would not allow such regrettable state of affairs to continue unchecked in our motherland

First, whether or not the agreement had a strange twist due to foreign intervention, what we know for sure is that the signatories signed the document to join TPLF/EPRDF.  Basically, that was one of the preconditions required by the regime and signed by the so-called oppositions.  Then, they happened to join the club, the club where the question of fairness is unknown.  Be that as it may, had it been for the interest of the general peace and stability, the deal would have been done on an equal basis, and as well the interest of the general public would have been taken into consideration. But instead it turns out that the compromise was not of the same as some wished for and would like us to believe.  After all, a compromise is an agreement in which both sides of the disputing parties agree to achieve a settlement on an equal basis.  If not, it shall not serve any purpose other than the same outmoded hegemony in Addis Ababa.  .
Besides, it is a known fact, that the regime had drawn the necessary conclusions in advance.  It convinced its opponents in a ways that it outlined its agenda and framed the issues for them and made them believe that working in partnership with the regime is conclusive to all parties, and finally managed to influence their decision and has them signed the document. Into the bargain, however, it made detailed plans ahead of time, knew its priorities and bottomlines and as well the alternatives, if in case it fails to reach an agreement. The regime also understood time constraints and knew whether or not this is the only time it will see its opponents in negotiation. The oppositions on the other hand had nothing but pens to sign a bill into law, a law that will have them in trouble one day.

So the indication is also that the signatories signed to behave and respond in such specific set of conditions as saying no more of anything confrontational and as well contrary to the sociopolitical polices of TPLF/EPRDF. In view of that, is that possible for a group of political elites whose freedom of action is restricted by a tyrant regime would have a useful exchange of ideas with its counterpart on an equal basis?  If so is compromise possible and legally binding for all parties in a situation where the regime controls the entire apparatus in the country as well?  I wonder not why one hesitates to say no for the answer.  Because, firstly, the regime already made sure that the signatories accepted the legal terms and conditions carefully included in that document.  And secondly, unlike the so-called oppositions the regime was not empty-handed rather has put such necessary preconditions as mentioned above and it also made sure that it took the total ownership of the compromise itself, and most important of all, the regime is in a position where it can put pressure on so-called oppositions to accept the offer.  And, finally the regime will use this agreement as one of the necessary defensive measures yet for any possible comeback from them (signatories) in the near future.  On the whole, the oppositions accepted the authoritative principles set forth by the regime and agreed to collaborate with its rules of the game ahead.

Next, the document incorrectly known as code of conduct is a document that formed a conceptual framework within which the patricians will behave in accordance with the norm, the statute, the expectation, the ambition, and the wish of the regime. If allowed, the participants may will have argued only over some narrow and local concerns without any regard for wider issues in Ethiopia. If that is the case in point, why bothered to call it compromise instead of calling it collaborating with an enemy known as the sworn enemy of our nation of all time.

Worst of all, fear the worst folks, because, the signatories much like that of TPLF are appearing to be too sensitive to public opinions. At the outset, they began to behave irrationally and became intolerant to any ideas coming to their way.  Then, they even attempted to prevent any public debate over the unconditional surrender terms and conditions they agreed on.  They wished to prevent bona-fide Ethiopian political organizations from commenting about the odd affair at work as well. But in vain!  One wonders why they opted to ignore the public and defend a decision that defies all logic instead.  Was that one of the preconditions brought to them to sign and act upon?

Be that as it may, no matter what the outspoken but often insensitive crusaders in several paltak rooms have to say, the compromise was dead wrong when quoted based on sensible argument rather than ideas that are influenced by emotion and whim. For cyber warriors, the sky is the limit and nothing is more important than their cult-heroes that have already achieved cult status on them. They repeat themselves over and over again, by expressing their feelings with an utmost contempt against all logics.  No need to respond to them anyhow, because more often than not they are too busy chatting, discussing the affairs of others and spreading unfounded rumors against leaders they hate to hear from and personalities that have nothing in commons with them. In that case, one wonders whether or not the document is above and beyond them to comprehend. But one thing is for sure that their rhythm of bickering continues until they will get bottle necked in May of 2010.

For the record, the election held in 2005 was over before it was even started and will happen now the same exact way as it was then in 2005. Obviously, we still see the same actors in several political groupings, striving to assume power by devious route, all of whom were and still are in the hierarchy of the same organizations,operating under the patronage of TPLF and foreign powers. And yet, TPLF is happy to continue to use them in order to marginalize patriot elements and organizations away from the center of attention and influence on the ground.

Lastly, the opposition could have boycotted the election as an alternative instead of submitting to the regime.  They could have been joined Ethiopians allover that are calling for the elections to be boycotted.  Instead of ignoring the call the same exact way they did in 2005, they could have been in a position to lead the boycott campaign itself by now but failed to do so. And yet signing a document that compromises the cause of their constituencies will lead them into the known future.

Well done, does it take any genius to tell the motive behind this entire unpredictable shift made by the same atypical few, controversial and prosaic individuals in several organizations?  The same old buddies of TPLF/EPRDF lurking behind all of those Loyal Oppositions must be exposed now and face the consequences including and up to expelling them away from their respective organizations and beyond.  Get rid of them and win the clarity we deserve to win the general war against enemy.  They must be told in the open and make no bones to follow them every step of the way and expose their sinister act now.  Refuse to associate yourself with those who are up to running the election in order to take up a parliament seat and join TPLF/EPRDF at the end.  And finally, it is time to join our natural alliances on an equal basis and continue our national struggle against TPLF/EPRDF in Addis and else where in the country.

In conclusion, the Political Compliance outlined by Melese of TPLF, and signed by those irresponsible political elites in Addis was nothing but to follow the instruction of TPLF’S rule of conduct and as well to behave in accordance with the law and order of TPLF/EPRDF.  After all, a compromise done by two or more different groups that are not equal in all balances and as well whose principles are diametrically opposed to each other cannot be even-handed.  In other words, there is no way for two diametrically opposing views to come to the point where their views are reconciled and put an end to their disputes once and for all.  And finally, unlike the signatories, what the people want is general uprising against the regime and finally wins justice, peace, stability and prosperity in the land of Ethiopia.

Unity is power!

Yelfiwos Wondaya

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