The Causeless Nothingness


(A poem By Henoke Yeshetlla)

They said “fear is the power by which the human anger is preserved by”
but I said, “It is a service and an obedience to the causeless nothingness”
But they said, “it remains inward and mute”
and I said..- the whole reality of it has the loudest sound.
It is endured…and yet loved….
How slavery is thus graced.
Fear is when one diverts from seeing the power in him
and when one denies the truth in himself for a better pain.
It is when a tree gathers energy and sheds from its own falling leaves.
And it is when the sprit of the hero expands to powerlessness.
to the causeless nothingness.
Yet, little will remain known
fear is still the power….
an axis of rotation for the “voluntary beggars”….
And they said, “Is life so dear or peace so sweet?”
And my answer, “there is no peace without life, nor a life with out
the sweet peace”
So why is fear…
why is it the cause for our slavery?
I said, “as being nothing and subsets in it”
we loved to feel it….
the causeless nothingness….
casting its darkness,
and we said, “there is no peace” and yet hope and faith….
when there is nothing to hope
But hope is a spiritual fear in this case
It is a silent sorrow….
And faith is another instance of it….
when paganism is roving in our veins…..
It is all a causeless nothingness

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2 Responses to The Causeless Nothingness

  1. Ghennet Girma says:

    Henoke, our country is so blessed to have seen a young voice like you rising up all over again. May you be the voice of the voiceless and always keep the most downtrodden, the poorest and the forgotten ones in mind in all that you do, write, recite and celebrate!

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